FMI Update 2019

FMI Update 2019

The FMInside Update has returned for the 2019 season! After over 350.000 downloads for our FM18 version, we are ready to break records yet again! The FMI Update 2019 will improve and enhance your Football Manager database and will take it to the next level!

Download the FMI Update 2019:

FMI Update 2019 Version: November 2nd 2018

On the release day of Football Manager we present you with the first FMI Update 2019! We have been going through the editor on the release day and have brought you the very first version of our update.

In this first FMI Update 2019 we have corrected:
  • League names for all playable leagues
  • Club names for all playable clubs
  • Colors for all playable clubs
  • And several small fixes at clubs all over the world

How to install The FMI Update 2019

These are instructions for when you download it directly. If you choose to download it from Steam, the game will automatically add the update to your editor data folder.

  1. Download the FMI Update 2019 by clicking the download button.
  2. Move the .fmf file to the following location:Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2019/editor data/
  3. If the editor data folder doesn’t exist you can create it yourself.
  4. Open FM19 and start a new career.
  6. When selecting your database make sure the FMInside Update 2019 is selected.
  7. After you have selected your database, pick the nations & leagues and start your game!
  8. Have fun!!

Be aware that using multiple Data Updates simultaneously could result in unexpected errors, corrupted data and crashes. Would you like to have a go in the Football Manager pre-game editor? Check out our guide where to find it and how to install it.

Download the FMI Update 2019:

Awesome downloads to use with the FMI Update 2019:

DF11 2019 Facepack – FC’12 Kitpacks – TCM18 Logopack


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