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    Seen as one of the Golden Boys in current football. Dele Alli is considered a must buy in FM17

    Tips to get Work Permits

    When starting a save in one of the countries in the United Kingdom you have to keep in mind that you are not able to sign every single player on the planet. Players that are from outside the European Union are prohibited to obtain a Work Permit, so they are allowed to play football. In this Guide we give you some hints and tips about this subject, which could help you attract non-EU players much easier and could help you after Brexit has been launched in the game.
    Work permits are given to players for various reasons. Obviously players from within the European Union don’t need a permit to play football in the United Kingdom (pre-Brexit), but when you want to get that South-American or African player, you will need to apply for a Work Permit. 
    Things that are considered before granting a Work Permit are: 
    If the player has played at least 75% of the games for their national team in the last two years and the players’ country has to be ranked 70th or higher on the FIFA Ranking. A players’ injury proneness. If a player has a wide history of injuries, it will be less likely a Work Permit is granted. Young players who haven’t been playing for the national team will have more difficulties obtaining a Work Permit, although some players who are referred to as ‘Wonderkids’ could get one.  Second nationality. A lot of Non-EU countries had a link with a country in Europe for various reasons. Think about Brazil and Portugal, Argentina and Italy and Senegal and France. So if you are looking at players from other continents, make sure to check their possible second nationalities as well!  
    All other players who don’t apply for a Work Permit will need to figure another way to obtain one.  The best and most easy way to meet the requirements for a Work Permit is obtaining a second nationality. We will explain how to do this and give you the countries and clubs that would be a good choice.
    All players from countries that aren't a member of the European Union need a Work Permit. But if you aren't sure, you could send out a scout to have a closer look at the player. In the report the Scout will tell you if the player needs a Work Permit, but he will also tell you if the player will be able to get one or he will fail to gain one.

    First of all, make sure you get your board to allow you a Feeder Club from countries that have the possibility to obtain a second nationality in the shortest amount of time. Good choices would be:
    Any player that is from South America, the Philippines or Equatorial Guinea can get a Spanish passport in 2 years’ time. Belarus
    Any player from any country can get the Belarussian nationality in just three years. Serbia
    From 2022 and on any player from any country can get the Serbian passport in just three years.  Bulgaria
    Any player from any country can get the Bulgarian nationality in just three years.  Croatia
    Any player from any country can get the Croatian nationality in just two years, but will have to be able to speak basic Croatian to quality. Belgium
    Any player from any country can get the Belgian nationality in just three years, but the player will have to be able to speak basic Dutch or French.  
    After your board has allowed you to pick a club from one of the following countries, you should be focusing on the Facilities at those clubs and pick the one with the best Facilities available. Your player will be spending a couple of seasons at that club, so you want him to train and develop into a better player. Good facilities are vital for that.
    Looking back at the list with countries we have written down, we have selected the best clubs from these countries that would be a good pick to send out young players for obtaining a work permit.
    Sevilla, Real Sociedad, Valencia, Espanyol
    BATE Borisov, Dinamo Minsk

    Partizan Belgrado, Crvena Zvezda, Vojvodina
    Ludogorets, Levski Sofia, CSKA Sofia
    NK Rijeka, Dinamo Zagreb, Hajduk Split
    Anderlecht, Racing Genk, Standard Liege
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    Current & Potential Ability explained

    What does a player's skill build from in Football Manager? What does CA and PA mean? And what are these black and gold stars? These are just a few questions we see a lot on our community pages. In this guide we will try to answer these questions and by the time you have finished reading, you will know exactly how the ability system works in Football Manager. 
    To determine a player's (and backroom staff's) quality, Football Manager uses two sets of numbers. The first is the Current Ability (CA), which reflects the ability they have now, and second is the Potential Ability (PA), which reflects the maximum possible ability they can reach in the future. Both the CA and PA have a range between 0 and 200, with 0 being a nobody and 200 being a god-like player. 
    Current Ability is the level a player is currently at. The values are almost always pre-determined in the pre-game editor by the researchers at Sports Interactive. But there are some (mostly lesser known players and/or youngsters) who do not have a starting value set (this will be 0). This means that their Current Ability is random and will be different every time you load up a new save.
    The Current Ability value is a dynamic value, as it can either improve or decline depending on a players development and/or age (older players abilities usually tend to decline).
    The Potential Ability of a player will determine the maximum possible level a player can reach. Keep in mind, this is how far they can go, not necessarily how far they will go. A player reaching their maximum potential will depend on their age and development during the game.
    The Potential Ability value is a static value which is determined every time you start a new save. A player's development during your game can never change the level of his Potential Ability.
    So how is it possible that Gianluigi Donnarumma is a god in one save I play, but is a lower league-skilled player in a different save? This is because of his negative Potential Ability. This is best explained as an ability range. The Potential Ability is a fixed value, but the negative is dynamic and will vary from game to game. When you start a new save, the negative number decides the range.
    For example Gianluigi Donnarumma has a negative Potential Ability of -10. This means his fixed Potential Ability value will be between 170 and 200. A player that has a -7 Potential Ability will have a value between 110 and 140.
    In Football Manager 2016 even more negative abilities were introduced. Where the old FMs had -10,-9,-8 and on, FM16 introduced the halves; -95, -85, -75. This has made the diversity of the game even greater.
    The negative abilities will always have a range of 30 points. To explain it even better:
    -10 = 170-200
    -95 = 160-190
    -9 = 150-180
    -85 = 140-170
    -8 = 130-160
    -75 = 120-150
    -7 = 110-140
    -65 = 100-130
    -6 = 90-120
    -55 = 80-110
    -5 = 70-100
    -45 = 60-90
    -4 = 50-80
    -35 = 40-70
    -3 = 30-60
    -25 = 20-50
    -2 = 10-40
    -15 = 0-30
    -1 = 0-20
    In Football Manager your scouts and other backroom staff members will give stars to players, which should give you a view of a player's current and potential ability. This rangers from 1 up to 5 stars, with the possibility of half stars (2.5 etc.), so you actually have 10 levels.
    There are two types of stars:
    Gold Silver  
    The gold ability stars are given to first team players, while silver stars are given to the youngest players (mostly in your U19, U18 etc.). This is to make the ability of younger players easier to compare.
    The stars in Football Manager are a bit misleading. The amount of stars that a player has will depend on several things like:
    The ability of the staff members to judge current and potential ability The overall level of your squad The level of the competition you are playing in The form a player is in  
    This could result in your backroom staff giving you the wrong idea about the current and potential ability of a player. For example, a player that has 2 or 3 stars could still be a potential World Class player.
    The black stars in a Player Profile represent a backroom staff member’s uncertainty regarding a player’s current or potential ability. For example a young player could have 2 or 3 black stars because your staff isn’t sure of his maximum potential.
    Please note: If you have the ‘Attribute Masking’ option turned on, the black stars will also be used for the player’s Current Ability.
    The black stars will diminish as your backroom staff gains knowledge of the player, although the potential ability stars will still remain.

    Opposition Instructions

    Opposition instructions are a powerful tool to counter the threat of your opposition in Football Manager. The instructions you give before a game will act as an extension to the player instructions you have set in your own tactics. There are different ways to set the opposition instructions and in this guide we will explain what they do and different ways to set them.
    Although setting opposition instructions could be a good way to take out any of your opponent's star players, it could also create a flaw in your own tactics. Before you think about setting opposition instructions, make sure your players are able to follow the instructions you'd like to set. For example, if you want your team to go in hard on a specific player, make sure any of your players playing in that area are able to tackle well. If this is not the case, you could be committing a lot of unnecessary fouls and picking up a lot of cards.
    You should also make sure not to set too many opposition instructions. That way, you prevent players from moving far out of position, creating gaps and space for your opponent to exploit. If you were to win back the ball, your players would then be out of position and not able to properly follow team/player instructions, which will cause your tactic to fail.

    There are two types of opposition instructions:
    Player Opposition Instructions
    These are used if you want to mark or cover a specific player, for example a star player of your opponent.
    Positional Opposition Instructions
    These are used if you want to mark or cover a specific position, regardless of the player in that position.
    Specific Player Instructions will always override Positional Instructions. You can therefore set some positional instructions as a guideline and use specific player instructions if you want your team to make a few changes for a certain player.
    This will instruct your players to mark even closer while marking a player.
    Use this instruction against players who love to work with open space. For example, midfielders who play in a Playmaker role or Attackers that are proven goal scorers. You don’t want to give these players too much space, so mark them closely at all times.
    Set the marking to Never if you encounter a player that has much more speed than the player you have defending him. Marking him too closely will result in the faster player having more space to run into. It's better to leave these players some space in front of your defender, so the defender has a bit of a head-start if the attacker decides to run.
    Also it could be useful for an opposition that has poor creativity, technique or ball control. Not marking a specific player could force your opponent to give him the ball, as he is the only one with enough free space. That way you can force your opponent into making poor decisions.
    This will instruct your players to close down opponents as they receive the ball.
    Closing down a player who is nervous can be very effective. You will put him under pressure, forcing him to make a choice. The immediate pressure will force the nervous player to make a panicked decision, which will often be a poor one.
    Look for players with player traits like Dwells on Ball or Stops Play. By putting these players under pressure you could force them to make a bad choice.
    If you're facing a lone striker with little support from his fellow teammates, put him under pressure. He won't be able to keep the ball or pass it due to the lack of support.
    Last but not least, look to close down players with poor technical attributes like Creativity, Passing, Decisions, First Touch and Composure. Putting them under pressure can force them into mistakes.
    Could be useful if an opposition player is a Speedy Dribbler, but a poor decision maker. The player may freeze up with the space you give him, not knowing what to do with such a lack of pressure.
    It may also be useful to never close down a poor player if they are surrounded by more dangerous players in other positions. That way you can instruct your players to concentrate more on the higher quality players instead of the poor player. This may force the poor player to be the only passing option for the higher quality players. Once he receives the ball, he will have a higher chance of making a mistake which may gift you possession of the ball.
    This will determine how aggressively you want an opponent to be tackled when in possession.
    Could be useful to ‘scare’ an opponent. Look for players with low Aggression, Bravery, Composure, Determination and Work Rate.
    It may also work against a player that is a good passer or crosser, but lacks mobility. By going in hard on him, you can neutralize him by exploiting his flaws.
    Tired players or players that have picked up a knock are also good choices. It's a bit mean, but tired players have an increased likelihood to get injured, whilst a player that has a knock could be forced out of the game by a hard tackle.
    Could be effective against a player that has better mobility or Dribbling ability than the player you have covering him. Going in too hard could result in fouls and cards, so it is better to be a bit more careful when tackling these sorts of players.
    If you want to alter the tackling instructions for your entire team for a specific player. For example, when using the Get Stuck In team instruction, your players will tackle harder in general. By adding the Normal (or Easy) instruction you will alter that for a specific player or position.
    This will instruct your players to force their opponent onto a specific side. Ideally you would like the player to be forced onto his weaker foot.
    This can be useful if an opponent’s Strong Foot is Left Only or Right Only. That way you can force a player to move onto his weaker foot, making him less effective. But you can also use this to force a player to the outside or inside of the pitch. A left footed left winger might be less effective on the outside as he will be restricted to attempting a cross or passing the ball backwards. But be careful doing this; your central defenders need to be capable of dealing with the crosses.
    This can be useful for players who are in the center of the pitch (a midfielder or striker). But be careful of players who can shoot/pass with both feet.
    This can also prove to be useful against wide players who play on the side of their stronger foot, if you're playing a team whose striker has better aerial abilities than your defenders. That way you can limit the amount of crosses towards their striker, making the wide player less effective.

    Before every game you play you have the option to set the opposition instructions for that game. 
    You can either check all the opposition players manually and set the instructions yourself, or you can ask one of your backroom staff to set them for you. Who you pick is up to you. There is a dropdown menu from which you can choose the coach you would like to set the instructions for you. If you use this, make sure the coach/assistant has high Tactical Knowledge and Judging Ability.
    You can also set the opposition instructions automatically, by using the backroom staff responsibilities and assigning this category to a coach or your assistant manager. As before, the coach/assistant needs high Tactical Knowledge and Judging Ability.
    The final option available is the Standard Opposition Instruction. Look for the Opposition Instructions tab in your tactics screen and you will find a pitch with all the possible positions available in Football Manager. Here you can set Standard Positional Opposition Instructions. For example; you always want to put pressure on the opponents Central Defenders or you always want to show a Winger onto his wrong foot.
    Setting standard instructions could be very useful, as you will never forget to set instructions before a game and your players will learn to adapt to the opposition instructions you expect from them. But remember what we mentioned at the start: don’t overuse opposition instructions as too many can ruin the structure of your team and tactics.
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    FM17 Best Free Transfers

    Don't have a big budget to spend? This list will be right up your ally! This list contains the best of the best for players that do not have a contract at the start of a new save. The players that are on this list will be willing to join clubs in top divisions and some of the lower divisions in the top nations. The list has over 400 players for you to chose from and the list is sorted by the players Nation. But you can easily sort the table either on Name, Age or Position to find those players you need for your team.
    What are Free Agents?
    These players are all available on a free transfer. You can sign these players without spending a transfer fee and you will only have to pay a signing fee and salary. The list of free players usually contains players who are in their thirties and are coming close to retirement. Nevertheless these players could prove to be very handy when covering for injuries or adding some extra experience to your squad.
    Do you have a budget to spend? Check our our Wonderkids lists:
    -10, -95 and -9 Wonderkids -85 Wonderkids  
    Name Age Nat Position Dallku, Armend 33   ALB D (RC) Cana, Lorik 32  ALB D (C), DM Kerkar, Salim 28  ALG WB/AM (L) Zitouni, Nassim 22  ALG AM (C) Degrá, Matias 33  ARG GK Landa, Lucas 30  ARG D (C) Pellegrino, Maximiliano 36  ARG D (C) Canavesio, Robertino 23  ARG D (C) Danelón, Alexis 30  ARG D/WB (RL) Tissone, Fernando 29  ARG DM Battión, Roberto 34  ARG DM Torres, Juan Manuel 31  ARG DM Basualdo, Germán 32  ARG DM Paglialunga, Mario 27  ARG DM Paterno, Nicolás 21  ARG DM, AM (C) Leguiza, Eduardo 22  ARG AM (RL), ST (C) Trovento, Emiliano 21  ARG AM (RLC) Pérez, Patricio 31  ARG AM (RC) Pisculichi, Leonardo 32  ARG AM (LC) Lanzini, Tomás 25  ARG AM (C) Martínez, Matías 25  ARG AM/ST (C) Ramírez, Rubén 33  ARG ST (C) Cavenaghi, Fernando 32  ARG ST (C) Carignano, César 33  ARG ST (C) Becchio, Luciano 32  ARG ST (C) Parra, Facundo 31  ARG ST (C) Comba, Sergio 37  ARG ST (C) Biglieri, Santiago 30  ARG ST (C) Castro, Juan Ignacio 22  ARG ST (C) Jara, Matías 28  ARG ST (C) Manucharyan, Edgar 29   ARM AM (RL), ST (C) Wesolowski, James 28   AUS M (C) Bresciano, Mark 36  AUS AM (C) Garics, György 32  AUT D/WB (R) Maierhofer, Stefan 33  AUT ST (C) Buysse, Bart 29  BEL D/WB/M (L) Lamah, Roland 28  BEL AM (RL) Dianda, Salif 28   BFA WB/M (RL) Koné, Djakaridja 30  BFA DM Vrancic, Damir 30   BIH DM, AM (C) Kolicic, Haris 21  BIH ST (C) Renan 25  BRA GK Alessandro 28  BRA GK Omar Santos 27  BRA GK Guido 22  BRA GK Victor Brasil 23  BRA GK Axel 24  BRA GK Renan 23  BRA GK Marcone 28  BRA D (RC), DM Lucas 19  BRA D (RC) Diego Sacoman 29  BRA D (LC) Renato Santos 29  BRA D (LC) Alex 34  BRA D (C) Eleílson 31  BRA D (C) Felipe Santana 30  BRA D (C) Alemão 29  BRA D (C) Bruno Soares 27  BRA D (C) Éder 21  BRA D (C), DM Édson Silva 30  BRA D (C) Gabriel 27  BRA D (C) Luís Gustavo 26  BRA D (C) Wellington 27  BRA D (C) Régis 26  BRA D (C), DM Edson 28  BRA D (C) Roni 24  BRA D (C) Maicon 34  BRA D/WB (R) Leandro Salino 31  BRA D/WB (R) Cicinho 29  BRA D/WB (R) Felipe Mattioni 27  BRA D/WB/M (R) Jackson 26  BRA D/WB (R) João Felipe 24  BRA D/WB (R) Danilo Soares 24  BRA D/WB/AM (L) Anderson Santana 30  BRA D/WB (L) Leo Veloso 29  BRA D/WB/M (L) Heracles 23  BRA D/WB (L) Guilherme 24  BRA D/WB (L) Rodrigo Taddei 36  BRA DM Nílton 29  BRA DM Hélder 32  BRA DM, M (LC) Ricardo Conceição 31  BRA DM Wilson Matias 32  BRA DM Tiago Dutra 25  BRA DM Serginho 28   BRA DM Roberto 31   BRA DM Ramirez 28   BRA DM Zé Vítor 24  BRA DM Johnnattan 27  BRA DM Élton 30  BRA DM Edenilson 28  BRA DM, M (LC) Everton 24  BRA DM Jackson 25  BRA DM Bruno Renan 25  BRA DM Jonatas Paulista 22  BRA DM Gabriel Soares 23  BRA DM Fernando Gomes 22  BRA DM Cristhian 24  BRA DM Batista 22  BRA DM Mateus Caitano 23  BRA DM Willian Schuster 29   BRA M (RC) Augusto Fraga 28  BRA AM (R), ST (C) Danilo 29  BRA AM (R), ST (C) Anderson Lessa 26  BRA AM (R), ST (C) Diney 25  BRA AM (R) Ronaldinho Gaúcho 36  BRA AM (RLC) Carlos Alberto 31  BRA AM (RLC), ST (C) Cidinho 23  BRA AM (RLC) Zé Eduardo 24  BRA AM (RLC) Patrik Silva 25  BRA AM (RC), ST (C) Fábio 26  BRA AM (RC) Júlio César 27  BRA AM (RC) Renan Donizete 20  BRA AM (RC) Edu 34  BRA AM (L), ST (C) Daniel Carvalho 33  BRA AM (C) Ronny 30  BRA AM (C) Jean Deretti 23  BRA AM (C) Marco Aurélio 28  BRA AM (C) Marcinho 31  BRA AM/ST (C) Geovane 30  BRA AM/ST (C) Jaílton 26  BRA AM/ST (C) Kerlon 28  BRA AM/ST (C) Zezinho 23  BRA AM/ST (C) Daniel Lemos 26  BRA AM/ST (C) Zé Alberto 21  BRA AM/ST (C) Brandão 36  BRA ST (C) Arthuro 33  BRA ST (C) Tadeu 30  BRA ST (C) Pedro Oldoni 30  BRA ST (C) Danilo Neco 30  BRA ST (C) Alex 28  BRA ST (C) Jóbson 28  BRA ST (C) Flávio Caça-Rato 30  BRA ST (C) Fábio Santos 29  BRA ST (C) Robério 21  BRA ST (C) Betinho 29  BRA ST (C) Fabinho Alves 30  BRA ST (C) Luisinho Paulista 30  BRA ST (C) Schumacher 29  BRA ST (C) Malaquias 29  BRA ST (C) Gil 25  BRA ST (C) Allef 20  BRA ST (C) Michel 29  BRA ST (C) Henrique 29  BRA ST (C) Eric 27  BRA ST (C) Douglas 20  BRA ST (C) Lucas Xavier 21  BRA ST (C) Igor Neves 21  BRA ST (C) Diego Testa 23  BRA ST (C) Paulo Henrique 23  BRA ST (C) Netto Imperador 24  BRA ST (C) Carlos Vinícius 21  BRA ST (C) Felipinho 24  BRA ST (C) Rodrigo Dinamite 23  BRA ST (C) Assuério 23  BRA ST (C) Castro 24  BRA ST (C) Everton 22  BRA ST (C) Canga 23  BRA ST (C) Feliphe 24  BRA ST (C) Johnathan 24  BRA ST (C) Bodurov, Nikolay 30  BUL D (C) Tsonev, Borislav 21  BUL AM (LC) Berbatov, Dimitar 35  BUL AM/ST (C) Gargorov, Emil 35  BUL AM/ST (C) Manolov, Miroslav 31  BUL AM/ST (C) Roco, Sebastián 33   CHI D (C) Pizarro, David 36  CHI DM Pineda, Jean Paul 27  CHI AM (RL), ST (C) Olivares, Brandon 21  CHI AM (RLC), ST (C) Gattas, Rodrigo 24  CHI AM (L), ST (C) Kamagaté, Ibrahima 20   CIV GK Diomandé, Hamed 28  CIV D (C) Eboué, Emmanuel 33  CIV D/WB/M (R) Doubaï, Thierry 28  CIV DM Sanogo, Boubacar 33  CIV ST (C) Angbwa, Benoît 34   CMR D (R) Mendomo, Alexis 29  CMR D (C), DM Boya, Pierre 32  CMR ST (C) Pouga, Christian 30  CMR ST (C) Kemajou Dimabi, Junior 20  CMR ST (C) Amanakou, Desmond 29  CMR ST (C) Makiadi, Cédric 32   COD DM, AM (C) N'Goyi, Granddi 28  COD DM Mancilla, Omar 21  COL D (C) Calle, Javier 25  COL D/M (L) Arango, Paulo 31  COL AM (RC), ST (C) Mosquera, Iván 20  COL AM/ST (C) Riascos, Duvier 30  COL ST (C) Ibargüen, Nelson 31  COL ST (C) Gil, Wilmar 25  COL ST (C) Rentería, Carlos 30  COL ST (C) Núñez, Jeysen 27  COL ST (C) Araújo, Darwin 28  COL ST (C) Sanguino, Sérgio 27  COL ST (C) Camacho, Mario 32   CRC ST (C) Rogulj, Kaja 30  CRO D (C) Djokovic, Damjan 26  CRO DM Brecevic, Ivan 28  CRO ST (C) Budimir, Mario 30  CRO ST (C) Barisic, Ivan 22  CRO ST (C) Jarosik, Jiri 38  CZE SW, D (C) Klesnil, Zdenek 29  CZE ST (C) Andreasen, Leon 33  DEN D (C), DM Kure, Anders 30  DEN D (C) Koch, Morten 24  DEN D (C) Congo, Jeferson 27   ECU AM (L), ST (C) Caicedo, Anderson 23  ECU AM (LC), ST (C) Méndez, Edison 37  ECU AM (C) Angulo, José 21  ECU AM/ST (C) Morales, Wilson 23  ECU AM/ST (C) Ochoa, Pablo 24  ECU AM/ST (C) Taylor, Ryan 31  ENG D (RL), M (R) Spence, Jordan 26  ENG D (RC) Cox, Lee 26  ENG DM Osman, Leon 35  ENG AM (C) Nolan, Kevin 34  ENG AM (C) Baxter, Jose 24  ENG AM/ST (C) Zamora, Bobby 35  ENG ST (C) Heskey, Emile 38  ENG ST (C) Moore, Luke 30  ENG ST (C) Miller, Ishmael 29  ENG ST (C) Borja Gómez 28  ESP D (LC) Ilie 25  ESP D (C), DM López, Adrián 29  ESP D (C) Puerto, Israel 23  ESP D (C) Chica, Javi 31  ESP D/WB (RL) Ángel 35  ESP D/WB (RL) Seoane, Diego 28  ESP D/WB (RL) Menéndez, Álex 24  ESP D/WB/AM (L) Casado, José Manuel 29  ESP D/WB (L) Kevin 26  ESP D/WB (L) Pallardó, Miguel 29  ESP DM Molina, Manu 24  ESP M (C) Orodea, Javier 22  ESP M (C), ST (C) Vico, Fede 21  ESP AM (RLC) Alemán, Nauzet 31  ESP AM (RC) Óscar 33  ESP AM (C) Rueda, José Manuel 28  ESP AM (C) Ramírez, Dani 24  ESP AM (C) Kastrati, Kastriot 22   FIN AM/ST (C) Bastien, Sacha 22  FRA GK Mexès, Philippe 34  FRA SW, D (C) Bocaly, Garry 28  FRA D (RC) Distin, Sylvain 38  FRA D (C) Diakité, Modibo 29  FRA D (C) Cissako, Yarouba 21  FRA D/WB (R) Goulon, Hérold 28  FRA DM Da Silva, Marco 24  FRA DM Patin, Benoît 26  FRA DM Quemener, Jérémy 21  FRA DM Bettiol, Grégory 30  FRA AM (L), ST (C) Cuvillier, Alexandre 30  FRA AM (L) Lepiller, Matthias 28  FRA AM (L) Fauvergue, Nicolas 31  FRA ST (C) Toudic, Julien 30  FRA ST (C) Dzalamidze, Nika 24   GEO AM (RLC) Steinhöfer, Markus 30  GER D/WB/AM (R) Kirch, Oliver 33  GER DM Weis, Tobias 30  GER DM de Wit, Pierre 28  GER DM, AM (C) Helmke, Hendrik 28  GER M (C) Klose, Miroslav 38  GER ST (C) Kurányi, Kevin 34  GER ST (C) Vorsah, Isaac 28   GHA D (C), DM Muntari, Sulley 31  GHA DM Essien, Michael 33  GHA DM Avlonitis, Tasos 26   GRE D (C) Constant, Kévin 29  GUI D (L), DM, M (LC) Bah, Mamadou 28  GUI DM Camara, Alpha 21  GUI DM Bolado, Iván 26  GUI ST (C) Ramírez, Luis Alfredo 38   HON ST (C) Ebrahimi, Morteza 34   IRN D (C) Nekounam, Javad 35  IRN DM Haghighi, Reza 27  IRN DM Oladi, Mehrdad 31  IRN ST (C) McLoughlin, Ian 24  IRL GK O'Brien, Joey 30  IRL D (RL) Gerrard, Anthony 30  IRL D (C) Tabb, Jay 32  IRL M (LC) Guðjohnsen, Eiður 37   ISL AM/ST (C) Emilsson, Kristján Gauti 23  ISL AM/ST (C) Marzorati, Lino 29  ITA D (RC) Marchese, Giovanni 31  ITA D (LC) Manfredini, Thomas 36  ITA D (C) Motta, Marco 30  ITA D/WB/M (R)
    Calvarese, Eugenio 24  ITA D/WB (R) Pasquale, Giovanni 34  ITA D/WB/M (L) Rossi, Fausto 25  ITA DM, AM (C) Rodrigo Possebon 27  ITA DM Calì, Michele 21  ITA DM Galloppa, Daniele 31  ITA M (LC) Mauri, Stefano 36  ITA AM (LC) Lazzari, Andrea 31  ITA AM (LC) Scapuzzi, Luca 25  ITA AM (LC), ST (C) Di Natale, Antonio 38  ITA ST (C) Bonazzoli, Emiliano 37  ITA ST (C) Plasmati, Gianvito 33  ITA ST (C) Macheda, Federico 24  ITA ST (C) Schmidtgal, Heinrich 30   KAZ D/WB/AM (L) Ostapenko, Sergei 30  KAZ AM/ST (C) Park Chung-Hyo 26   KOR GK Jagodinskis, Vitalijs 24   LAT D (C) Antar, Roda 35   LIB DM Shamsin, Feiz 23  LIB AM (RL), ST (C) Noveski, Nikolce 37   MAC D (C) Diakité, Samba 27   MAL DM Fané, Lassana 28  MAL DM, M (RC) Keïta, Souleymane 29  MAL DM Diallo, Samba 21  MAL M (R) Traoré, Kalilou 28  MAL AM (RC) Traoré, Mahamane 27  MAL AM (C) Traoré, Dramane 34  MAL ST (C) Diabate, Souleymane 25  MAL ST (C) Osorio, Ricardo 36  MEX D (RC) Chávez, Darvin 26  MEX D (L) Ábrego, Joshua 29  MEX D (LC) Palacios, Marco Antonio 35  MEX D (C) Pineda, Onay 27  MEX D/WB (R) Solís, Édgar 29  MEX D/WB (L) Barrera, Alejandro 24  MEX DM Díaz, Néstor 25  MEX DM Esqueda, Enrique 28  MEX AM (R), ST (C) Lugo, Édgar Gerardo 31  MEX AM (C) Ruíz, Vihanney 28  MEX ST (C) Alferez, Hebert 28  MEX ST (C) Salazar, Antonio 27  MEX ST (C) Reyes, Martín Obayram 21  MEX ST (C) Volkov, Vladimir 30   MON D/WB/AM (L) Purovic, Milan 31  MON ST (C) Kharja, Houssine 33   MOR DM Labyad, Zakaria 23  MOR AM (RLC) Simão 27   MOZ DM Wijnaldum, Giliano 23  HOL D (LC) Tiendalli, Dwight 30  HOL D/WB (RL) Sno, Evander 29   HOL DM Dogan, Huseyin 22   HOL DM el Hasnaoui, Abdel Malek 22   HOL AM (RLC) Slabbekoorn, Marlon 19   HOL AM (RLC) Keskin, Sinan 21   HOL AM (C) Haruna, Lukman 25  NGA DM, AM (C) Odemwingie, Peter 34  NGA AM (RL), ST (C) Emmanuel, Sani 23  NGA AM (R), ST (C) Ojabu, Omoh 23  NGA AM (L), ST (C) Chikere, Osita 25  NGA ST (C) Anjembe, Timothy 28  NGA ST (C) Hussain, Etzaz 23  NOR AM (C) Alvarez, Miguel 31   PAR DM Cuéllar, Miguel Ángel 34  PAR ST (C) Lazaga, Marco 33  PAR ST (C) Centurión, Diego 34  PAR ST (C) Vargas, Juan Manuel 32  PER D/WB/AM (L) Obraniak, Ludovic 31  POL AM (RLC) Carvalho, Ricardo 38  POR D (C) Tavares, Yohan 28  POR D (C) Ferreira, Flávio 24  POR D (C), DM Meireles, Raúl 33  POR DM Celestino 29  POR DM Martins, Carlos 34  POR AM (C) Silva, Flávio 20  POR ST (C) Marica, Ciprian 30  ROM ST (C) Blejdea, Andrei 20  ROM ST (C) Dikgacoi, Kagisho 31  RSA DM Ngcepe, Thulani 26  RSA ST (C) Diallo, Lamarana 21   SEN AM (RL) Traoré, Mamadou Baïla 29  SEN AM (RC) Thioune, Makhtar 31  SEN AM (C) Coulibaly, Elimane 36  SEN ST (C) Milanovic, Milan 25  SRB D (C) Babovic, Stefan 29  SRB DM, AM (RC) Antic, Milos 21  SRB AM (LC) Bangura, Tetteh 26   SLE ST (C) Ben Khalifa, Nassim 24   SUI AM (C) Teixeira, Dionatan 23   SVK D (LC), DM Zapotoka, Jan 28  SVK AM (C) Ploj, Alen 20  SVN ST (C) Adebayor, Emmanuel 32   TOG ST (C) Boughanmi, Oussama 26   TUN DM Khalifa, Saber 29  TUN AM (L), ST (C) Çetin, Servet 35  TUR D (C) Öztürk, Sezer 30  TUR AM (C) Boldenkov, Valeriy 21  UKR D (C) Edmar 36  UKR DM, AM (C) Troyanovskyi, Eugene 23  UKR AM (RL) Nemtinov, Eugene 20  UKR AM (RL) Lyopa, Dmytro 27  UKR AM (RLC) Kuzyk, Orest 21  UKR AM (RLC) Yakovenko, Olexandr 29  UKR AM (LC) Gomenyuk, Volodymyr 30  UKR AM/ST (C) Antonov, Olexiy 30  UKR ST (C) Yakovenko, Yuriy 22  UKR ST (C) Cáceres, Martín 29  URU D (RC) Gunino, Adrián 27  URU D/WB (RL) Caballero, Martín 25  URU D/WB/M (L) Poyet, Diego 21  URU DM Mier, Matías 25  URU AM (L) Biscayzacú, Gustavo 37  URU ST (C) Olivera, Pablo 28  URU ST (C) Meza, Jesús 30  VEN AM (LC) Nengomasha, Tinashe 33   ZIM DM Temwanjera, Mike 34  ZIM ST (C) Banda, Khumbulani 25 ZIM ST (C)

    Top 70 Brexit-Proof Players

    The United Kingdom will be leaving the European Union in the future and that could have some effect on Football Manager. While the real-world implications of 'Brexit' remain unclear for the football world, Sports Interactive has jumped in, creating multiple possible scenarios in Football Manager 2017. According to Miles Jacobson (director at SI Games and one of the founding fathers of Football Manager) there are three main scenarios for Brexit in your game, but the finer details within these three main choices can vary as well. In some saves Scotland will leave the UK, in others multiple countries may decide to leave. The type of Brexit you will get will be different in every save you play, but here are the three main scenarios:
    If you are lucky enough, the United Kingdom will leave the European Union without any changes to the Work Permit system. This means players from the European Union can be signed without applying for a Work Permit, while players from outside the European Union would still need to go through the application process.
    Footballers are granted the same special exemptions that are currently given to ‘entertainers’. This means it is easier for them to obtain work permits than other people, and it will not have a huge impact on movement from players in the European Union.
    The hardest possible option for your game is a Brexit where similar rules to those which currently apply to non-EU players are adopted for all non-United Kingdom players. That means that a German, French or Spanish player will have to meet the same requirements as a player from Brazil or Argentina to be allowed to play in the United Kingdom.

    Lucky for you, FMInside.net has been searching the database of Football Manager 2017 and has come up with a list full of Brexit-proof players. So, if you're getting anxious about a possibly more severe Brexit outcome, you could lower the risk by signing some of the players on this list.
    To create the list we have selected only the best available players under the age of 23. These players all have a Potential Ability of at least 150 or -8 and higher. The players on this list all have the potential to become World Class and some of them are already considered to be World Class. So, if you want to create an unbeatable team full of players from the UK, this is the list to use as your shortlist!
    Name Club Age Position Jordon Ibe  AFC Bournemouth 20 M (R), AM (RL) Lewis Cook  AFC Bournemouth 19 DM, M (C) Tyrone Mings  AFC Bournemouth 23 D (L) Calum Chambers  Arsenal 21 D (RC) Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain  Arsenal 22 AM (RL) Reiss Nelson  Arsenal 16 AM (RL) Andre Green  Aston Villa 18 M (L), AM (RL) Jack Grealish  Aston Villa 20 M (RL), AM (RLC) Joe Rankin-Costello  Blackburn Rovers 17 D (RC), M/AM (RLC) Rico Henry  Brentford 19 D/WB (L) Keiran Tierney  Celtic 19 D (L) Lewis Baker  Chelsea 21 DM, M (C), AM (RLC) Ruben Loftus-Cheek  Chelsea 20 DM, M/AM (C) Tammy Abraham  Chelsea 18 AM (R), ST (C) Trevoh Chalobah  Chelsea 17 D (RLC), WB (RL) Dujon Sterling  Chelsea 16 D (RC), WB/M/AM (R) Dominic Solanke  Chelsea 18 AM (RL), ST (C) Jay Dasilva  Chelsea 18 D/AM (L) Nathaniel Chalobah  Chelsea 21 D (C), DM, M (C) Will Hughes  Derby County 21 DM, M/AM (C) Brendan Galloway  Everton 20 D (LC), DM Ross Barkley  Everton 22 M/AM (C) Ryan Sessegnon  Fulham 16 D/M/AM (L) Jordan Williams  Huddersfield Town 16 D (RLC) Andrew Robertson  Hull City 22 D/WB (L) Teddy Bishop  Ipswich Town 20 M (C) Andre Dozzell  Ipswich Town 17 M / AM (C) Ben Chilwell  Leicester City 19 D (LC), WB (L) Demarai Gray  Leicester City 20 M/AM (RL) Andre Wisdom  Liverpool 23 D (RC) Sheyi Ojo  Liverpool 19 M (L), AM (RL) Cameron Brannagan  Liverpool 20 M/AM (C) Ryan Kent  Liverpool 19 M (RL), AM (RLC) Adam Phillips  Liverpool 18 DM, M/AM (C) Trent Alexander-Arnold  Liverpool 17 D/WB (R), DM, M (RC) Joe Gomez  Liverpool 19 D (RLC) Ben Woodburn  Liverpool 16 AM (RL), ST (C) Danny Ward  Liverpool 23 GK Jon Flanagan  Liverpool 23 D (RL) Patrick Roberts  Manchester City 19 M (RL ), AM (RLC) Jadon Sancho  Manchester City 16 M (L ), AM (LC), ST (C) Tosin Adarabioyo  Manchester City 18 D (C) Phil Foden  Manchester City 16 AM (RLC) Ian Carlo Poveda  Manchester City 16 AM (C) Raheem Sterling  Manchester City 21 M (L), AM (RLC), ST (C) John Stones  Manchester City 22 D (RC) Angel Gomes  Manchester United 15 M (RL), AM (RLC) Callum Gribbin  Manchester United 17 M (C), AM (RC) Ro-Shaun Williams  Manchester United 17 D (C) Cameron Borthwick-Jackson  Manchester United 19 D (LC) Marcus Rashford  Manchester United 18 AM (L), ST (C) James Wilson  Manchester United 20 ST (C) Luke Shaw  Manchester United 21 D/WB (L) Jesse Lingard  Manchester United 23 M (RL), AM (RLC) Harry Chapman  Middlesbrough 18 M (RL), AM (RLC), ST (C) Jordan Rossiter  Rangers 19 DM, M (C) Oliver Burke  RB Leipzig 19 DM, M (C) Joe Wildsmith  Sheffield Wednesday 20 GK Matthew Targett  Southampton 20 D/WB (L) Callum Slattery  Southampton 17 M (C) Harrison Reed  Southampton 21 DM, M (C) James Ward-Prowse  Southampton 21 M/ AM (RC) Nathan Redmond  Southampton 22 M/AM (RL), ST (C) Jack Butland  Stoke City 23 GK Jordan Pickford  Sunderland 22 GK Joshua Onomah  Tottenham Hotspur 19 M/AM (C) Marcus Edwards  Tottenham Hotspur 17 AM (RLC) Kyle Walker-Peters  Tottenham Hotspur 19 D (RL) Ben Davies  Tottenham Hotspur 23 D (L) Dele Alli  Tottenham Hotspur 20 M/AM (C) Eric Dier  Tottenham Hotspur 22 D (RC), DM, M (C) Harry Kane  Tottenham Hotspur 23 ST (C) Dennon Lewis  Watford 19 WB/M/AM (R), ST (C) Tommie Hoban  Watford 22 D (LC) Jonathan Leko  West Bromwich Albion 17 AM (RL), ST (C) Tyler Roberts  West Bromwich Albion 17 AM (RL), ST (C) Saido Berahino  West Bromwich Albion 22 M (R), AM (RC), ST (C) Reece Oxford  West Ham United 17 D (C), DM

    Wonderkids: -8 Goalkeepers

    A new list of Wonderkids for Football Manager 2017! This time we take a closer look at the wonderkids who have a -8 potential set in the editor. As this is a very large group of players, we have decided to split these lists. Today we start with the first list; Goalkeepers.
    What does -8 potential mean?
    To create a dynamic world in Football Manager, Sports Interactive decided to introduce the Dynamic Potential ranges some years ago. That means that every time you load up a new save, these players will have a different maximum potential. That way the game will be challenging to play as a super Wonderkid could be an amateur in another save you load up.
    We have already created lists for the biggest Wonderkids in the game. These Scoutlists can be found at:
    -10, -95 and -9 Wonderkids -85 Wonderkids As time will progress we hope to create player reports and future screenshots for all players on this list. When we post new players in our player database, we will announce those changes on our Social Media accounts. You can follow FMInside either on Facebook or Twitter.
    Sortable; Don't forget! The list can be sorted. You can click either of the four columns to sort that column. That way you can either see the youngest or oldest players. To start with, we have sorted the table based on the players' nationality.
    Name Club Nat Age Agustín Rossi Estudiantes   ARG 20 Franco Petroli River Plate   ARG 18 Augusto Batalla River Plate  ARG 20 Lucão Cruzeiro   BRA 18 John Santos  BRA 20 Thiago Flamengo  BRA 20 Adrian Semper GNK Dinamo  CRO 18 Víctor Mendoza Barcelona Sporting Club   ECU 21 Xavier Cevallos Club Sport Emelec  ECU 20 Joe Wildsmith Sheffield Wednesday  ENG 20 Antonio Sivera Valencia  ESP 19 Juan Soriano Sevilla  ESP 18 Iñaki Peña Barcelona  ESP 17 Rubén Blanco Celta de Vigo  ESP 21 Bingourou Kamara Tours FC  FRA 19 Loïc Badiashile AS Monaco  FRA 18 Gaëtan Poussin Bordeaux  FRA 17 Marian Prinz Leverkusen  GER 16 Haviv Ohayon Maccabi Tel Aviv  ISR 17 Simone Scuffet Udinese  ITA 20 Emil Audero Juventus  ITA 19 Fabrizio Alastra Palermo  ITA 18 Alessandro Plizzari AC Milan  ITA 16 Titas Krapikas Sampdoria   LIT 17 Youn Czekanowicz KAA Gent   LUX 15 Marcin Bulka Chelsea  POL 16 Carlos Alves Rio Ave  POR 18 André Moreira Atletico Madrid  POR 20 Ionut Radu Internazionale  ROU 19 Vladan Dekic Internazionale  SRB 16 Gastón Guruceaga Peñarol  URU 21
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