Kristoffer Ajer

    Kristoffer Ajer was one of the most bought wonderkids in FM15 and he has developed into a wonderful player!

    Jose Gaya

    Jose Gaya has been one of the most talented full backs in the last couple editions of FM. How good is he on FM17?


    Tips to improve your Youth Intake

    The yearly Youth Intake is a moment a lot of managers love. Your club gets a fresh pack of Newgens and every year you have the hope that at least one of those virtual kids has the potential to become one of your star players. Now we all know (or should know) that having a 5 star Newgen on a yearly basis is not possible, but you can definitely improve the chances of getting those Uber Regens on more than one occasion. In this Guide we will discuss the different possibilities you have to improve your chances.
    One of the most obvious improvements you can make is having the best Youth Facilities possible. Keep stalking your board asking them to improve your facilities (not too much as your board will be very reluctant to grant your wishes if you keep whining too much). And when you finally reach the highest level, keep putting money in so it will stay on the highest level.
    As you progress in the game, your facility levels could drop because of Technological evolution. So make sure you keep a close eye on the level of your facilities and ask your board to improve as fast as possible if your facilities' level decrease.
    You should also invest in Junior Coaching. This determines the Ability of the Newgens as they appear during the Youth Intake. The higher the level, the higher the chance you have that the current ability of the new players is of a higher standard. And with players that have a higher ability, the possibility of a higher potential ability will be much bigger.
    Another obvious improvement you can make is signing a good Head of Youth Development (HoYd). The only question is; what makes a good HoYd? Sure, you should always look for the one with the best attributes, but his Tactical Preferences and Personality are also vital.
    Try to look for a Head of Youth Development that has a similar Preferred Formation as yourself, one that has the same Playing Style and has a Positive Personality. It would be a shame if a 5 star regens shows up in your Youth Squad on a position that you don’t use in your tactics and a Mario Balotelli kind of personality.
    Learn more about signing the correct HoYd.
    Are we staying this obvious? Yes we are! Always max out the amount of youth coaches you can sign and make sure you sign the best of the best. The principle of Youth Coaching is the same as the ones you have for your first team. The only extra high valued attribute these guys need is ‘Working with Youngsters’. That makes them extra valuable for you and your youth set up. Other than that; look for coaches with the same attributes that are needed to get a 5 star coaching rating for the various categories you have.
    And do not forget about the Tactical Preferences, Playing Style and Personalities of your Youth Coaches as well. They really do affect the type of players that will come through the ranks in your yearly Youth Intake.
    Learn more about 5 STAR coaching on Football Manager.
    One of the things that you will have to keep doing is investing in your Youth Recruitment. You can ask your board to invest money in the recruitment and that will effect the quality of the recruitment. The current level you have can be found in the Club Info section of your club. A low level means your recruitment will focus mainly on players from your own region, making the pool a lot smaller. A high level means your recruitment will have a Worldwide focus.
    A factor that has some importance for the level of your youth intake is the reputation of your club and yourself as a manager. A small regional club will not attract the best youth players even if you have the best facilities, coaches and head of youth development. A club with a Worldwide reputation will be able to attract better players and therefore more potential stars. The reputation of your club will grow steadily as you progress in the game and perform by winning matches and winning trophies. The same counts for your reputation as a manager. Win matches, win trophies and your reputation will grow steadily as the years pass.
    Keep in mind that it is impossible to get a potential Lionel Messi every season, but by applying our tips and hints you will improve your chances of getting a Uber Regen.
    Ultimate Wonderkidslist New FM17 Staff roles explained FM17 Scouting Network

    Head of Youth Development on FM

    Having a good youth set-up is one of the aspects of staying at the top if you like to play a long term save on Football Manager. And off course signing big names could be very satisfying during your saves, but we all agree that developing a player through your own youth system all the way to a World Class Player beats that feeling every single time. So in every long term save you play you should invest in your youth system.
    Putting money in the training facilities and youth coaching are obviously very important, but signing the correct Head of Youth development is even more crucial. This guy is the one that will try to find the best regens possible. His qualities and the levels of your scouting/facilities and reputation will determine the overall quality of the regens/newgens at your yearly youth intake day.
    In this Guide we will have a closer look at the Backroom staff role Head of Youth Development. We will try to explain more about his role at the club and which abilities he needs to bring the best youth players possibles to your club.
    There are some attributes that every Head of Youth Development should have at least 15+ on. Our advice: don't even bother signing one that has lower values than that (depending on the level of your club off course; for LLM there are different standards). We will discuss these vital attributes:
    Judging player potential
    Clearly the most important attribute of them all. Your Head of Youth development will need to be able to judge the potential a youth player has. If your backroom staff can recognize players with a high potential, the better chances you have to sign high quality players through your youth system. 
    Working with youngsters
    And second; he will need to be able to work with youngsters. Because if he hates youngsters, you will never get the best out of them. 
    In the second part of this guide we will take a closer look at the various staff responsibilities at your club and which ones could be given to your Head of Youth Development.
    Responsibilities on Youth Development and Recruitment
    One of his key jobs is bringing in new youth players into the club. He will give you feedback during the season about their progress and development. And he will advice you on certain parts of their development, for example give advice about special training etc. When you sign a Head of Youth Development and want him to bring in new youth players, he will need the following abilities and/or attributes:
    Scouting knowledge
    The better his scouting knowledge, the bigger his reach is. Look for a Head of Youth Development with scouting knowledge from nations with a high reputation. The scouting knowledge of the rest of your backroom staff is also very important for the youth recruitment, so make sure to sign coaches and scouts with lost of knowledge. His personality
    Signing a Head of Youth development with a positive or professional personality will influence the personalities of the new youth players that he will bring into the club. He will tend to sign players who have similar personalities like himself. So what ever you do, do not sign a Head of Youth Development with a personality like Mario Balotelli. Look for Backroom staff with Model Professional, Professional, Resolute, Determined or fairly Determined personalities. Tactical Preferences
    An area that is easily forgotten but one that is very important when signing a Head of Youth Development is Tactical Preference. If you like to play in a formation that uses Wingbacks, it would be very nice to see some talented wingbacks come through your youth system. But when your Head of Youth Development has a tactical preference for a formation without wingbacks, chances are he will not bring in any wingbacks at all. This also goes for his Passing Style and Playing mentality. Make sure to sign someone whose style is the same as yours.  
    Responsibilities in training
    Did you know that the Head of Youth Development is actually one of your youth coaches as well? When signed, he will be available as a coach for your Youth Team to reduce the workload of the other youth coaches. So if your board limits the amount of youth coaches, remember that a Head of Youth Development can also be set on one or more coaching areas.
    If you do so, make sure the Head of Youth Development has a high value for Tactical Knowledge (ideally 15+). For the youngsters at your club it is very important to be coached on the tactical side of the game.
    When assigning responsibilities for your Youth Squad, the Head of Youth Development and Youth Manager (U18 or U19) can share some of their responsibilities. So have a good look at the profiles of these two and compare them.
    There are three responsibilities for this area:
    Runs general team training for youth squads Sets up individual training for youth players Runs match training for youth squads  
    Compare your Youth Manager and Head of Youth Development and then decide which one takes which responsibility. You can compare them on the following attributes and/or abilities:
    Working with Youth
    A must-have for every Youth Coach or Head of Youth Development.(important for 1,2,3) Coaching attributes
    They will require the standard coaching attributes as your first team coaching staff. So look for high levels of discipline, motivation and determination apart from their needed coaching skills. (important for 1,2,3) Tactical Knowledge
    Not only important for the annual youth intake, but also important for setting Match training / Individual training or Match preparations. (important for 2,3)  
    Responsibilities on Transfers and Contracts
    The third area a Head of Youth Development could work in is the transfer and contract department regarding your youth squads. The responsibilities you can give are:
    Finds and make offers for young players for the future Handles new signing contract negotiations for players in your youth team Finalizes signings for young players Finds a new club for Youth players who have been listed for loan/transfer Extends youth contracts  
    We can all agree that this area is a very dangerous one. Will you trust the AI to make the correct choices for you? It is known that the AI could sign some weird players for a fee that is too high. So be very careful when assigning these responsibilities to your Head of Youth Development (of Director of Football). 
    But if you like a challenge, your Head of Youth Development will need the following attributes and/or abilities:
    Judging Player Ability and Potential
    In order to find the best youngsters these two attributes are very important. Also Scouting Knowledge is an important aspect of bringing in the best young players. Man Management
    This is very important when it comes to renewing contracts and contract negotiations.  Determination & Motivation
    Although never confirmed, we believe that determination and motivation could help with securing new players. A Head of Youth Development needs to be able to motivate a wonderkid to sign for your club and not your biggest rival. Reputation
    The higher his reputation, the easier it will be for him to convince talented players to pick your club when signing. A wonderkid will never sign when dealing with an unknown Head of Youth Development. So look for Continental or World-Wide reputation (if possible). Preferred formation and Playing Style
    Important if you want your Head of Youth Development to look for and sign new young players. Because it would be a shame if he would sign 4 expensive AMC's on long term contracts, while you don't play in a formation that uses an AMC.  
    Development List
    A responsibility for a Head of Youth Development which is very handy is the Development List. This is a list of players who are automatically made available for a Loan transfer. So add the player you want to send out on a loan on this list and your Head of Youth Development will try to find a club for him.
    Eligible for Contract
    And finally; the Head of Youth Development (or anyone responsible for this area) will provide you information about young players who have been made eligible for signing a professional contract. That way you can make sure your best youngsters are kept at the club.
    How to set-up 5 star training Signing Scouts on Football Manager

    Keeping injuries under control

    Injuries are one of the biggest irritations in Football Manager. If it is a bug or just bad luck is hard to say. Sports Interactive is always very secretive about the injury-section of FM, so there is no 'bible' and no truth for this subject. Although we can never exclude injuries completely, there are a lot steps you can take to minimize the risk of injures players.
    In this list of 10 steps there will undoubtedly be some which would sound very logical. Nevertheless, we find it worthwhile to mention them. Just because they sound logical, FM players tend to forget to apply these things in their game. We also want to emphasize that following these steps will not guarantee that there will not be any injuries at all. These steps simply allow you to minimize the risk.
    STEP 1: Sell Injury Prone Players
    The first thing you should do is sell injury prone players. Whether a player is injury prone, is difficult to determine in Football Manager. It is a hidden attribute and can only be seen when using an editor. Normally Assistant Managers will mention this in the Report section of a player, but there are some examples of them missing this rather important flaw. As a Manager you can spot the injury prone players by looking at the injury information screens. Players who are injured a lot, are - off course - the injury prone players.

    If you see this in a Player Report or a Scout Report: DEFCON 5!
    STEP 2: Tone down training levels
    It sounds very logical, but still a lot of FM Players tend to forget to adjust the intensity of the training. In the season preparation you have to train hard to pick up the condition levels. In the rest of the season it is a matter of maintaining the condition levels stable, not getting it higher and better. Make sure your players are not too tired, especially if you play three matches a week.
    STEP 3: Rotate players
    During a long and hard season, it is advised to apply a rotation system in your squad. Players who sit around a condition level of 90% are sharp enough to play. But why take the risk of playing him, if you can give a young talent with an excellent condition the opportunity to have some minutes in the first team? Keep looking at your match schedule and pick out the important matches. That way you can rest your most important players and have them in top condition for optimal performances.
    Step 4: Protect your Star Players
    Is seems very simple, but this is very important. You don't want Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo out for a large part of the season only because you always let them play. Treat these players as if they were your own children. Give them some extra days off of training or take them off the field when the score allows you to.
    STEP 5: Use your Substitutions
    Keep a close eye on the condition levels of your players during a match. If the score allows you to, sub the players who need a rest. Note: do not be fooled by the players who got a knock. These players can have a condition level of 40%, but if you wait a little longer the level will rise again up to the normal level.

    STEP 6: Rest your players
    You have the ability to rest your players during the season. On the training tab you can give your players 1,2,3 or even a week off. Use it! Especially when you have a tight and busy schedule you have to give your players the opportunity to regain their fitness levels.
    STEP 7: Sign a good and big Medical Staff
    Sounds logical and yes it is logical. Make sure you have an extensive medical team at your club. Having numerous Physio's makes sure that even the biggest wave of injuries can be managed. Having a good medical staff will also help reducing the recovery time of a player when he is injured. Look when signing a new physio at the following attributes Physiotherapy, Motivation, Discipline, Determination and motivation.
    Want to know which physios you should sign? Check our Best Physios list for FM17

    Eva Caneiro. She will not only keep your players fit, but happy aswell! 
    STEP 8: Pitch condition
    Make sure your pitch is in a good condition. Playing on a bad pitch will increase the risk of injuries. You can check the condition level of your pitch in the 'facilities tab' of your Club Information section. If the pitch is in a bad condition, you can ask the board to relay the pitch.
    STEP 9: Upgrade facilities
    The better the facilities, the less you have to worry about injuries sustained during training. Having state of the art facilities will make sure your training pitch will be in perfect condition and your players can use a modern weight room. Therefore the risk of injuries is smaller. 
    STEP 10: Use a big Squad
    When using a big squad (lets say 23 players at least) it is much easier to deal with a couple of injuries at the same time. Having a big squad will also make sure you aren't left with a dreadful Youth Player when your Star is out with an injury. If you do not have the finances available to create a big squad, try signing players who are versatile and can play in more than one position.

    Highest Transferbudgets 17.3

    The official winter patch of Football Manager is an update that many people are looking forward to. Not only because this updates will solve most bugs, but mainly because of the winter transfers. The 17.3 Patch has updated the database of Football Manager and has also had its effect on the clubs. Transferbudgets, Wage budgets and balances have all been renewed, giving the new database a whole new experience.
    On this shortlist you will see the biggest starting budgets in Football Manager 2017 when using the new 17.3 Database. Cool to see is that some of these clubs have doubled their budgets. As we expected the list shows a lot of English clubs, but some of them have made a big jump. Chelsea and Manchester United have both doubled their budgets up to a whopping 81M! Paris Saint-Germain however has seen its budget being lowered to 45M.
    This list also has some new clubs, which aren't located in Europe. Guangzhou, Jiangsu and Huaxia Xingfu have been added to the list. We have all seen the power of Chinese football after the last transfer window in January, with some exciting players making the cross towards the Chinese Super League (CSL). The new 17.3 Patch shows that these clubs will also be a big player if you start a new game using the 17.3 Database.
    Name Nation Division Budget Chelsea   ENG Premier League 81200000 Manchester Utd   ENG Premier League 81200000 Liverpool   ENG Premier League 69600000 Tottenham   ENG Premier League 63220000 Arsenal   ENG Premier League 45704000 Manchester City   ENG Premier League 45240000 Paris Saint-Germain   FRA Ligue 1 44963950 Bayern Munich   GER Bundesliga 39967950 Everton   ENG Premier League 29580000 Southampton   ENG Premier League 27840000 Watford   ENG Premier League 27840000 Guangzhou   CHI CSL 26722350 Juventus   ITA Serie A 23980770 Jiangsu   CHI CSL 20041760 AS Monaco   FRA Ligue 1 19983980 Internazionale   ITA Serie A 19983980 Real Madrid   ESP La Liga 19983980 Leicester City   ENG Premier League 18560000 West Bromwich Albion   ENG Premier League 18560000 Wolfsburg   GER Bundesliga 17485980 Huaxia Xingfu   CHI CSL 16033410 Olympique Marseille   FRA Ligue 1 15987180 Napoli   ITA Serie A 15987180 West Ham   ENG Premier League 15196000  
    Ultimate Wonderkidslist FM17 Scouting Network

    Best FM17 -10, -95, -9 Wonderkids

    Wonderkids, wonderkids and more wonderkids! We dove into the FM17 Editor and collected the best young football players from all over the globe. On the list you see below you will find the -10, -95 and -9 wonderkids of Football Manager 2017. These kids all have the potential to develop into World-class players.
    WHAT IS -10 OR -95?
    To create a dynamic world in Football Manager, Sports Interactive decided to introduce the Dynamic Potential ranges some years ago. That means that every time you load up a new save, these players will have a different maximum potential. That way the game will be challenging to play as a super Wonderkid could be an amateur in another save you load up.
    Sortable; Don't forget! The list can be sorted. You can click either of the four columns to sort that column. That way you can either see the youngest or oldest players. To start with, we have sorted the table based on the players' nationality.
    Every player on this list has been added to our Scout Database. You can find the individual player profiles by clicking on the players name.
    Name Club Nat Age Pos Gianluigi Donnarumma  AC Milan  ITA 17 GK Marco Asensio  Real Madrid   ESP 20 M/AM (RLC) Ousmane Dembele  Borussia Dortmund  FRA 19 M (RL), AM (RLC) Anthony Martial  Manchester United  FRA 20 M (L), AM (RL), ST (C) Adam Ounas  Girondins Bordeaux  ALG 19 AM (RL) Maximiliano Romero  Velez Sarsfield  ARG 17 ST (C) Giovani Lo Celso  Paris Saint-Germain  ARG 20 M (LC), AM (C) Facundo Colido  Boca Juniors  ARG 16 ST (C) Youri Tielemans  Anderlecht  BEL 19 DM, M/AM (C) Divock Origi  Liverpool  BEL 21 AM (L), ST (C) Gabriel Barbosa  Internazionale  BRA 19 AM (R), ST (C) Gabriel Jesus  Manchester City  BRA 19 AM (RL), ST (C) Gerson  AS Roma  BRA 19 M (C), AM (RLC) Malcom  Girondons Bordeaux  BRA 19 AM (RL) Thiago Maia  Santos FC  BRA 19 DM Matheus Pereira  Empoli  BRA 18 AM (RLC) Ante Coric  Dinamo Zagreb  CRO 19 M/AM (C) Marcus Rashford  Manchester United  ENG 18 AM (L), ST (C) Alban Lafont  Toulouse  FRA 17 GK Thomas Lemar  AS Monaco  FRA 20 M (C), AM (RLC) Lucas  Atletico Madrid  FRA 20 D (LC), WB (L) Kurt Zouma  Chelsea  FRA 21 D (RC) Kylian Mbappé  AS Monaco  FRA 17 M (L), AM (RL) Kai Havertz  Bayer Leverkusen  GER 17 M/AM (C) Johannes Eggestein  Werder Bremen  GER 18 ST (C) Christian Fruchtl  Bayern Munich  GER 16 GK Amadou Diawara  Napoli  GUI 19 DM, M (C) Riechedly Bazoer  AFC Ajax  HOL 19 D (C), DM, M (C) Manuel Locatelli  AC Milan   ITA 18 M (C) Moise Kean  Juventus   ITA 16 AM (L), ST (C) Andrea Pinamonti  Internazionale  ITA 17 ST (C) Alex Meret  Udinese  ITA 19 GK Fillipo Melegoni  Atalanta Bergamo  ITA 17 M (C) Hirving Lozano  Pachuca  MEX 21 M (L), AM (RL) Kelechi Iheanacho  Manchester City  NGA 19 ST (C) Martin Odegaard  Real Madrid  NOR 17 M (R), AM (RC) Bartlomiej Dragowski  Fiorentina  POL 18 GK Afonso Sousa  FC Porto  POR 16 M/AM (C) Ze Gomes  Benfica  POR 17 ST (C) Gelson Martins  Sporting CP  POR 21 AM (RL) Andre Horta  Benfica  POR 19 M (C), AM (LC) Ruben Neves  FC Porto  POR 19 DM, M (C) Carlos Soler  Valencia  ESP 19 DM, M (C) Dani Ceballos  Betis Sevilla  ESP 19 M/AM (C) Oliver  Atletico Madrid  ESP 21 M (RLC), AM (C) Jesus Vallejo  Real Madrid  ESP 19 D (C) Kuki  Malaga  ESP 18 AM (C), ST (C) Pol Lirola  Juventus  ESP 18 D/WB/M (R) Jorge Mere  Sporting Gijon  ESP 19 D (C) Breel Embolo  Schalke 04  SUI 19 M/AM (R), ST (C) Christian Pulisic  Borussia Dortmund  USA 17 M (L), AM (LC) Mauricio Lemos  Las Palmas  URU 20 D (C) Adalberto Penaranda  Watford  VEN 19 AM (L), ST (C) Ben Woodburn  Liverpool   WAL 16 AM (RLC), ST (C)  
    -85 Wonderkids -8 Wonderkids Goalkeepers Top 70 Brexit-proof players

    Best Defending Coaches

    Football is obviously a game of scoring more goals than your opponent, but 'not conceding' has been made much more important in recent years by some managers. Clubs are having success by 'Parking the Bus', creating an almost unbreakable defense during games and that affects the game as a whole. Defending has  become one of the vital parts for winning trophies.
    In Football Manager the defensive side of the game has also became very important. That is why we have selected the best coaches for you all on one list. These coaches have been selected based on the criteria for the 5 star training, so you only see the best of the best. 
    Name Team Age Nation Wage Crosa, Diego Newell's 40   ARG 720 Van den Buijs, Stan Club Brugge 59   BEL 7.490 Wellington Vero AMG 58   BRA 940 Francisco Cersósimo ATM 49   BRA 1.470 Tata FLA 62   BRA 1.660 Joélson Correia STA 48   BRA 1.020 Flávio Tanajura VIT 41   BRA 1.280 Carlinhos Neves ATM 60   BRA 1.080 Riva Carli - 63   BRA 0 Ranielle Ribeiro ABF 36   BRA 300 Marco Biasotto FLA 46   BRA 1.380 Cláudio Caçapa Olympique Lyonnais 40   BRA 5.080 Cris Olympique Lyonnais 39   BRA 0 Dimitrov, Nikolay Litex 45    BUL 150 Dzheferski, Toni - 61    BUL 0 Robinson, Paul Birmingham 37   ENG 2.900 Hooper, Karl Birmingham 28   ENG 350 Fichaux, Claude - 47   FRA 0 Stegmayer, Michael Darmstadt 31   GER 800 Baier, Patrick Freiburg 48   GER 2.000 Paauwe, Patrick PSV 40   HOL 1.890 Rivalta, Claudio Cesena 38   ITA 710 Baldini, Daniele Roma 52   ITA 5.980 Suriano, Andrea Catania 40   ITA 0 Frati, Alessio - 42   ITA 0 Nava, Stefano A.C. Milan 47   ITA 0 Di Bitonto, Nicola Foggia 50   ITA 400 Lo Monaco, Massimo Trapani 36   ITA 1.150 Arrigotti, Enrico - 54   ITA 0 Johnson, Michael Cardiff 42   ENG 1.160 Strande, Trond Molde 45    NOR 880 Espinoza, José Universidad San Martín 42   PER 0 Quaresma, Miguel Sporting 62   POR 6.020 Murray, Grant Hibernian 40   SCO 1.040 Albiston, Arthur - 58   SCO 0 McAndrew, Tony Aston Villa 60   SCO 1.160 Kennedy, John Celtic 32   SCO 3.480 McGrain, Danny Celtic 66   SCO 6.960 Djurdjevic, Ivan Lech 39   SER 430 Vugdalic, Muamer Maribor 38   SVN 300 Ruiz, Toni Eibar 46   ESP 3.560 Abando, Gonzalo - 57   ESP 0 Iñaki Bergara - 54   ESP 0 Gämperle, Harald Young Boys 48   SUI 3.170 Malyukov, Oleg CSKA Moscow 51   RUS 910 Williams, Richie Real Salt Lake 46   USA 1.780  
    Make sure to check out our other Best Coaches Shortlists. We currently have all categories covered, so make sure to check the positions you need to fill to get the most out of training on your FM17 save.
    Best Coaches Attacking Best Fitness Coaches Best Coaches Defending Best Tactical Coaches Best Ball Control Coaches Best Shooting Coaches Best GK Coaches Shot Stopping Best GK Coaches Handling  
    When you have signed the coaches you want, make sure to apply our 5 Star Training Guide  and our Team Training Guide to maximize performances.
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