Davinson Sanchez

    Davinson Sanchez is one of the hottest young stars in Ajax' current squad. Good enough for the elite?

    Jose Mauri

    A young playmaker who plays for AC Milan. Is the young Argentinian good enough to be world class?


    Jorge is a versatile wing-back that can prove to be a valuable member of almost any squad in FM17.


    Player personalities

    Every single player in the Football Manager Database has a set of attributes (most hidden) which have effect on the way they behave on and off the pitch. These attributes combined determine the Personality of a player. A players personality will then determine if a player will work his socks of for you, trying to get the most out of his career or determine if a player will never fulfill his maximum potential, ending up on the bench at a lower league club. For a manager the personality of a player is visible on a players profile.
    In this guide we will name the different personalities, explaining the meaning of every personality. We will divide them in 3 different groups:
    Positive Negative Neutral Obviously it is advised that your squad will have players with a positive or neutral personality. Negative personalities should be avoided at all costs. These players could make your life as a manager very difficult and have a negative influence on the rest of your squad. The negative influence could affect your performances in the league and therefore have a direct link with your position as a manager. A player riot could end up in you being sacked by the board. So; try to avoid negative personalities at all costs.
    When viewing a player profile you will see an indication of the players personality on the right hand side of his profile (or in the information Tab). But be wary about this! This field can show you the wrong personality, as this is only an indication if you did not scout the player. You will need to fully scout a player to find out what his real Personality is. 

    The personality of a player is decided according to nine different Attributes. We will discuss them briefly:
    This drives a player to be as successful as he can be. Controversy
    How outspoken a player can be either in the media or in the dressing room Loyalty
    How much a player is willing to stay at his current club or the club he loves Pressure
    How well a player deals with situations on and off the pitch Professionalism
    How hard he is willing to work Sportsmanship
    How ethical a player is during games. Temperament
    How a player can handle situations when they go against him Determination
    Willpower to keep on fighting even in mentally exhausting circumstances. Leadership
    How inspirational and motivational a player is to his teammates.  
    Now you know how a players' personality is build, it is time to explain more about the different personalities Football Manager has. To start, there are three types of personalities:
    Positive Personalities Negative Personalities Neutral Personalities  
    We will discuss every personalities by type.
    Model citizen Perfectionist Resolute Model professional Professional Fairly professional Spirited Very ambitious Ambitious Driven Determined Fairly determined Charismatic leader Born leader Leader Iron willed Resilient  
    Slack Casual Temperamental Unambitious Easily discouraged Low determination Spineless Low self belief  
    Jovial Light hearted Devoted / Very loyal Loyal Fairly loyal Honest Sporting Fairly sporting Unsporting Realist Balanced

    How To Properly Defend Corners

    Last year i wrote this exact article for Strikerless and I recently found out that this also works in Football Manager 2017. So i thought it would be wise to share this once more with the Football Manager community!
    Next to the attacking corner routines everybody needs a solid defensive corner routine as well. There are many ways to defend your opponents corner but i always try to give it a little extra. In this article i will show you my views on how to properly defend a corner and how you can turn your opponents corner into a counter attacking opportunity for your own team. This setup all depends on the quality of the players your team possesses. The idea is to convert a defensive corner routine into a counter attacking opportunity for your own team. To do so i have kept the setup rather simple as I’ve tried to eliminate all scoring options from my opponent.

    1st  option closing down the short corner: Due to the present of one of my (usually smaller) players I’ve taken away the option to use a short corner. The opponent will be immediately pressurized if they try to do so anyway and this will mainly end up for my team having ball possession very quickly. 2nd option is taking away scoring from the six yard box: I have placed one of my backs at the near post. I have left the far post undefended as most opponents don’t attack that area. The six yard box is defended by the three players that have the best attributes for heading as well as jumping reach. This way the opponent shouldn’t be able to score from close range. In the middle i have placed my tallest player so he can take out any ball that comes in that area. 3rd option is the marking of tall players: Three of my own defenders have been assigned to guard/annoy the opponents three tallest players. This way scoring from the penalty spot area should be very had or even impossible. 4th option is scoring from the edge of the area: By placing a technical and quick player, who can jump and head very well, at the edge of the box i give myself options to start a counter attack. Look at the picture below.
    We managed to get the ball away from our box and have quickly began our counter attack. Four or five man are rushing towards the enemy box in an attempt to score a goal. 5th option is keeping defenders occupied: One of my players (quick one) is staying near the halfway line. This means your opponent has to keep two or three defenders at the back. This way they have less players in your box which decreases the chances of getting a goal against.  
    I hope you get the general idea of what i am talking about. Using this defensive corner routine has gave me quite a few goals already. It also made sure my opponent hardly ever scores against me and that is just what this is all about.
    Defense left Defense right

    Youth development - External factors

    In the previous guide in this series we’ve talked about the internal factors - internal factors are linked to the player directly - that have an influence on player development. These factors are things you should look at when you want to sign a player. You can’t do anything about most of the internal factors because most of them are fixed numbers.
    In this guide, we will talk about the external factors. The external factors are linked to the surroundings of a player and this is where you as a manager come into place. Unfortunately, there is no secret formula which will guarantee a 100% success in this process and besides that, every manager has his own style of developing youngsters. This guide can give you some insights about what is affecting the development of your players and how to use these influences. Please keep in mind that there is no right or wrong in certain aspects of development, this guide is only giving advice.

    The quality of your club facilities is highly important to the development of your players. This is why it’s recommended to get your facilities on a high level as quick as possible. You can make a board request in the boardroom to upgrade your facilities. Sometimes you need to have a little patience as the reputation of your club determines how far you can go with upgrading facilities. Besides that, you need to be in the green numbers because it costs money to upgrade and maintain facilities. You can read about all the different facilities and their effects below.

    The training facilities are being used by the players that have a senior contract. This means all your players, except those on a youth contract. With better training facilities the player attributes are more likely to increase under the ideal circumstances. A state of the art training facility makes your players develop a lot faster than when you have an average training facility.

    The youth facility does the same thing as the training facility, described above. It improves the rate of development for your players on a youth contract. Better facilities will add more points to the player attributes increase. While a player at a club with poor facilities may spend over a year to increase his player attributes by one point, a player at top facility club may improve it within a 1-2 month period.

    You can look at the junior coaching as the team that coaches your players before they get into your youth team. An exceptional level of junior coaching may increase the probability to get players in the annual youth intake with higher current ability than a club with fewer facilities.

    Youth Recruitment affects the potential ability of players that are recruited at your own club. These are the players that will come through your youth setup, also the range of nations they are recruited from.  Players with a higher potential ability have a bigger probability of reaching a high current ability. This means that a player with a high potential ability has a bigger chance of becoming a better player than someone with a lower potential ability. The bigger range of scouting improves your chances of finding players with a higher potential.

    This Youth Level is for clubs based in England only, since they started the ‘Elite Player Performance Plan’. This determines on which level your youth teams compete. The higher this level is, the better the match experience will be for the players in these teams. (Levels (best to worse): 1, 2, 3, 4, 0).

    It is well known that training has an enormous influence on the development of a player. Still, there are questions being asked about this subject. There is a lot to tell about training in Football Manager. How do you set up your training, which coach will train which element of the overall training and is individual training really necessary? This would be a whole guide on its own and we will be writing about this in the future definitely but for now I would like to keep it short and only will talk about the influences they have on development.

    Players will work on improving their attributes in team training. Team training is the overall training that players in your team will go through. This is where your players will learn the most by playing with each other and improving their skills simultaneously. The focus determines on which parts of the attributes you want to train and the intensity determines the workload of the training.

    With the right individual training, you can let your players train in any way you want. You could pick a pacey attacking midfielder and turn him in a winger for example. The individual training is being used to micro-manage the player’s development. You can teach the players some Player Preferred Moves or train him so that he can play a whole different role.

    The quality of your coaches has a big influence on player development too. The quality level is shown by stars in your training screen. Every year some guides about a ‘five-star-training’ pop up and these are very handy to look at when you’re recruiting staff members. The better your coaches are, the faster the attributes of your players will grow. Not only the coaching attributes are important. The mental attributes of a coach are also very important. Man Management, Working with Youngsters, Determination and Motivating are some of the attributes you should look at.

    It’s possible to tutor your youngsters in Football Manager by using your older and more experienced players. The more experienced player will take care of the youngster and make him feel more at home in your first team, he will push him in his training sessions and will help him to develop more. It’s important that the more experienced player has high mental attributes and a positive personality. When the youngster is pleased with the tutoring, he can pick up the Player Preferred Moves from the more experienced player. So you should look at the PPM’s of the tutor and make sure he won’t mess up the way the youngster reacts in different situations. Tutoring could be very beneficial for your team cohesion when used correctly. By tutoring, the players can start to see each other as favored personal.

    This part of player development could be the most underrated part of it because the best way to develop a youngster, is by giving him some regular match time. Loaning a player out isn’t always enough. When you loan out your talents to a lower level club, he has to do with lower quality coaches and facilities. It will be a lot harder for the player to reach his potential. With prospects that aren’t classified as future world stars it isn’t really a problem but sometimes you just need to gamble a bit with the higher potential players. Especially in the less important games. By doing this, the player can slowly blend into the team, you’ll build a better relationship with him and you can monitor his development more. When the youngster reaches a certain level, you should give him some more regular play time. The more minutes he’ll make, the faster he will develop. Keep in mind that you don’t overload them so when he is making a lot of minutes, you should turn the intensity of his training down a little.

    Players will get ‘points’ for their current ability in matches. They distribute these points over their attributes in training. For example, Jan Jansen is a striker with a PA of 160 and a CA of 80. He played three good matches in a row and got 5 points for his CA in those matches, his CA is now 85. His individual training is focused on the player role ‘Poacher’. The 5 points that he ‘won’ in the last three matches are now being divided over the attributes that are important for a Poacher by this training.
    Player development: internal factors Improving youth intake Signing the correct Head of youth development

    Best FM17 -10, -95, -9 Wonderkids

    Wonderkids, wonderkids and more wonderkids! We dove into the FM17 Editor and collected the best young football players from all over the globe. On the list you see below you will find the -10, -95 and -9 wonderkids of Football Manager 2017. These kids all have the potential to develop into World-class players.
    WHAT IS -10 OR -95?
    To create a dynamic world in Football Manager, Sports Interactive decided to introduce the Dynamic Potential ranges some years ago. That means that every time you load up a new save, these players will have a different maximum potential. That way the game will be challenging to play as a super Wonderkid could be an amateur in another save you load up.
    Sortable; Don't forget! The list can be sorted. You can click either of the four columns to sort that column. That way you can either see the youngest or oldest players. To start with, we have sorted the table based on the players' nationality.
    Every player on this list has been added to our Scout Database. You can find the individual player profiles by clicking on the players name.
    Name Club Nat Age Pos Gianluigi Donnarumma  AC Milan  ITA 17 GK Marco Asensio  Real Madrid   ESP 20 M/AM (RLC) Ousmane Dembele  Borussia Dortmund  FRA 19 M (RL), AM (RLC) Anthony Martial  Manchester United  FRA 20 M (L), AM (RL), ST (C) Adam Ounas  Girondins Bordeaux  ALG 19 AM (RL) Maximiliano Romero  Velez Sarsfield  ARG 17 ST (C) Giovani Lo Celso  Paris Saint-Germain  ARG 20 M (LC), AM (C) Facundo Colido  Boca Juniors  ARG 16 ST (C) Youri Tielemans  Anderlecht  BEL 19 DM, M/AM (C) Divock Origi  Liverpool  BEL 21 AM (L), ST (C) Gabriel Barbosa  Internazionale  BRA 19 AM (R), ST (C) Gabriel Jesus  Manchester City  BRA 19 AM (RL), ST (C) Gerson  AS Roma  BRA 19 M (C), AM (RLC) Malcom  Girondons Bordeaux  BRA 19 AM (RL) Thiago Maia  Santos FC  BRA 19 DM Matheus Pereira  Empoli  BRA 18 AM (RLC) Ante Coric  Dinamo Zagreb  CRO 19 M/AM (C) Marcus Rashford  Manchester United  ENG 18 AM (L), ST (C) Alban Lafont  Toulouse  FRA 17 GK Thomas Lemar  AS Monaco  FRA 20 M (C), AM (RLC) Lucas  Atletico Madrid  FRA 20 D (LC), WB (L) Kurt Zouma  Chelsea  FRA 21 D (RC) Kylian Mbappé  AS Monaco  FRA 17 M (L), AM (RL) Kai Havertz  Bayer Leverkusen  GER 17 M/AM (C) Johannes Eggestein  Werder Bremen  GER 18 ST (C) Christian Fruchtl  Bayern Munich  GER 16 GK Amadou Diawara  Napoli  GUI 19 DM, M (C) Riechedly Bazoer  AFC Ajax  HOL 19 D (C), DM, M (C) Manuel Locatelli  AC Milan   ITA 18 M (C) Moise Kean  Juventus   ITA 16 AM (L), ST (C) Andrea Pinamonti  Internazionale  ITA 17 ST (C) Alex Meret  Udinese  ITA 19 GK Fillipo Melegoni  Atalanta Bergamo  ITA 17 M (C) Hirving Lozano  Pachuca  MEX 21 M (L), AM (RL) Kelechi Iheanacho  Manchester City  NGA 19 ST (C) Martin Odegaard  Real Madrid  NOR 17 M (R), AM (RC) Bartlomiej Dragowski  Fiorentina  POL 18 GK Afonso Sousa  FC Porto  POR 16 M/AM (C) Ze Gomes  Benfica  POR 17 ST (C) Gelson Martins  Sporting CP  POR 21 AM (RL) Andre Horta  Benfica  POR 19 M (C), AM (LC) Ruben Neves  FC Porto  POR 19 DM, M (C) Carlos Soler  Valencia  ESP 19 DM, M (C) Dani Ceballos  Betis Sevilla  ESP 19 M/AM (C) Oliver  Atletico Madrid  ESP 21 M (RLC), AM (C) Jesus Vallejo  Real Madrid  ESP 19 D (C) Kuki  Malaga  ESP 18 AM (C), ST (C) Pol Lirola  Juventus  ESP 18 D/WB/M (R) Jorge Mere  Sporting Gijon  ESP 19 D (C) Breel Embolo  Schalke 04  SUI 19 M/AM (R), ST (C) Christian Pulisic  Borussia Dortmund  USA 17 M (L), AM (LC) Mauricio Lemos  Las Palmas  URU 20 D (C) Adalberto Penaranda  Watford  VEN 19 AM (L), ST (C) Ben Woodburn  Liverpool   WAL 16 AM (RLC), ST (C)  
    -85 Wonderkids -8 Wonderkids Goalkeepers Top 70 Brexit-proof players

    Golden Boy 2017

    The Golden Boy is an award that is given by sports journalists to a young football player playing in Europe perceived to have been the most impressive during a calendar year (two halves to two separate seasons). All nominees must be under the age of 21 and play in a European nation's top tier (source Wikipedia). The award has been introduced back in 2003 and players like Rafael van der Vaart (2003), Wayne Rooney (2004), Lionel Messi (2005) and Paulo Pogba (2013) have all won the Golden Boy Award. Last year FC Bayern and Portugal midfielder Renato Sanches was voted the winner. The young powerhouse has been nominated for this years' award as well.
    The list has been published several days ago and we have noted all the players that are on the list for you to use with Football Manager 2017.
    To help you on your way we have sorted the table on position and have created profiles for most of the players in our Scouting Database. If you want to sort the table on Name, Club, Nationality or Age, just click on the column-head to sort that column.
    If the player has been reviewed  by our staff, you will see a 'Profile' link which will re-direct you towards the correct FM17 Player Profile.
    NAME CLUB NAT AGE POSITION FMI DB Gianluigi Donnarumma AC Milan  ITA 17 Goalkeeper Profile Mile Svilar Anderlecht  BEL 16 Goalkeeper Profile Alban Lafont Toulouse  FRA 17 Goalkeeper Profile Lazar Carevic Grbalj  MGO 17 Goalkeeper   Antonis Stergiakis Slavia Sofia  GRE 17 Goalkeeper Profile Luca Zidane Real Madrid  FRA 18 Goalkeeper   Julen Arellano  Osasuna  ESP 19 Full-back   Diogo Dalot Porto  POR 17 Full-back Profile Theo Hernandez Atletico Madrid  FRA 18 Full-back   Pol Lirola Juventus  ESP 18 Full-back Profile Cristian Manea Excelsior Mouscroun  ROM 18 Full-back   Adrian Marin Villarreal  ESP 19 Full-back   Aaron Martin Espanyol  ESP 19 Full-back   Paolo Medina Real Madrid  MEX 17 Full-back Profile Felix Passlack Borussia Dortmund  GER 18 Full-back Profile Claud Adjapong Sassuolo  ITA 18 Full-back   Benjamin Henrichs Bayer Leverkusen  GER 19 Full-back Profile Pablo Maffeo Manchester City  ESP 18 Full-back   Borna Sosa Dinamo Zagreb  CRO 18 Full-back   Tosin Adarabioyo Manchester City  ENG 18 Central Defender   Cameron Carter-Vickers Tottenham Hotspur  USA 18 Central Defender   Matthijs De Ligt Ajax  NED 16 Central Defender Profile Timothy Fosu-Mensah Manchester United  NED 18 Central Defender Profile Jorge Meré Sporting Gijon   ESP 19 Central Defender Profile Malang Sarr OGC Nice  FRA 17 Central Defender Profile Dayot Upamecano RB Leipzig  FRA 17 Central Defender   Erik Andersson Malmo  SWE 19 Def Midfielder   Nicolò Barella Cagliari   ITA 19 Def Midfielder   Pape Cheikh Celta de Vigo   ESP 18 Def Midfielder   Tom Davies Everton  ENG 18 Def Midfielder   Amadou Diawara Napoli  GUI 18 Def Midfielder Profile Kolbeinn Finnsson FC Groningen  ISL 16 Def Midfielder Profile Jean-Victor Makengo SM Caen  FRA 18 Def Midfielder   Manu Morlanes Villarreal   ESP 17 Def Midfielder   Valentino Müller Altach  AUT 17 Def Midfielder   Ruben Neves FC Porto  POR 19 Def Midfielder Profile Ferran Sarsanedas FC Barcelona   ESP 19 Def Midfielder   Idrissa Touré Schalke 04  GER 18 Def Midfielder   Daniil Utkin Kuban Krasnodar  RUS 16 Def Midfielder Profile Cristian Rivera Eibar   ESP 18 Def Midfielder   Christopher Nkunku Paris Saint-Germain  FRA 18 Def Midfielder   Kai Havertz Bayer Leverkusen  GER 17 Midfielder Profile Manuel Locatelli AC Milan   ITA 18 Midfielder Profile Abdulkhadir Omur Trabzonspor  TUR 17 Midfielder Profile Renato Sanches Bayern Munich  POR 18 Midfielder Profile Youri Tielemans Anderlecht  BEL 19 Midfielder Profile Federico Chiesa Fiorentina   ITA 18 Winger   Mikkel Duelund FC Midtjylland  DEN 19 Winger   Ianis Hagi Fiorentina  ROM 17 Winger   Jonathan Ikoné Montpellier  FRA 18 Winger   Bozhidar Kraev Levski Sofia  BUL 19 Winger   Emre Mor Borussia Dortmund  TUR 18 Winger Profile Javier Ontiveros Malaga   ESP 18 Winger   Mikel Oyarzabal Real Sociedad   ESP 19 Winger   Gerson Santos Da Silva AS Roma  BRA 19 Winger Profile Fabian Benko Bayern Munich  GER 18 Winger   Joel Asoro Sunderland  SWE 17 Winger Profile Jean-Kevin Augustin Paris Saint-Germain  FRA 19 Winger   Ousmane Dembelé Borussia Dortmund  FRA 19 Winger Profile Malcom Filipe  Girondins Bordeaux  BRA 19 Winger Profile Alejandro Pozo Sevilla   ESP 17 Winger Profile Sobhi Ramadan Stoke City  EGY 19 Winger Profile Thibaud Verlinden Stoke City  BEL 16 Winger Profile Justin Kluivert Ajax  NED 17 Winger   Kylian Mbappé AS Monaco  FRA 17 Winger Profile Maxime Lopez Olympique Marseille  FRA 18 Attacking Midfielder   Aymen Barkok Eintracht Frankfurt  MAR 18 Attacking Midfielder   Vahan Bichakhchyan Shirak  ARM 16 Attacking Midfielder   Ante Coric Dinamo Zagreb  CRO 19 Attacking Midfielder Profile Daniel De Silva Roda JC  AUS 19 Attacking Midfielder   Sergei Eremenko FC Basel  FIN 17 Attacking Midfielder   Christian Frydek Sparta Prague  CZE 17 Attacking Midfielder   Arne Maier Hertha BSC  GER 17 Attacking Midfielder   Abdelhak Nouri Ajax  NED 19 Attacking Midfielder Profile Jari Schuurman Willem II  NED 19 Attacking Midfielder   Nikola Vlasic  Hajduk Split  CRO 18 Attacking Midfielder   Sam Schreck Bayer Leverkusen  GER 17 Attacking Midfielder   Lazaros Labrou Panionios  GRE 18 Attacking Midfielder   Christian Pulisic Borussia Dortmund  USA 17 Attacking Midfielder Profile Sander Svendsen Molde FK  NOR 18 Attacking Midfielder   Kasper Dolberg Ajax  DEN 18 Striker Profile Breel Embolo Schalke 04  SUI 19 Striker Profile José Gomes Benfica  POR 17 Striker Profile Nedim Hadzic  Sarajevo  BIH 17 Striker   Alexander Isak  Borussia Dortmund  SWE 16 Striker Profile Gabriel Jesus  Manchester City  BRA 19 Striker Profile Dejan Joveljic Red Star  SER 16 Striker Profile Dawid Kownacki Lech Poznan  POL 19 Striker   Jonathan Leko West Bromwich Albion  ENG 17 Striker   Jens Odgaard Lyngby  DEN 17 Striker Profile Rui Pedro FC Porto  POR 18 Striker   Ezequiel Ponce AS Roma  ARG 19 Striker   Marcus Rashford Manchester United  ENG 18 Striker Profile Dominic Solanke Chelsea  ENG 18 Striker   Enes Unal Manchester City  TUR 19 Striker   Timur Zhamaletdinov CSKA Moscow  RUS 19 Striker   Benjamin Woodburn Liverpool  WAL 16 Striker Profile Youssef En Nesyri Malaga  MAR 19 Striker  

    Highest Transferbudgets 17.3

    The official winter patch of Football Manager is an update that many people are looking forward to. Not only because this updates will solve most bugs, but mainly because of the winter transfers. The 17.3 Patch has updated the database of Football Manager and has also had its effect on the clubs. Transferbudgets, Wage budgets and balances have all been renewed, giving the new database a whole new experience.
    On this shortlist you will see the biggest starting budgets in Football Manager 2017 when using the new 17.3 Database. Cool to see is that some of these clubs have doubled their budgets. As we expected the list shows a lot of English clubs, but some of them have made a big jump. Chelsea and Manchester United have both doubled their budgets up to a whopping 81M! Paris Saint-Germain however has seen its budget being lowered to 45M.
    This list also has some new clubs, which aren't located in Europe. Guangzhou, Jiangsu and Huaxia Xingfu have been added to the list. We have all seen the power of Chinese football after the last transfer window in January, with some exciting players making the cross towards the Chinese Super League (CSL). The new 17.3 Patch shows that these clubs will also be a big player if you start a new game using the 17.3 Database.
    Name Nation Division Budget Chelsea   ENG Premier League 81200000 Manchester Utd   ENG Premier League 81200000 Liverpool   ENG Premier League 69600000 Tottenham   ENG Premier League 63220000 Arsenal   ENG Premier League 45704000 Manchester City   ENG Premier League 45240000 Paris Saint-Germain   FRA Ligue 1 44963950 Bayern Munich   GER Bundesliga 39967950 Everton   ENG Premier League 29580000 Southampton   ENG Premier League 27840000 Watford   ENG Premier League 27840000 Guangzhou   CHI CSL 26722350 Juventus   ITA Serie A 23980770 Jiangsu   CHI CSL 20041760 AS Monaco   FRA Ligue 1 19983980 Internazionale   ITA Serie A 19983980 Real Madrid   ESP La Liga 19983980 Leicester City   ENG Premier League 18560000 West Bromwich Albion   ENG Premier League 18560000 Wolfsburg   GER Bundesliga 17485980 Huaxia Xingfu   CHI CSL 16033410 Olympique Marseille   FRA Ligue 1 15987180 Napoli   ITA Serie A 15987180 West Ham   ENG Premier League 15196000  
    Ultimate Wonderkidslist FM17 Scouting Network
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