Write for FMInside

FMInside is one of the few recognised websistes by Sports Interactive and we are always looking to expand our backroom staff in order to expand our reach inside the football manager community. So if you love Football Manager and love to write, write for FMInside!

As a writer at FMInside, you will be educating fellow Football Manager enthusiasts in a game that you love. You will be sharing your passion for the game with thousands of followers and visitors every day.

Content you could write for us

Player Reports
One of the key articles on FMInside are the Player Reports. We dive into the Football Manager database and will try to find the best young players and best bargains. We then create extensive reports to show you who to buy!

Tactical Guides
Are you a tactical mastermind and do you love to analyse real life tactics and import these tactics in Football Manager? We love to post in-depth articles about tactics or set pieces!

Club Guides
With a club guide you help our visitors to learn more about clubs. You will discuss the most important information someone needs when starting a save. Tactics, best players, budgets and suggested transfers.

Football Manager Lists
A list with the best Wonderkids, or a list with 5 Championship Strikers under 5M or the best youth academies in the world! We are crazy about player lists, club lists and backroom staff lists!

FM Stories
Do you like to write stories about your adventures in Football Manager? We would love to add you to our story team! Post screenshots, or even tell your story through graphical work. We love it all!

At FMInside our main goal is to help out fellow Football Manager fanatics to learn more about the game. And what works better than some nifty tutorials. Technical stuff like installing custom graphics, or tactical tutorials!

Contact us
We would love to hear from you if you are interested! So please send us an e-mail at info@fminside.net

What should you write about?
Try to write about one of the subjects we have posted above, but we are always open for ideas. If you have a great idea for a Football Manager related article, we are willing to think about it.

How long must the article be?
Depends on the subject. But most our articles contain at least 300 to 500 words.

Who will post the article?
You will be given acces to our website and you will be able to write your article. You then send your article for review by one of our editors. If everything is ok, your post will be published on the website.

What is in it for me?
Mostly it will be the opportunity to either share your stories/blogs to a wider public. We are a group of fans who aren’t in the game to make money. But, if we like your contribution and you show us that you really help our site forward, you will be earning a free copy of the next version of the game.

Contact us
We would love to hear from you if you are interested and if you would like to join our team! So please make sure to contact us.