Every edition of Football Manager has a set of players that are unknown for the bigger public, but will steal hearts of Football Manager fanatics. FM2017 is no different from that and this years edition has some amazing young players in the database. On this list we give you our top 10 hidden gems. The players on this list are all young, are relatively unknown and all have the potential to develop into World class players.



Timothy Tillman is an amazing 16-year-old attacking midfielder that currently plays for FC Bayern. The young German is one of the bigger wonderkids in the game. We have seen him develop into quite the player on different test saves we did. Tillman has a contract until 2018 and that makes him an interesting target. He will be available for less than 5M if you are quick enough. If he extends his contract at Bayern, the German record champions could be asking over 20M for him.

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timothy tillman



A young Nigerian striker that was bought by VfL Wolfsburg during the winter transfer window. Before the winter update, Victor Osimhen was already in the database, but we didn’t find him until he was at Wolfsburg. We fell in love with his amazing potential to become a stunning goalscorer later on in the game. In one of our testsaves he developed into a world class striker with an estimated value of 50M. With a 5M pricetag in the first two seasons, you could say Osimhen is a real bargain buy and one of the best hidden gems in the game!

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victor osimhen



Carlos Soler could easily be the most gifted central midfielder in FM2017. The young Spanish midfielder starts his career at the Valencia B squad, but should be promoted to the first team in a matter of months. One of the best things about Soler is the Minimum Fee Release Clause in his contract. If you make a 8M bid, Valencia has to accept. If you play your cards right, Soler will accept your offer and you will be signing one of the best young midfielders in the game.

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carlos soler



We found this young full-back when browsing one of our scoutgames in 2026. Dalot (16 years at the start of the game) became on of the best defenders in the world and had earned a big money contract at one of the big clubs. In order to check his potential we tested a few more saves and we learned that this hidden gem became a solid defender in almost every save. A very good buy if you love to develop young players, especially if you consider his fee is under 250k.

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diogo dalot



If you love to play in a formation with an AMC (or strikerless), than this dude is almost a must-have for you. He will cost you 6-7M during the first season and seeing his development, that would be considered as a steal. Despite being only 17-years-old at the start of the game, most of his required attributes are all 12 or higher. In the test saves we ran, we saw some incredible development with this lad.

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ezequiel barco



We tipped this young lad as the new Andrija Zivkovic right after the release of Football Manager 2017. We found this impressively tall striker in our first scoutsave. In that save he earned a transfer to Paris Saint-Germain in 2021 and was considered to be one of the best strikers. With his height and power he could be an ideal Target Man, that is capeable to score goals as well.

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dusan vlahovic



The French have some amazing young players at their disposal and Malang Sarr really is one of those that pops out. The 17-year-old defender is a beast and combines technical ability with physical presence. With the correct attention and focus, Sarr will develop into an international defender in a matter of seasons. You will need to pay around 10M for him, but trust us when we say he is totally worth it.

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malang sarr



The young Pau Lopez isn’t a player that would stand out in a crowd if you saw him in the first season of FM2017. But if you play longer saves, you would see him develop into a very good goalkeeper almost every time. Okay, he doesn’t have a potential like Gianluigi Donnarumma, but he is still a very good player and he will cost you a lot less than the Italian. He spends his first season on loan at Tottenham Hotspur, which makes him unavailable for a transfer. After his return to Espanyol in 2017, he could be picked up for a fee under 10M. A good buy if you ask us.

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pau lopez



Benfica is a club that is well known for its young wonderkids in Football Manager and in this years edition that is no different. With Ze Gomes the Lisbon based club has one of the most talented attackers to its disposal. The 17-year-old is strong, fast and has the quality to use his dribbles to create chances for either himself or his teammates. If you play your cards right Ze Gomes could be available for a cut-price after the first season. So, be patient and you have the possibility to sign one of the best young strikers in the game.

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ze gomes



If you get the chance to sign Afonso Sousa, you should never have any seond thoughts and immediately make an offer. This youngster is only 16-years-old and has the potential to become one of the best attacking midfielders in the world. Pick him early for a fee under 1.5M and nurture him into a player that can be compared to Bernardo Silva.

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afonso sousa