Thiago Almada

Personal Information

Name: Thiago Almada
Nationality: Argentina
Age: 17 (26/04/2001)
Height: 171 cm
Weight: 62 kg
Foot: Right
Position: Attacking Midfielder

Player Information

Club: Velez Sarsfield
Contract: 30/06/2021
Value: £340k / €400k
Est. Cost: £2M / €2.3M
Wages p/w: £2.3k / €2.7k
Rel. Clause: None
Squad Status: Hot Prospect

Ability to do the unexpected is one of the main reasons behind his ability to go past his man, Is a natural in a couple of positions, Could improve a lot in the future, Shows a fairly ambitious nature, Balance and ability on the ball make him a fairly skilful player, Player could be re-trained as a central midfielder, Considered a creative player.
Has work to do in the heading department, Currently operating at Nacional B (tier 2) level, Fairly selfish player.
Profile 2018

Thiago Almada 2018

Profile 2028

Thiago Almada 2028



Thiago Almada is a skillful young attacking midfielder. Aged 17 he already shows a lot of quality and this will only become better. He is able to develop into a leading attacking midfielder and with an 11M price tag, Almada is an interesting player for a lot of clubs in Europe.


  1. This guy has been absolutely insane in my Swansea City save as a CM/AMC and at 24 has developed into a world beater for me after buying him for 6.5M in the Championship in 19/20 (this is a pre-January database so there was less interest in him, in my saves started more recently he always seems to end up at Milan or Monaco) and scored 21 and Assisted 11 with an Average rating of 7.47 in the EPL as a Trequartista at AMC in a 5-2-1-2 and just seems to always be in the half spaces to pick up a goal or play the final pass and I’d highly recommend him for anyone not using a Gegenpress system as his Work Rate never gets beyond the 9-12 range from my experience in a few saves which lets him down but for a Control Possession, Tiki-Taka or a Fluid Counter-Attack system which are my preferred styles he’s a near perfect attack minded CM (MEZ-A or AP) or AMC and would always be a go-to target for me, I’d rate him at a 4.5/5


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