Terms of Use

We love you, but still we have some rules to follow.

A few rules to stick by when visiting fminside.

Things that are allowed at fminside

  • Share our content either on Social Media or on your own page. The only thing we ask in return is that you post a credit link that leads back to us.
  • Use your own website/blog to host your downloads and share these in our Download section.

Things that are not allowed at fminside

  • Copy, republish or distribute content which is created by fminside without permission.
  • Creating multiple accounts to promote your own content


Off course we have some guidelines at fminside for you to follow if you have joined our community.

  • Respect each other
  • No sexual/racist or discriminatory comments
  • Only advertise with permission of the website owner
  • No talking about Pirated copies of Football Manager or any other game/movie
  • Don’t spam and limit the double posts to a minimum

Submitting Downloads at fminside – Rules

If you want to submit your download at fminside there are a few rules to follow. If your submission fails to follow the rules below, your submission will be rejected or unpublished.

  • Download links must be accessible by the public and must never require a form of registration to download.
  • The download link must be a direct link to the downloadable file or pack.
  • NO advertising! Using links to promote your own channels or social media pages in the download is not allowed.
  • It is allowed to ad a Paypal donation link to your download if available.
  • For the article image you are asked to deliver a workable URL. We prefer Cloudinary or Gyazo. Always use HTTPS and if possible an optimized & compressed image to aid in loading times. You can use https://tinypng.com/ to compress your images.
  • Avoid using CAPS LOCK too much. A couple of words could be okay, but not complete texts.

Let’s face it: If you act normal and you treat others like you would like to treated; you will have no problems here on FMInside. If you have any questions, feedback or if you find something that isn’t within the guidelines of the website? Please contact us.