TCM19 Logopack

TCM19 Logopack

The 6th edition of the TCM Megapack for Football Manager. After more than 1.5 Million downloads for previous versions, we want to offer more! Adopt the brilliant TCM19 Logopack for Football Manager 2019 by

Download TCM 19 Logopack

TCM19 Logopack

220 Nations : 29268 Clubs + 3485 Competitions + 548 Miscellaneous = 33301 LOGOS

  • Africa : 2145 Clubs – 203 Competitions
  • North America : 2434 Clubs – 276 Competitions
  • South America : 2941 Clubs – 215 Competitions
  • Asia: 3214 Clubs – 630 Competitions
  • Europa : 18170 Clubs – 1904 Competitions
  • Oceania : 364 Clubs – 76 Competitions

+ Confederations, Federations, International Competitions & Flags. All the details by Nations in the Megapack.

1. Standard FM19 Skin

2. Standard Light Skin

3. Standard Dark Skin

FMInside proud partners

We at FMInside are a proud partner of the TCM19 Logopack. We use the logos on our website inside our player reports and our club articles. But that is not it! If you download this megapack, we will be featuring as one of the TCM Partners in Football Manager 2019! How? Well, we will be featuring on the sideline of the 3D Match Engine, as the official FMInside logo will be on one of the ad boards in FM19!

Developers :
Kinmar : Enhancing the Template, Development, Hosting (TCM 14-19).
Thomasom : Creating the Template, Development (TCM 14-15).
Sualg-Bilbao : Development (TCM 14-16).
Zecha : Development (TCM 16).
RBRND : Development (TCM 18).
Torbin : Development (TCM 18).

Contributors :
TCM19 :Abu-Dun, Alfredo, AndreaLAZIOultras, Atvo, Brendan, Broeren, bdavies26, Chavez, claytonpadula, Cleuber, Diogo Paiva, Domi, Eray1914, Gamma022, Heval, Hrvoje, Julian, Kamil, Loukas, Lucas, Marcos, Mátyás, MZ17, Necjeff (DF11 Faces),nxtfuture, Oriole01, Pappeldrache, Patres10 (FC12 Kits), Patrick, Pierre-Jean, RBRND, Rivanov, Segmann, Spix22, Tapioca, Theodor (@TONlJIMENEZ), Torbin, Vince-Taiwan.

Old TCM : AndreaLAZIOultras, ArturM, Borell, cdmafra, Frimimout, JesperBN, Kostas_Panachaiki, MatheusMux, Paul_13, Rein, Renato, Rivanov, Sh@rk, Spartacus23, Stathis, Steinbolt, Theodor.

Partner Websites:

  • FMInside
  • Passion4FM
  • FMScout
  • Sortitoutsi
  • ManagerOnline
  • DazS8
  • Myfootballmanager
  • FMTurkiye

pre-purchase Football Manager 2019

How to use the TCM19 Logopack in your copy of Football Manager

  1. Download the file and use a tool like 7zip or Winrar to extract the items from the folder.
  2. Extract the folders in the zipped file to:
    \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 20**\
  3. Run Football Manager and navigate to Preferences > Interface
    Tick the check box called ‘Reload skin when confirming changes in Preferences’
    Untick the box called ‘Use caching to decrease page loading times’
  4. Hit confirm.
    If you did it correctly, a box will pop-up that says: Loading image data for the new skin. After it is finished loading you will see the TCM19 Logopack is working.

For more specific installation instructions for facepacks, logopacks and other graphics please have a look at our special custom graphics installation guide.


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