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TCM18 Logopack – NEW UPDATE 18.2

Download the TCM18 Logopack, megapack of more than 25.500 logos of clubs and competitions for Football Manager 2018! This is the 5th edition of the TCM Megapack for Football Manager. After more than 1,200,000 downloads for previous versions, we want to offer more! Adopt the brilliant TCM18 Logo megapack for Football Manager 2018 by TCMLogos.com.

Download the megapack & Updates



25559 Logos : 22159 Clubs + 2817 Competitions + 583 Divers
Africa : 1349 Clubs – 197 Competitions
North America : 1485 Clubs – 231 Compétitions
South America : 2736 Clubs – 208 Compétitions
Asia: 3060 Clubs – 596 Compétitions
Europa : 13220 Clubs – 1318 Compétitions
Oceania : 309 Clubs – 75 Compétitions
+ Confederations, Federations, International Competitions & Flags.
All the details by Nations in the Megapack.

If you have logos to make, two possibilities:

  • If there are only a few logos, go to page requests: https://www.tcmlogos.com/requetes-request/
  • There are a lot of logos or if you want to become a contributor, go to contributor page : https://www.tcmlogos.com/tcm18-contributor/


We at FMInside are a proud partner of the TCM Logos. We use the logos on our website inside our player reports and our club articles. But that is not it! If you download this megapack, we will be featuring as one of the TCM Partners in Football Manager 2018! How? Well, we will be featuring on the sideline of the 3D Match Engine, as the official FMInside logo will be on one of the adboards in FM18!

fminside TCM18 Adboard


For installation instructions, please have a look at our special custom graphics guide.


  1. When I download it it doesn’t download as a zip file i can unpack it’s just a rar file and I can’t unpack it, any ideas why? The same happens to me when I try to download facepacks

  2. Download the 18.2 Update for logopack, with more than 700 logos of clubs, competitions and federations for more than 30.000 logos in total!

    After more than 120.000 downloads for les and more than 1.350.000 downloads with previous versions, we want to offer more with this last update.

    Mexico, Canada, France, Georgia, Hungary, Portugal and New Zealand… 42 nations with additions and updates of logos.

  3. [img]https://www.tcmlogos.com/wp-content/uploads/TCM18/TCM18-View18.1.png[/img]

    Download the 18.1 Update for TCM18 Logopack, with more 4.500 logos of clubs, competitions and federations for almost 30000 logos in total !

    After more 65000 downloads for TCM18 and more than 1,275,000 downloads with previous versions, we want to offer more with this update.

    Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Hungary, Ireland, Norway, Poland … 83 Nations with add or update logos.

  4. 🔥50000 !

    Here is the number of downloads of the TCM18 reached today, almost 1 months day after the release of FM18.
    A big thank you to all, players, contributors and partners!


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