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Superliga Argentina: FM19 League guide

The new Football Manager season is upon us. Enough reason to start up the game, fire up that Premier League and start the usual save with your favorite club from England. Well, if you are planning to do something different this time, why don’t venture down to Argentina and play in the Superliga Argentina!

Superliga Argentina format

The Superliga Argentina is not your average Joe when it comes down to the league. A first look at the league shows a pretty normal format, but you are widely mistaken my friend! The league in Argentina has a very unique style of deciding who relegates and who promotes. Also the number of teams is quite odd.

The rise of the Superliga Argentina

In 2014 the Argentine Federation decided that it was time for a change and decided to change the league’s format. The league was expanded to 30 teams in 2015 to create a new ‘Superliga Argentina’.

Reverting back to 20

After expanding the league to 30 teams, the Superliga Argentina will be slowly returning to its original form. Each year 4 teams will be relegated, while 2 teams are promoted from the Nacional B. After the league has reached 20 teams (by 2021), the format will change again: 2 teams will be relegated and 2 will be promoted.

Argentina-Superliga-1 FM19

Superliga Argentina rules in 2018

You will be playing a total of 25 games in the first season. You will play against other teams once. The team that gathers the most points will be named as the champion of Superliga Argentina. Nothing too weird about that.

Continental qualification

In South America you have two major continental club competitions. In Argentina the top 5 teams will qualify for the Group stages of the Copa Libertadores and the team that has finished in 6th will qualify for the Second Qualifying round (depending on the winner of the Copa Argentina). This competition will be held from February until November.

The top 6 of the league will also qualify for the Copa Sudamericana. All six teams will enter the tournament in the 1st round. This competition, which is a knock-out competition and has 6 rounds, will be played between February and December.

Squad & Match rules

At the start of each season you will be asked to register your squad. You are allowed to register 99 players and only players that have been registered can play games in the Superliga. You are allowed to register 6 foreign players.

When you play a league game, you will able to select a match squad of 18 players (7 substitutions). You can select a maximum of 5 foreign players in your squad.

Promotion & relegation

This area is where the Argentinian leagues differ from other ones in the world. The Superliga does not have a standard league format where the bottom team or bottom two teams are relegated automatically. Instead, the relegation is based on the average points over the games the club has played over the past 3 seasons.

That means that if you are promoted from the Nacional B after spending two seasons in that league, you start at 0 and after the season your points will be divided by the number of games you have played.

For example: Platense in our example screen below, who were promoted to the Superliga Argentina in 2021. They managed to pick up 47 points from 38 games. If you then divide 47/38 you will get an average of 1.24 points, enough to keep them away from the relegation zone.

Gimnasia La Plata have been relegated after they won an average of 0.97 points over 103 games (29+36+35=100/103=0.97).

You will find your spot on the Average points list in a special tab in the Competition area of the Argentinian league.

Argentina-Superliga-average-points FM19

Teams to play with

Title contenders: Boca Juniors or River Plate

If you are considering a first run in Argentina, one of the title contenders should probably be your first pick to try out the league and its format. Boca Juniors and River Plate are the two biggest clubs in Argentina, sharing over 60 league titles together.

Star players Boca:
Wilmer Barrios (DM), Dario Benedetto (ST), Cristian Pavon (AMR)

Star players River Plate:
Juan Fernando Quintero (AMC), Gonzalo Martinez (AML), Lucas Pratto (ST)

Boca-Juniors FM19

Mid table team: Newell’s Old Boys

Lionel Messi’s only other club besides FC Barcelona. That would be reason enough to manage this club. It might even be possible to bring the star forward back to Argentina some day. The club also has some history, winning a total of 6 Argentinian Superliga’s in the past.

Star players:
Braian Rivero (DM), Mauro Formica (AMC), Hector Fertoli (AMR)


Relegation candidate: Aldosivi

There are 4 major relegation candidates in Argentina and newly promoted side Aldosivi (founded 1907) is one of them. Could be a cool club to start a save with and try to avoid relegation in the first season, while building a team that can compete for the honors in the future.

Star players:
Matias Pisano (AMR), Ezequiel Videla (DM), Emiliano Ozuna (AML)



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