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Tips for starting a new save




What do you do when you are planning to start a new save? There are so many options to change or look at. Well-known blogger Keysi Rensie has written a great article on what he does after he decides to start a new save on Football Manager. He gives you tips when starting a new save. Enjoy the read!

‘You have selected two leagues from one nation with a small database. The game will start in June 2016.’

I think the very important thing is just before you click to “Start Game” because if you want to have a good save it’s important to load the right database and right nations around the country you play in. For example, if I play in the Czech Republic I always load Slovakia, Poland, Germany and Austria. So all nations around the borders.

tips when starting a new save

What about a database? I always make a custom setup and I load Players of the nationality of all nations I load. Why? If nothing more because of Youth Intakes and it’s also very useful in terms of transfers out & in. You can add & remove leagues during the save of course.


We need to divide some tips because it’s different if I start a new save with club I knew before and if I start a save with a club I didn’t know before. For my saves is very common I try to find most of the available information about the club to be closer to the club I selected.

The first way – if I know the club it’s very easy as I know what I want to change in terms of staff, players and other.

The second way is opposite, that means I spent a lot of time analysing the First team, reserve and youth team. There is also room for analysis of staff, training regime, scouting network and etc.

I think about tactics in absolutely the same way as you can choose a team for your new save and you don’t know the PROS & CONS of each player and you can decide to develop formation to suit your players.


Like I said it depends if I know before what I want to play or if it’s random choice and I develop tactic after I know all players. But since you are able to have up to 3 formations loaded in the game I always have some variations there.

Example – I want to play 4-3-3 narrow as my main tactic so this one is in the first slot. The second slot is for 4-3-1-2 formation with similar instructions or little bit tweaked and the last slot is for 4-1-3-1-1 for example. But the most important for me is to have almost similar instructions, mentality and shape to be sure players will be familiar with it faster.

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My training regime is very easy. I always use Team Cohesion as general training and intensity level is average. Main match preparation focus is Match Tactics. Time from the time I change match preparation to Attacking Set Pieces.

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Set pieces

One of the most important thing in the game for me same as in the real life football. I always spent a lot of time with developing routines for all types of set pieces. They could be very useful in time you try to create a new tactic and not everything is perfect and your team is not playing in the right way.

Set Pieces could give you some advantage in these times as you could score some goals from the free kick, throw-in or corner routines. And it could help to get some positive results and maybe it could save you the job.

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Squad promoting players

My saves in the past were almost all about to play with young players who are at most 24 or 25 years old. It was not unusual I played with the average age around 19 or less.

And I always have the best young players around 16 or 17 years old in the First Team squad because of training and they also have a chance to get some playing time in cup matches. And of course, they have a lot of playing time in the reserve team.

During the save there are many players who leave the club for free as they are not good enough but when I start a new save I always keep them, even if they are not good enough, in the youth team to be sure there are players available to play in matches.


The last important thing for me is friendlies. It could sound weird to mention this part of the game but it could be very important for good pre-season and also for your finances.

I never let to arrange friendlies by my assistant. I always arrange it by myself because of two reasons. I’m sure I will select better teams to play against in terms of their quality and maybe more importantly better teams because of financial profit.

It’s a great way how to earn money if you’re a small club. Just invite more reputable club to play at your stadium and you can earn money thanks to attendance and sometimes also thanks to TV revenue.

The second important thing is – you should arrange friendlies/leagues/cups as soon as possible and you should not wait when your players will be back from holiday or pre-season starts. Why? When you will wait until the last moment, the most reputable clubs will have their friendlies already arranged. And it would be a shame for you.

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