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Signing Scouts - FM18 Best Scouts

Scouts have an important position at your club. These are the guys that will try and find the next Lionel Messi for you. But, scouts can do a lot more for you than you think. In this Guide I will try to explain the different sorts of scouts you could need at your club, which attributes these scouts need to have and how to assign them properly.

After reading this guide, you will have an idea how to build your team through scouting and how to weapon yourself against your opponents.

First of all we will look at the Attributes we think every scout should have at least 15+ on (if possible and depending on the club you are managing), also we will be looking at some different tasks.


There are some attributes that are considered to be essential for scouts. If they score low on these, then don’t sign them.


Key attribute if you want your scout to find the best players. Because having a higher value will give quicker and better results.


If you like to sign young players, a scout with a high Judging Potential is vital. Do you really have the next Messi on your shortlist or isn’t there much potential left? Therefore a scout with a high value for this will give you a better analysis.


A determined scout will never give up whilst on a scouting trip. This attribute has never been confirmed by SI, but we think that it’s probably an important attribute. Without determination a scout could stop too easily whilst he is on a scouting trip, but a scout with high determination will motivate himself to find more players.


A scout could be spending a lot of time abroad. So, he will need to able to adapt to different cultures and lifestyles. This attribute has never been proven or confirmed by SI, we do believe it to be very important for scouts.

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Some attributes are considered to be optional for a scout. Although they aren’t vital, it will always be good to have scouts with high values in these areas.


Not all your scouts should be given the assignment to look for new players. One of your scouts should be assigned to scout your next opponent. He will not only rate the squad, but he will also give you tactical advice. This scout will give you a report with important information like:

  • Expected formation
  • key players
  • Last results
  • And more…


If you send your scout on a long scouting trip around the globe, he will need to motivate himself to keep on looking. This has never been proven or confirmed by SI, but we believe this attribute to be important.


An attribute which is needed for your Chief Scout (if you have one), who is responsible for setting assignments for your scouts.


When you are managing a club it is advised to sign different types of scouts for different type of jobs. It will not be necessary to sign 20 scouts who are all roaming the planet looking for a Lionel Messi-clone. You will have to be smart and sign scouts for different jobs.


A couple of your scouts should be looking for young players. These guys have high values for Judging Potential. Their job is to find that next Messi. You will have them roam South-America or the plains of Africa for Wonderkids.


Sign a club scout. He will be ideal to scout your next opponent. For this scout it won’t be necessary to have a high Judging Potential, but he needs Tactical Knowledge and Judging Ability.



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