Sander Berge

Sander Berge is a 19-year-old midfielder from Norway. Is he just as talented as Martin Odegaard? We checked his development in Football Manager 2018!

Name: Sander Berge
Nationality: Norway
Age: 19 (18/02/1998)
Height: 191 cm
 88 kg

Club: KRC Genk
Contract: 30/06/2021
Position: DM, M/AM (C)
Value: £ 6.75M / € 7.5M
Est. Cost: £ 18.5M / € 21M

Transfer information
We managed to agree a transfer for Sander Berge with KRC Genk, while playing with Manchester United. The Belgian club was difficult to bargain with and demanded an initial fee of 45M at first. After some negotiating, we managed to agree a transfer with a 18.5M fee, with a 50% profit of next sale clause and we agreed to play a friendly against his club Genk.

Berge is natural in a couple of positions, which makes him a valuable player on the midfield. His best position in Midfielder Centre. He has a lot of potential and could easily become a solid midfielder in a top 5 league in Europe. Berge is considered to have an ambitious nature and he is fairly consistent during the season. The strongest area of his game are Strength and Stamina. Berge could successfully be re-trained as a ball-playing defender.

Although Berge can play as an attacking midfielder, we would recommend not to post him as an AMC. He lacks the skills to finish a ball and he could squander a lot of chances. Make sure to focus his personal training on Agility. Berge is a tall (1m91) player and that makes him a bit slow when turning. So, train his agility to make him quicker on his feet. You could also work on his overall speed, to make him a bit quicker when he reaches his full potential.

Sander Berge – 2017

Sander Berge 2017

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Sander Berge – 2022

Sander Berge 2022

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Sander Berge – 2027

Sander Berge 2027

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