Personal Information

Name: Rodri
Nationality: Spain
Age: 22 (22/06/1996)
Height: 190 cm
Weight: 75 kg
Foot: Right
Position: Defensive Midfielder

Player Information

Club: Atletico Madrid
Contract: 30/06/2022
Value: £14M / €16M
Est. Cost: £31M / €34M
Wages p/w: £82k / €96k
Release clause: £62M / €70M
Squad Status: First Team

Professional individual, Good player for most LaLiga sides, Potential to be a leading LaLiga player, Ability to be in the right place at the right time, Is a natural in a couple of positions, Good at marking, Could be re-trained as a central defender, Considered a smart player.
Profile 2018

Rodri 2018

Profile 2028

Rodri 2028



Rodri is a type of player that every team should have. He is able to play as a playmaker, but he is also a smart and physical player to play as an anchor man. With a 34m asking price, Rodri is also affordable, though we should point out he has just joined Atletico from Villarreal and it will take a heavy offer to lure him away from the Spanish capital.

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