How to fix names and unlock Germany

Real name fix

Football Manager 2019 uses a very big database containing al sorts of data, but is also a game that has to cope with restrictions because of licences.

Examples are the fake international teams of Germany and Japan, or having club names like FCP instead of FC Porto. Fortunately, you can easily adjust these kind of things. In this guide – consisting of four steps – we try to explain how to install a Real name Fix.

Before we start: The Real name Fix works on both new and existing save games. To work in a save game will have to restart your Football Manager client. Then when the German team still contains fake players: don’t panic. The squad will be filled at the next squad-selection.

Step 1: Remove .lnc Files

The first step in all of this is activating the German and Japan national teams. For this you will have to delete the so called .lnc files. These files are located at:

Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ football manager 2019 \ data \ db \ 19xx \ lnc \

Mac OS:
[username] > library > Application support > Steam > steamapps >common > football manager 2019 > data > db > 19xx > lnc >

*19XX are the FM Databases

Every time SI releases a database-update, it will create a new folder in the data/db: 1900, 1901, 1902 etc. So every time SI releases a new data-update (for example the well known winterupdate), you will have to apply the Real name fix. These real name fixes are also usable for older versions of the game. In that case the folders you will need are named 15xx for FM15, 16xx for FM16, 17xx for FM17 and 18xx for FM18.

Step 2: Download a real name fix

After you have deleted the .lnc files, it is time to replace them with files that fixes competition names and other data (if you want this is optional). There are numerous downloads within the Football Manager community that offer Real name fixes. These fixes change the standard Champions Cup to Champions League en EURO Cup to UEFA Europa League.

Step 3: Applying the fix

The next step is applying the Real name Fix in Football Manager.

The first thing you have to do after downloading is, unpacking the download with a programma like WinRAR. Unpack the files and folders onto your desktop. You need to copy these files to the following folders:

Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ football manager 2019 \ data \ db \ 19xx \ lnc \

Mac Os:
[username] > library > Application support > Steam > steamapps >common > football manager 20198 > data > db > 19xx > lnc >

Step 4: Restart Football Manager

To make sure the download and replacing of the files has worked correctly you will have to restart Football Manager. Once it has restarted you can load your existing game or start a new game. Then check if the competition names have been changed correctly (Champions Cup should be Champions League).

*Note: When you load an existing game it may happen that the national teams of Germany and Japan still have gray fake players. Again: Do not panic. These will be replaced by real players when the national team selections are made.

*Important When applying the Real Name Fix to fixing club names, you will have to start a new game.



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