The Raumdeuter role

raumdeuter player role

The Raumdeuter is one of the more new player roles in Football Manager. The role was introduced some versions ago and it has been making quite the development since that moment. In this guide we will take a look at the role and which attributes he needs to shine.


FM17 states: His main role is to find pockets of space in which to operate. Essentially a wide poacher, the Raumdeuter takes up seemingly harmless positions out wide. He waits for the opportune moment to burst through the defensive line for that telling shot or cross.

He is difficult for defenders to pick up as he will often drift from his assigned position looking for any opportunity to exploit. This can result in quiet periods during whichhe may neglect his defensive duties, therefore adequate cover and a strong team shape are key in order to fully utilise his attacking prowess in the final third.

Basically a Raumdeuter is nothing more than a Winger that is expected to pick up his goals for the team instead of throwing in the occasional cross. He will cut inside and will lure for space to pop-up inside the box to finish the ball. This is an ideal role if you play with a lone stiker up front, but still want the power of 2 strikers.

No doubt this role is linked to Thomas Muller, whose amazing breakthrough season in 2010 gave the creators of Football Manager the inspiration to add this new role to the game. But before the Germans impressive performances in 2010, players like Liverpool’s Dirk Kuyt played as a Raumdeuter on the wing or even Chelsea-winger and former Barcelona forward Pedro showing these skills.


The Raumdeuter is one of the few roles where the technical and physical side of his profile are considered to be less important. Above everything else, he to be an intelligent player that knows exactly where and when he will need to make his runs. So he will need to be a mental beast to play in this role.


  • Finishing
  • First Touch
  • Anticipation
  • Composure
  • Concentration
  • Decisions
  • Determination
  • Off the Ball
  • Work Rate
  • Balance
  • Stamina


  • Heading
  • Acceleration
  • Pace
  • Stength
Finishing is an obvious choice when it comes to selecting key attributes for the Raumdeuter. Also having a perfect First Touch is vital. This could create that extra secoNd of space inside the box for him and could mean the difference between a goal and a blocked shot.

The Raumdeuter must have the balance (and strength) to win duels inside the box. Having a high balance (and strength) will make it more difficult for the defense to get him off the ball. Having a high Stamina is necessary for him to cover the space he plays in and to move into channels whenever he can.

For the Raumdeuter it is desired to have some speed as well, although this is only considered to be an extra bonus. Acceleration and Pace aren’t vital, but could prove to be an extra weapon for the Raumdeuter.



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