Raheem Sterling

Personal Information

Name: Raheem Sterling
Nationality: England
Age: 22 (08/12/1994)
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Foot: Right
Position: Right Winger

Player Information

Club: Manchester City
Contract: 30/06/2023
Value: £61M / €69M
Est. Cost: Unavailable
Wages p/w: £200k / €225k
Release clause: None
Squad Status: First Team

Very Agile, Is a current international with plenty of experience, Leading player for most Premier League sides, Consistent performer, Possesses great pace, Is a natural in a couple of positions, Currently playing close to his full potential, Ambitious individual and is always looking to win, Enjoys big matches, Considered a physical player.
Inability to leap off the ground makes the player a vulnerable target in the air.
Profile 2018

Raheem Sterling 2018

Profile 2028Raheem Sterling 2028


Raheem Sterling is a player of the highest quality in Football Manager 2019. Signing him is near to impossible, you only stand a chance if you manage to get him unsettled at City. That seems possible, seeing he is finding it hard to adapt to the core group. Besides that: quality player that is considered as one of the top 20 players of FM19.

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