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  1. How To Properly Defend Corners

    Last year i wrote this exact article for Strikerless and I recently found out that this also works in Football Manager 2017. So i thought it would be wise to share this once more with the Football Manager community! THE SET UP Next to the attacking corner routines everybody needs a solid defensive corner routine as well. There are many ways to defend your opponents corner but i always try to give it a little extra. In this article i will show you my views on how to properly defend a corner and how you can turn your opponents corner into a counter attacking opportunity for your own team. This setup all depends on the quality of the players your team possesses. The idea is to convert a defensive corner routine into a counter attacking opportunity for your own team. To do so i have kept the setup rather simple as I’ve tried to eliminate all scoring options from my opponent. 1st option closing down the short corner: Due to the present of one of my (usually smaller) players I’ve taken away the option to use a short corner. The opponent will be immediately pressurized if they try to do so anyway and this will mainly end up for my team having ball possession very quickly. 2nd option is taking away scoring from the six yard box: I have placed one of my backs at the near post. I have left the far post undefended as most opponents don’t attack that area. The six yard box is defended by the three players that have the best attributes for heading as well as jumping reach. This way the opponent shouldn’t be able to score from close range. In the middle i have placed my tallest player so he can take out any ball that comes in that area. 3rd option is the marking of tall players: Three of my own defenders have been assigned to guard/annoy the opponents three tallest players. This way scoring from the penalty spot area should be very had or even impossible. 4th option is scoring from the edge of the area: By placing a technical and quick player, who can jump and head very well, at the edge of the box i give myself options to start a counter attack. Look at the picture below. We managed to get the ball away from our box and have quickly began our counter attack. Four or five man are rushing towards the enemy box in an attempt to score a goal. 5th option is keeping defenders occupied: One of my players (quick one) is staying near the halfway line. This means your opponent has to keep two or three defenders at the back. This way they have less players in your box which decreases the chances of getting a goal against. CONSLUSION I hope you get the general idea of what i am talking about. Using this defensive corner routine has gave me quite a few goals already. It also made sure my opponent hardly ever scores against me and that is just what this is all about. DOWNLOAD LINKS: Defense left Defense right
  2. Revolución #S1.5 FM 2017 – Season one overview

    I did this due to the fact that i had the lack of time and i want to get to end of season two where my game really begins. By doing it this way you can all follow the build up to that exact point.
  3. Due to the good weather i have been spending quite some time with my famiy and that is why it has taken a bit longer for me to write the next part of my Revolución story. But finally the time was there and in this new update i will guide you through the first season with FC Barcelona in FM 2017. A little spoiler at the beginning from my side because due to the lack of time most games have been simulated. I've only player a few games myself and the rest was done by my assistant manager Juan Carlos Unzué. In the next few seasons i aim to play more myself but with the summer nearing us i do not know how that will go. But let's cut the bullcrap and let's see how my first season went. La Liga Santander In the Spanish national football competition everything went very smooth. We won La Liga very easily and ended up thirteen points ahead of our biggest rival, Real Madrid. In 38 games we drew five times and lost once against Real Madrid and that was after we already secured the title. My team managed to score 101 goals and we only conceded 31 goals so our goal difference was very very big. The tactic that i have worked out at the start of the season worked like a treat with Luis Suárez as topping the goalscores list with 30 goals while Neymar came in second with 25. The most thrilling match this season was when we went up against Atletico Madrid in our own stadium as that game ended in a spectacular 6-3 victory for us. Losing against Real Madrid was not so nice, we lost big with 4-0 and i was really angry after the game but as we've already secured the title this loss did less damage to my and our reputation amongst our fans then when the situation would've been completely different. As i've said before our tactic worked like a charm. We scored so many goals and conceded less then a goal a game so the balance within the team was very good. On national level i am very happy with how our season went and with Suárez as top goalscorer our season became even better then it already was. The player stats also tell the story of our season because Neymar and Suárez both topped the average rating and the player of the match stats aswell. I did expected one of my players to end high in the assists category aswell but that did not happen. Pablo Piatti and Antoine Griezmann created more for their team then my players did allthough Suárez ended third with twelve assists. Champions League Our European adventure didn't quite go as planned. We started our Champions League adventure in group F amongst Paris Saint-Germain, AS Roma and Sporting CP. A tough group to be in but all these teams love to play football. They do not park the bus like José Mourinho his teams normally do so i expected quite some good games. Our results were okay but not as good as i hoped. We had big problems in our away games except for the one against AS Roma. But Paris Saint-Germain and Sporting CP both made sure we didn't leave with three points. But these losses all happened due to our own bad performances. In both games we were the better team but we failed to convert our chances into goals. Our opponents did and so we ended up losing twice. It did not matter much for our position in the group because Paris Saint-Germain dominated this group and that secured our second place quite easily. In the next round we ended up with Napoli as our opponent. At this time in the season we had some injuries and we had to play without Luis Suárez and Gerard Piqué and that was noticeable. At home we managed draw 1-1 as Neymar scored for us and José Callejón scored for Napoli but in the away game we failed dramatically. We created a lot of chances but for some reason the ball just did not go into the goal. Due to the fact that Napoli had scored an away goal we knew we had to score at least once to put them under a lot of pressure. But i guess the pressued was too big for my team as Dries Mertens scored a goal right before the half time break and we never got over that goal in the second half. So our Champions League adventure ended in the first knock out round and that is not what me and the board of directors had hoped for. Copa del Rey Our results in the Copa del Rey where as expected however as we ended up losing in the semi final i rather would've won the darn thing. The Copa del Rey was a good competition for me to give some young players some game time aswell as keeping my reserve players happy. I was glad that we went all this way because this meant more matches for everyone and that was a good thing. But as in or European campaign our cup campaign was lost due to an off day in an away game. When we visited Real Betis in the semi finals we lost 2-0 and yet again we did this ourselves. By not converting chances into goals we gave Betis more and more hope and as they scored twice we knew the return would be tough. At home the game was very tough and both teams did not create much chances but we did manage to score right before half time. During the second half we faild to create and score and so Real Betis went through to the final instead of us! Supercopa de España Last but not least we also played the Spanish Super Cup at the start of the season and i almost forgot to include it into this update. We played two games against Sevilla and that is Always a very tough opponent. In our first match it was very obvious that the team was still adjusting to my tactics and gameplan. The 0-0 draw was as deserved result for both team as Sevilla didn't create much and we just played very badly. Thank god during the return we played so much better. Well, i must admit only Luis Suárez played much better. He scored a hattrick and was simply unstoppable for the Sevilla defenders. Lionel Messi managed to get a goal in aswell and so we ended up winning the Spanish Super Cup and secured the double as we also became champions of Spain. Conclusion My first season at FC Barcelona was an okay season. We won the Spanish Super Cup aswell as La Liga and so those results were fine. On the other hand i was hoping to win the Spanish Cup and at least reach the semi finals in the Champions League and we did not manage to do those things. Overall we had a good season and we also managed to knock some records out of the books. Our 101 points got us the Most Points in a Season record, over 6 million euro's in gate receipts against Sporting CP got us the Highest Gate Receipts record, by using the only 16 year old Ben Lederman against Sevilla in the Spanish Super Cup game got us the Youngest Player record, Luis Suárez his goal after 44 seconds against Atletico Madrid got us the Fastest Goal record, in the same game it was yet again Luis Suárez who score five times and he got us the Most Goals in a Match record, with his fourteen assists Luis Suárez also got us the Most Assists record and last but not least Marc-André ter Stegen got 22 cean sheets this season and that got us the Most Clean Sheets record. All in all we got a pretty good season and i am looking forward to season two so stay tuned as the next update should be here next week!
  4. Revolución #S1.4 FM 2017 – Tactics

    In this episode i am going to guide you through the tactics that i have created for my FC Barcelona team. Nowadays there are so many formations and systems you can think off but that is not the type of person that i am. I do not look at systems, i look at what is necessary for my team and players to perform. Once i know this i will build the foundations of my tactics on this information. Sure i always need to pick a formation but by selecting certain roles and duties and by using certain player instructions you can manipulate your formation into something else. With FC Barcelona having a quality players i am certain that i am capable of building decent and good working tactics which will win us prizes in the near future. Strikerless With the current players at my disposal i have decide to go for two strikerless formations. In my opinion players like Lionel Messi, Neymar and Luis Suarez need space to make their actions and without a striker in front of them they will have the space they need. I also believe that in my current squad i do not have a player who is a world class striker. Yes, Luis Suarez is a striker and so is Paco Alcacer but i do not consider them to be world class. Luis Suarez is a player who likes to roam, he did this at AFC Ajax and Liverpool and i want him to do this for my FC Barcelona aswell. That is why i will retrain him as a shadow striker because i believe he will more dangerous then ever before. Below you can see the two formations that i have come up with and i believe that these two systems will fit my squad and my goals perfectly. The left tactic is the one that i will be using the most. It features attacking fullbacks, a deep lying playmaker (who needs to dictate play from the back) and offcourse the advanced playmaker whose sole purpose is to create chances for my two shadow strikers. Another important player in this tactic is the left central midfielder who has an attacking duty. He needs to create an extra passing option for my advanced playmaker and he also needs to create more chaos in the defense of our opponent. Somebody will have to mark him when he runs deep or if they do not mark him he will be free to receive the ball and hammer it on goal or create an extra chance for my attackers. The right tactic is the one that i will use when i want to dominate matches or when i play weaker opponents. In this tactic my midfielders are the key players because they will need to make sure there is balance all the time. With four attackers in front of them and four defenders behind them they will beed to have excellent positioning so they can be an outlet when our defenders are in trouble or they create extra support for our attackers once we have ball possession. My team instructions are quite simple. Our mentality is Standard as i always go into matches balanced. The risk and reward should not be too high at the start unless you are sure you will come out with a victory. With a Fluid team shape i want to create movement because good movement is key in every tactic. Without movement you will never get proper performances so i will even put our team shape on Very Fluid if i need to create extra chances or open up a game which is locked. Shorter passing and Play out of defence make sure that we build up our attacks from the back. Without a striker it is useless for my team to kick the ball up front so we need to combine our way into the opponents box before scoring goals. I also want my players to be creative so i have ticked Be more expressive aswell. My squad has more then enough creativity so i want my players to use it. Due to the fact that we will have ball possession most of the time i have also ticked Stay on feet. I do this because i do not want my defensive players to commit themselves to a tackle and when they do not recover ball possession our opponents is free to push on without being challenged. My players will stay on their feet and will try to recover the ball standing up so when they get out playerd, they can rush back instead of lying down on the floor after a mistimed tackle. The closing down are is currently on sometimes but i rotate quite a lot with more. It all depends on who we are playing and what type of formation we are up against ,same goes for my defensive line. I tend to push up a bit but if we can we will push up higher and if we can't then we won't. Pre-season I have use our pre-season matches to work out some details on which player fits which role and who needs to play where. I do not care about the result because for me the pre-season matches are important for my team to learn the tactics and to work on their fitness and condition. Overall our results have been quite good except for the game against Lazio. Our Italian opponent managed to keep us at a draw but i must say i did not use my best players in that game. Luis Suarez was on the pitch but Lionel Messi andd Neymar weren't otherwise this game would've been totally different. Our tactics are doing the job and i think that we are more then ready foor a successful La Liga season which will start for us with the Supercopa de España games against Sevilla.
  5. Site & Forum Feedback

    Dit zal altijd een tweeledige discussie blijven en zijn omdat voor beide partijen wat te zeggen is. Over het algemeen is er een duidelijke tendens in het feit dat fora, vooral bij Football Manager, stukken minder populair en actief zijn geworden. Dit zie je terug bij FMI, voor de switch naar Engelstalig maar ook bijvoorbeeld bij MU wat toch ooit de grootse Nederlandstalige FM community was. Dat het daar compleet op zijn gat ligt en men FIFA met open armen heeft omarmd om het forum nog een beetje actief te houden zegt natuurlijk genoeg. Tel daarbij op de dat Nederlandse FM community zeer klein is en weinig mensen trekt en het voor mensen die content maken voor FM niet interessant is om dit Nederlandstalig te doen. Ik denk dat Len daarin een jaar geleden een goede keuze gemaakt heeft door over te gaan naar het Engels. Dat daardoor het forum stervende is en minder actief is zeer vervelend maar het ligt niet alleen aan het wisselen van taal. Forums zijn gewoon steeds minder populair en als je dat afzet tegen de hoeveelheid werk die je erin moet steken dan is het niet meer dan logisch dat er fora verdwijnen.
  6. Youth development - External factors

    In the previous guide in this series we’ve talked about the internal factors - internal factors are linked to the player directly - that have an influence on player development. These factors are things you should look at when you want to sign a player. You can’t do anything about most of the internal factors because most of them are fixed numbers. In this guide, we will talk about the external factors. The external factors are linked to the surroundings of a player and this is where you as a manager come into place. Unfortunately, there is no secret formula which will guarantee a 100% success in this process and besides that, every manager has his own style of developing youngsters. This guide can give you some insights about what is affecting the development of your players and how to use these influences. Please keep in mind that there is no right or wrong in certain aspects of development, this guide is only giving advice. CLUB FACILITIES The quality of your club facilities is highly important to the development of your players. This is why it’s recommended to get your facilities on a high level as quick as possible. You can make a board request in the boardroom to upgrade your facilities. Sometimes you need to have a little patience as the reputation of your club determines how far you can go with upgrading facilities. Besides that, you need to be in the green numbers because it costs money to upgrade and maintain facilities. You can read about all the different facilities and their effects below. TRAINING FACILITIES The training facilities are being used by the players that have a senior contract. This means all your players, except those on a youth contract. With better training facilities the player attributes are more likely to increase under the ideal circumstances. A state of the art training facility makes your players develop a lot faster than when you have an average training facility. YOUTH FACILITIES The youth facility does the same thing as the training facility, described above. It improves the rate of development for your players on a youth contract. Better facilities will add more points to the player attributes increase. While a player at a club with poor facilities may spend over a year to increase his player attributes by one point, a player at top facility club may improve it within a 1-2 month period. JUNIOR COACHING You can look at the junior coaching as the team that coaches your players before they get into your youth team. An exceptional level of junior coaching may increase the probability to get players in the annual youth intake with higher current ability than a club with fewer facilities. YOUTH RECRUITMENT Youth Recruitment affects the potential ability of players that are recruited at your own club. These are the players that will come through your youth setup, also the range of nations they are recruited from. Players with a higher potential ability have a bigger probability of reaching a high current ability. This means that a player with a high potential ability has a bigger chance of becoming a better player than someone with a lower potential ability. The bigger range of scouting improves your chances of finding players with a higher potential. YOUTH LEVEL This Youth Level is for clubs based in England only, since they started the ‘Elite Player Performance Plan’. This determines on which level your youth teams compete. The higher this level is, the better the match experience will be for the players in these teams. (Levels (best to worse): 1, 2, 3, 4, 0). TRAINING It is well known that training has an enormous influence on the development of a player. Still, there are questions being asked about this subject. There is a lot to tell about training in Football Manager. How do you set up your training, which coach will train which element of the overall training and is individual training really necessary? This would be a whole guide on its own and we will be writing about this in the future definitely but for now I would like to keep it short and only will talk about the influences they have on development. TEAMTRAINING Players will work on improving their attributes in team training. Team training is the overall training that players in your team will go through. This is where your players will learn the most by playing with each other and improving their skills simultaneously. The focus determines on which parts of the attributes you want to train and the intensity determines the workload of the training. INDIVIDUAL TRAINING With the right individual training, you can let your players train in any way you want. You could pick a pacey attacking midfielder and turn him in a winger for example. The individual training is being used to micro-manage the player’s development. You can teach the players some Player Preferred Moves or train him so that he can play a whole different role. STAFF The quality of your coaches has a big influence on player development too. The quality level is shown by stars in your training screen. Every year some guides about a ‘five-star-training’ pop up and these are very handy to look at when you’re recruiting staff members. The better your coaches are, the faster the attributes of your players will grow. Not only the coaching attributes are important. The mental attributes of a coach are also very important. Man Management, Working with Youngsters, Determination and Motivating are some of the attributes you should look at. TUTORING It’s possible to tutor your youngsters in Football Manager by using your older and more experienced players. The more experienced player will take care of the youngster and make him feel more at home in your first team, he will push him in his training sessions and will help him to develop more. It’s important that the more experienced player has high mental attributes and a positive personality. When the youngster is pleased with the tutoring, he can pick up the Player Preferred Moves from the more experienced player. So you should look at the PPM’s of the tutor and make sure he won’t mess up the way the youngster reacts in different situations. Tutoring could be very beneficial for your team cohesion when used correctly. By tutoring, the players can start to see each other as favored personal. MATCH EXPERIENCE This part of player development could be the most underrated part of it because the best way to develop a youngster, is by giving him some regular match time. Loaning a player out isn’t always enough. When you loan out your talents to a lower level club, he has to do with lower quality coaches and facilities. It will be a lot harder for the player to reach his potential. With prospects that aren’t classified as future world stars it isn’t really a problem but sometimes you just need to gamble a bit with the higher potential players. Especially in the less important games. By doing this, the player can slowly blend into the team, you’ll build a better relationship with him and you can monitor his development more. When the youngster reaches a certain level, you should give him some more regular play time. The more minutes he’ll make, the faster he will develop. Keep in mind that you don’t overload them so when he is making a lot of minutes, you should turn the intensity of his training down a little. Players will get ‘points’ for their current ability in matches. They distribute these points over their attributes in training. For example, Jan Jansen is a striker with a PA of 160 and a CA of 80. He played three good matches in a row and got 5 points for his CA in those matches, his CA is now 85. His individual training is focused on the player role ‘Poacher’. The 5 points that he ‘won’ in the last three matches are now being divided over the attributes that are important for a Poacher by this training. ESSENTIAL FM CONTENT: Player development: internal factors Improving youth intake Signing the correct Head of youth development
  7. Everybody knows that FC Barcelona is one of the best clubs in the world. For most people starting a FM 2017 savegame with this club isn't a challenge. I personally can create and find a challenge at any club. One of the things i always try to do at any club i play with is to pulverize the records the club has. Now with FC Barcelona that will be very tough because the records they have are enormous. A small example is the "Most games without losing", Barca currently has a streak of 39 games so that will be one of my goals during the next few seasons. But before we get to all of these records we first need to get the first season going. In my previous post i told you that i was going to show you my transfers and tactics but i will stick with the transfers for now. Before i do that i have analysed my squad to see which players will fit my gameplan and which players will not. Squad Analysis With the salary cap that i have introduced i currently have two players that do not fit my gameplan. Lionel Messi and Neymar both earn above my 25 million euro salaray cap. This means that i will be offering them new contracts with less salary and more bonusses and i hope that they will sign these contracts out of love for the club. But as i've already tried to get them to sign a new contract but at this moment they have denied all of my offers. This means that Lionel Messi will run out of his contract next season and that Neymar needs to be sold before the same time. Now with almost two years ahead of us anything can happen but losing these two players will mean that we need to step up our game scouting wise in order to find replacements if and when we need them. Jérémy Mathieu and Javier Mascherano are both 32 years old and i want to get rid off them at the end of the current season. In my opinion Mathieu never was a player capable of playing at the level Barcelona wants to play at. His transfer to Camp Nou has always been a mystery to me and he will leave this club sooner than later. Javier Mascherano has been a very useful servant and he can only stay at the club to join my backroom staff otherwise i want to sell him. As clubs in La Liga can only register 25 players each season i do not want him and Mathieu taking up spots which i want to use for talents or new signings. Transfers First i am going to talk you through my outgoing transfers. There are always players every manager likes and/or dislikes. One of the players i dislike at Barcelona is Arda Turan. I don't know exactly why but everytime i start a game with this club i try to get rid off him immediately. This time i only succeeded in getting a loan deal for him. Untill the end of the season he joins Tottenham Hotspur on loan. We managed to secure a clause which grants Tottenham the opportunity to buy Arda Turan during his loan spell for just inder 15 million euro's. Let's hope they do that so i can free up some space on the financial side of things. The second player that has left our club is the 23 year old Brazilian Rafinha. He was rejecting a new contract offer due to the fact that he believed we could not pay enough salary. The irony at this moment is the fact that he earns 4 million euro's a year less then the contract we offered him. But good riddance, if a player doesn't want to stay he'd better leave. I only want dedicated and loyal players who want to contribute to the goals the club and i have set for us all. Arsenal has payed just under 15 millioen euro's for Rafinha and this fee can rise to 25 million euro's due to bonuses and clauses we agreed upon. Where players leave new players have also joined the club. But before we decided to buy new players i've checked out all of the youth players FC Barcelona currently has. And luckily i found a player which i transferred to the first team. The 18 year old Spanish attacking midfielder Carles Aleñá will be a first team member this season. I have apointed Lionel Messi as his tutor because i want to change his personality from spirited to driven. By doing this i am trying to Ensure that Aleñá will develop himself faster the coming seasons as i see in him a new FC Barcelona star in the near future. I believe that this young man can be the Xavi for my future midfield. Rúben Neves There are a lot of talented players out there and we've managed to sign one of them. The 19 year old Portuguese midfielder Rúben Neves has joined us for a fee of 20 million euro's. At first FC Porto were reluctant to sell him but when the player strongly signalled that he wanted to leave this deal was done very quickly. With a professional personality and all the right attributes at the right places this young lad will be the replacement of Javier Mascherano and eventually for Segio Busquets aswell. According to my scouts and coaches he has the potential abillity to become better then both players and this is why we have bought him. In my opinion he is an excellent addition to my current and future FC Barcelona squad. With Rúben Neves in the fold i have my squad complete for the upcoming season. Now it will all come down to the tactical side of things and that is where Football Manager 2017 becomes really interesting. This edition is by far the hardest one in terms of creating a solid tactic to ensure long term winning streaks. In my next post i will guide you through the tactics that i have created and i will explain what i expect to happen when using such tactics in terms of results but also how your players will behave on the pitch during matches.
  8. Revolución #S1.2 FM 2017

    In the first episode of my Revolución story i've talked about the game plan and strategy that i will be using in this savegame and in this second episode i will show you the first steps that i have taken. The main goal in this savegame is to create a new Barca "Dream Team". To be able to do so i first have made changes into the backroom staff at the club. Having capable members of staff is very important if you want to Ensure a good future at your club. In the first episode i already explained that i was able to sign Monchi from Sevilla. This transfer mastermind has joined FC Barcelona for the next five years and he will be responsible for the transfer and contract side of things at the club. He will also attract new members of staff to the club to make sure that all areas are as strong as needed. In the future i might introduce the DOF challenge where i give Monchi free reign at Barcelona but for now his responsibilities will be limited to contract negotiations and extensions. Monchi: The man who made Sevilla It was in the autumn of 2003 that I first realised that it was time to know a hell of a lot more about Ramon Rodriguez Verdejo. Also known as "Monchi." Also known as the brains behind Sevilla FC's football operation since retiring as their goalkeeper about three years previously. Monchi, ladies and gentlemen, is the reason that the city of Sevilla, one of Spain's most prodigious and important talent factories, has a team in the Primera Division. When you look at this attributes in Football Manger 2017 you can see immediately that he is a very good director of football. Judging player ability and potential is at 18 which is quite high and together with his "driven" personality and his strong youth development expectations he is the ideal candidate for everybody that wants to focus on player development. His preferred formation is 4-1-2-3 DM wide which not suits my own tactical plans completely and that is why i also signed a new Head of Youth Development. But with Monchi as our new Direcot or Football we can expect that the Barca academy, als known as La Masia, will produce new world class players in the near future. Stefano Braghin As Juventus have been dominating the Italian competition for quite some time now i thought it was time to take a look at their members of staff. Immediately the 52 year old Stefano Braghin caught my eye. For four years he was the Head of Youth Development at La Vecchia Signora. For me his attributes combined with his personality made him the ideal candidate to replace Pep Segura who was our Head of Youth Development up untill then. Just like Monchi i was able to sign Braghin for five years aswell. This gives me more then enough time to execute my plans here at Barcelona. Stefano Braghin will search for youth players and is allowed to put in bids for every player he deems suitable to play at FC Barcelona. I will finalise every transfer myself, at least in the first two seasons but the rest is up to Braghin. In my opinion Monchi and Braghin are complementary to eachother which should ensure a very good future for FC Barcelona aswell as a successful Revolución. Finances at FC Barcelona Another key element in my Revolución are the clubs finances. As you can see on the image below we are doing fine this season. There is an expected profit of 14 million euro's but the next season a 11 million euro loss is projected. So at this point i want to take steps to ensure that our finances will keep on growing instead of declining. Selling players, renewing contracts and performing on national and European level will all contribute to achieve this. In the previous post i've already spoke about introducing a salary cap and this is something that i will definitely use when i sign new players or when i want to renew contract from the players who are currently at the club. This also means that every player that doesn't want to go along with this will leave the club eventually. The first victim is possibly going to be Lionel Messi as he earns 40 million a year. I will try to get him to sign a new contract but his salary will be much lower and i doubt that he will agree to that. In the next epsiode In the next episode of this Revolución story i will analyse my squad and i will show you the transfers that i might have done. I will also shed some light on my tactical plans which can explain why i did the transfers i did and for what reason i did them.
  9. Youth development - Internal factors

    Once you’ve took time to improve your annual youth intake in Football Manager, it’s time to focus on the development of the players that have come through your youth system. Everyone who is playing Football Manager, dreams about managing a team which consists of his own, unique newgens and bring them to glory. The next question is, how do you ensure that those newgens will become the next world-class players? Unfortunately there is no secret formula which will guarantee a 100% success in this process and besides that, every manager has his own style of developing youngsters. This guide can give you some insights about what is affecting the development of your players and how to use these influences. Please keep in mind that there is no right or wrong in certain aspects of development, this guide is only giving advice. In this guide you'll read about some factors, that are linked to the player himself, that have an influence on their development. We will walk through them one by one in separate articles in the future. This is what you want to see when you're developing youngsters FACTORS There are different factors which will determine if a player is capable of reaching his initial potential ability. You can try as hard as you can to give young players a chance to boost his current ability but if your facilities or coaching staff aren’t good enough, it’s pointless to do so. Just as with improving your annual youth intake, you are dependent of a combination of factors. We can divide these into two categories; internal factors and external factors. In this guide we’ll take on the internal factors of player development. INTERNAL FACTORS Internal factors are circumstances which are related to the player himself, obviously his potential ability is one of them but you can think of his personality too which reflects in small bits the hidden attribute professionalism. PROFESSIONALISM The hidden attribute "Professionalism" is the most influential in player development. A player with 20 on professionalism will progress much faster than a player with 12 on professionalism. The personality of a player is a good indicator of this hidden attribute. A young talent with a positive personality will develop much faster than a player who has a negative one. You can influence the personalities of your players in different ways. This starts with your Head of Youth Development. If this HoYD has a positive personality, the players who are coming through your youth system will tend to have a similar personality as your HoYD. Also tutoring can change the character of your player, make sure you’ll use a tutor with a positive personality. Some high potential players with positive personalities INJURY PRONENESS Young players who are injury prone won’t reach their potential ability very often. Do you have a player with a big potential but is he injury prone? Be very careful with his training. A wonderkid who is watching training and matches instead of participating due to an injury, has way less time to develop himself. There are injuries which will keep your talent off the pitch for a very long time, this will be months of missed chances. So if you have a player who’s injury prone, make sure you will keep him on a light training schedule. Let him develop through team training and the game time he gets. An injury prone player AGE The rate of development will drop when a player hits the age of, somewhere around, twenty-four in Football Manager. If you’ve scouted a player with a massive potential but a low current ability, keep an close eye on his age. If this player is, for example, twenty-two years old, he has very little time to develop fast enough to fulfil his potential ability. This is the same reason why very young players get black stars in their reports because it’s uncertain if he’ll progress fast enough. You can read more about the black stars in reports here. You’ll have to ask yourself if it’s profitable to put time and effort in developing a player who has a big difference between current and potential ability, when he’s past the age of twenty-two. Maybe it’s wise to keep searching for a younger player or someone who has had more progression in his development. CURRENT AND POTENTIAL ABILITY It’s obvious that the potential ability of a player has an influence in developing the player. The difference between the current and potential ability is, in my opinion, more important than the potential ability alone. The bigger the difference, the faster he’ll progress. The last few steps to reaching a player’s potential are the toughest and will take the most time. ESSENTIAL CONTENT Improving your Youth Intake Signing the correct Head of Youth Development
  10. The start of my adventure After watching FC Barcelona fail in the Champions League against Juventus i was just astonished how weak Barca played. Every club, every team has their ups and downs but this season with Luis Enrique as headcoach is a real downer for the biggest Catalan football club out there. For years everybody had enjoyed the style of play Barcelona developed by the hands of Frank Rijkaard and Josep Guardiola. FC Barcelona dominated (mostly) in the Spanish and European competitions and they where a real joy too watch. But the last two seasons everything has gone downhill for one of the biggest clubs in the world. For me the most logical conclusion for this is that a few players who carried the club to it's top are no longer around to do so and the players that should do this now are not capable of doing so. In my honest opinion FC Barcelona is missing the likes of Carles Puyol, who was a beast in defense and the maestro in midfield Xavi. I also do not want to neglect the influence Josep Guardiola has had since he was headcoach at Camp Nou because most people believe that during his reign, Barcelona has played the best football ever and that has been reflected by the amount of prizes they managed to win during the 'Guardiola' era. With these three key people no longer present at the club i believe the club has lost a small part of it's identity. To be able to restore FC Barcelona back to it's former glory i believe it is time for a 'Revolución'. I sincerely believe that it is time that the club turns things around internally so they will become the best club in the world once again. Every 'revolución' takes time and i know that this will not happen over night but the challenge is there and i intend to take it. I've started up a savegame in Football Manager 2017 with FC Barcelona and i will change things around at this magnificent club. The first two seasons will be needed to start up the first few phases of the changes i want to implement and once season three starts we should well be on our way with the "new and improved" FC Barcelona. The game plan Most of you out there will think, hmm ... Barcelona, that's an easy club to manage in FM because they have all these world class players, loads of many and all the facalities are fully upgraded. That may be so but i will be keeping this savegame and story interesting by enforcing rules which i've made up now, at the start of my save but i will also change things a long the way. One of the biggest changes i will be making is that i will be introducing a salary cap at the club. Currently Lionel Messi earns 40 million euro's a year which in my opinion is absolutely ridiculous. Salaries like that will no longer be tolerated and to be able to do this we will introduce a salary cap where players can earn a maximum of 20 to 25 million euro's a year (bonuses excluded). This means that Lionel Messi his contract, which ends at 30-06-2018, will not be renewed unless he agrees with a lower salary then he currently has. I do not believe that the Argentinian superstar will do this so Messi will start his two year farewell tour this season and will leave this club in the summer of 2018. I will use him less and less in game because i want to put my focus on the development of players that will be staying at the club. Another big change that i am going to make is that i was able to contract transfer guru Monchi. The 48 year old Monchi comes over from Sevilla and he will sign a five year contract at my club. The last few seasons he has done terrific work for Sevilla in signing and selling players which made Sevilla's position both financially and sportively so much better. That is what i hope he will be doing for the new FC Barcelona aswell. I haven't figured out all the correct responsibilities yet so i will get back to you guys on how i will set this up definitely. So in short terms, here are the things that i want to change and want to see happening: Salaray cap (getting rid of players with extreme salaries) Create a "Monchi" era Youth development (every year at least one or two players need to be able to make the step to the first team) Making profits (every season i want the club to make profit) Transfer focus will be on Spanish players (talents can be picked up from all over the world) Compete for national and European prizes each year As i've said before the above points are guidelines. I will be changing things a long the way to keep this game interested for myself but also for the people that will follow it. The first two seasons will be used to enforce all of the above points and when season three starts i want to have a clean, fresh and new Barcelona at my disposal. By then i might introduce the DOF challenge but that will depend on how things go up untill then.
  11. FMInside Data Update – April

    Version 1.0.0


    FMINSIDE APRIL DATA UPDATE FMInside is proud to present the April Update! All transfers up to March 31st are added into this update. Plenty of changes are made. Many of them are aimed at the 1st of July. That means that we’ve given a lot of players a future transfer, since in real life they are going to make that transfer as well. So that enables you guys to play with the same set of players as your team has in the real world. Not only the players have future transfers. Some of the managers, assistants and other people of the staff have them too. Of course the current transfers are done. Mainly Scandinavia, Bulgaria and Belarus. But also the bigger competitions have been updated. Then I would like to talk about Johan Cruijff. We all know him. He was one of the best, if not, the best, footballer of all time. Johan Cruijff played for big clubs like Ajax and Barcelona. Saddly, he passed away a little more than a year ago. Yesterday would’ve been his 70th birthday. And on this day, Ajax decided to rename their stadium after him. The Amsterdam ArenA will now be called the Johan Cruijff Arena. Not only Ajax decided to rename their stadium. Barcelona did it aswell. They will be naming the new stadium for the youth of Barcelona after him; Estadi Johan Cruijff.
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    Als je naar de namefix download gaat op de frontpage en dan op link klikt voor de Step by step guide krijg je een foutmelding. Link schijnt niet te werken.
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    Vrijwel alle FM fora hebben last van teruglopende activiteit, daar doe je vrij weinig aan. Ik snap de insteek wel om de frontpage een boost te geven om op die manier mensen daarheen te trekken. Het is echter wel jammer dat de meeste fora onder deze "trend" lijden maar je doet er vrij weinig aan. De meeste FM spelers vinden discussies en het lezen van grote stukken informatie niet interessant. Zij willen kant en klaar (plug & play) artikelen waarmee zij binnen enkele seconden hun ploeg richting de CL finale kunnen sturen.
  14. [FM16] Creating a legacy

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