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  1. Silverpath ==> I checked the downloads and all working fine for me. Be more specific about the problem you're having while downloading the pack. Our Megapack is so large that it's splitted into 3 parts. Installation instructions are written in the post. Need help?
  2. Version 1.0.0


    - INTRODUCTION - DF11 Facepacks is serving the Football Manager community since 2010. We offer unique large sized faces for usage in the popular game 'Football Manager'. The unique faces, quality and authentic design of DF11 do contribute to a even more realistic experience of the game. All DF11 downloads, such as the Megapack and Updates, are completely free - for personal use - in Football Manager. Please read the page to avoid unnecessary problems and how to receive this complete set of DF11 faces. Exclusive DF11 panels to view DF11 faces in large size will be available shorthly after the full version release of Football Manager 2017. The DF11 Megapack includes over 87,500 faces. The DF11 graphics team will release a new update pack at the end of every month to update and extend your DF11 Megapack. - OVERVIEW LEAGUES - Faces available to cover 78 leagues in Football Manager when using the DF11 Megapack + Updates! Argentina - Primera Division / Australia - A League / Austria - Bundesliga, Erste Liga / Belarus - Premjer Liga, 1e Liga / Belgium - Jupiler Pro, Proximus League / Bosnia - Premjer / Brasil - Serie A, B, C /Chile - Premier Division / China - Superleague / Colombia - Serie A / Croatia - 1.HNL / Czech Republic - Grambinus Liga / Denmark - Superligaen, Nordicbet Ligaen / England - Premier League, Championship, League One, League Two, Conference / Finland - Veikkausliga / France - Ligue 1, Ligue 2, Championnat National, CFA / Germany - 1.Bundesliga, 2.Bundesliga, 3.Liga / Greece - Superleague / Hungary - NBI / Iceland - Urvalsdeild / India - Superleague / Indonesia - Superleague / Ireland - Airtrycity League / Israel - Ligat Winner, Ligat Leumit / Italy - Serie A, Serie B, Serie C /Malaysia - Superleague / Mexico - Liga MX, Ascenso MX / Netherlands - Eredivisie, Jupiler League, Topklasse / Norway - Tippeligaen, Oddsen Ligaen, OBOS Ligaen / Poland - Ekstraklasa / Portugal - Primeira Division, Segunda Liga / Romania - Liga 1, Liga 2 / Russia - Premjer Liga / Scotland - Premier League, Championship / Serbia - Super Liga / Slovakia - Fortuna Liga / Slovenia - 1.SNL / South Africa - Premier League / South Korea - K League, K Challenge / Spain - La Liga, Segunda Division / Sweden - Allsvenskan, Superettan / Switzerland - Superleague / Turkey - Superleague, First League / USA - MLS, NASL / Ukrain - Premjer Liga / Uruguay - Primeira Division / Wales - Premier League . List of Leagues is based on a minimum coverage of 75%. Leagues with a lower coverage are not mentioned in this list, although they are still included to the pack. _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ - HOW TO INSTALL YOUR DF11 MEGAPACK - These steps will work for all versions of Football Manager. 1 - Download all 3 parts of the new DF11 Megapack. 2 - Save all 3 parts in one (the same) folder. Wait untill the download is finished for all 3 parts. 3 - Extract (unpack) Part 1 .................... part 2 and 3 will follow automatically. * You need 'Winrar' or '7zip' to open the files in Windows systems. * You need 'The Unarchiver' for Mac systems. 4 - Once the extraction is ready a folder named 'Graphics' will appear. * The 'Graphics' folder included your DF11 Megapack with over 86,000 faces + 1 config file. 5 - Move the 'Graphics' folder to the Football Manager location on your Windows or Mac system: Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 20** 6 - Start your Football Manager 20** game ==> Go to the ingame settings: 'Preferences' > 'Interface' *Click the "Clear Cache" button 1x. *Untick the following line: "Use caching to decrease page loading times". *Confirm the changes to reload the skin. DOWNLOAD DF11 MEGAPACK ***** This is your base pack for all DF11 faces and comes in 3 parts. Please read the 'How to.....' instructions first. Our advice for best download result when using regular download by webbrowser: Wait untill the download is finished before moving on to the next download. Cabled ethernet is always faster and more stable than wifi. 1 - Download Part 1 > Click the black 'Download Now' button on top to start < 2 - Download Part 2 3 - Download Part 3 _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ DOWNLOAD DF11 UPDATE PACKS ***** Refresh your DF11 Megapack in monthly order with all available update packs. We strongly recommend to update your Megapack on a regular monthly base to receive the latest faces. You can use your DF11 Megapack for many more years by updating it every month 1 - DOWNLOAD JULY 2016 UPDATE 2 - DOWNLOAD AUGUST 2016 UPDATE 3 - DOWNLOAD SEPTEMBER 2016 UPDATE 4 - DOWNLOAD OCTOBER 2016 UPDATE 5 - DOWNLOAD NOVEMBER 2016 UPDATE 6 - DOWNLOAD DECEMBER 2016 UPDATE 7 - DOWNLOAD JANUARI 2017 UPDATE 8 - DOWNLOAD FEBRUARI 2017 UPDATE 9 - DOWNLOAD MARCH 2017 UPDATE 10 - DOWNLOAD April 2017 UPDATE - HOW TO INSTALL THE DF11 UPDATES - There are several ways to use the DF11 update packs. This is the easiest desription for people who are not familiar with 'Winrar' or '7zip'. * Video help available * 1 - Always follow the monthly order when installing the DF11 updates. 2 - Download the update pack. 3 - Extract (unpack) the folder with 'Winrar' (Windows) / 'The Unarchiver' (Mac). 4 - Save the folder to your desktop. ?5 - Open the update pack folder. 6 - Select (copy) all faces + config file (CTRL+A). ?7 - Copy and paste the selected faces + config file into your DF11 Megapack folder (CTRL+V). 8 - A pop-up will appear ==> Confirm to replace all files! ?9 - Restart/Reload Football Manager. _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ Pick up the DF11 default faces for a uniform DF11 look in game. This face will appear instead of missing faces in game. Several male and female faces available! Download DF11 default face _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ - DF11 HELP CENTER - * Check the DF11 Helpcenter first when having DF11 related problems. * People with a (older) DF11 Megapack can simply continue updating their current Megapack by following the Megapack instructions. FM2016 screenshot DF11 panels available soon after the release of the full FM17 version! - COPYRIGHT & CREDITS - All content shown on this page is property of DF11 Facepacks/ and may only be shared with written permission from the original author 'necjeff'. Credits to 'DF11 Graphics team' for their enormous contribution to the development of DF11 Faces in general. Current DF11 team members: Spurs12345, Bingbangboem, marklf, Clowntje, Copywriter, Bm, Leonardo B, Haas67, Vilhena, Orthodox, Florian W, Vlad Ultras, explodingsheep, M. Stroe and necjeff