Player personalities in Football Manager

Every single player in the Football Manager Database has a set of attributes (most hidden) that determine their personalities. These personalities determine how a player behaves on and off the pitch. In this article I will be naming all the different personalities and will give you an explanation what they mean.

In an ideal situation you will have a squad full of positive or neutral personalities. The negative personalities should be avoided at all times. These guys could make your life as a manager very difficult and they could even result in you being sacked. Lucky for you, there a no negative personalities in the standard database of Football Manager. But as the years progress, regens or newgens will be getting those, so be careful!

How to spot personalities

If you look at a players’ profile, you’ll find his personality on the right side. As you can see in the screenshot we have added below, this player has a spirited personality, which is considered to be a positive and good personality.


Obviously, you will see the personalities of the players on your team. But, for other teams players, you will need to scout them. One scouting trip will give an indication, but you will some extensive scouting to find out his true personality.

Personality Attributes

The personality of a player is defined by nine different Attributes. These are:

  • Ambition
    How successful a player wants to be.
  • Controversy
    How outspoken a player can be. Either in the media or in the dressing room.
  • Loyalty
    If a player is willing to stay at his current club or the club he loves.
  • Pressure
    How a player handles pressured situations. For example big matches.
  • Professionalism
    How hard a player is willing to work to maximize his career.
  • Sportsmanship
    If a player is ethical during games.
  • Temperament
    If a player can handle certain situations when they go against him.
  • Determination
    The willpower to keep on fighting.
  • Leadership
    How inspirational and motivational a player can be to his teammates.

Positive personalities

  • Model citizen
  • Perfectionist
  • Resolute
  • Model professional
  • Professional
  • Fairly professional
  • Spirited
  • Very ambitious
  • Ambitious
  • Driven
  • Determined
  • Fairly determined
  • Charismatic leader
  • Born leader
  • Leader
  • Iron willed
  • Resilient

Neutral personalities

  • Jovial
  • Light hearted
  • Devoted / Very loyal
  • Loyal
  • Fairly loyal
  • Honest
  • Sporting
  • Fairly sporting
  • Unsporting
  • Realist
  • Balanced

Negative personalities
If you start a new save in Football Manager, you will have some difficulty to find players with a negative personality. Is it because the research team didn’t want to offend anybody or did they want to prevent some lawsuits? Fact is; 9 out of 10 times a negative personality will be given to a newgen and not a ‘real’ player.

  • Slack
  • Casual
  • Temperamental
  • Unambitious
  • Easily discouraged
  • Low determination
  • Spineless
  • Low self belief

Changing personalities

Is it possible to change the personality of a player in Football Manager? Yes, it’s possible, but it will take some time. You can achieve this by tutoring the player. If a player is older than 23 (max age for tutoring, it will be impossible to change his personality.

But, even when a player is 22 or 23 it will be next to impossible to change it, as it will take up some time. We advice 21 as the maximum age to try to change a players’ personality. Of course it will be better if a player is even younger (16), as you have more time to change his personality.


If you are planning to tutor a wonderkid, make sure to pick a perfect match. First up; pick a player that has one of the key members in your squad, who plays in the same position and preferably in the same role. Check out the dynamics page in Football Manager to find out which players are considered leading players in your squad.

When tutoring, a young player will be picking up certain traits of his ‘mentor’. This could vary from mental attributes, player traits and his personality. It is also possible to have a young player being tutored by multiple player over time. That way you can develop multiple mental skills and player traits too, creating an even stronger player.


    • True, but that isnt denied in this guide. This is about changing personalities, something that proves to be quite difficult after a player reaches 22 or 23, which is the maximum age for tutoring yes.


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