Every single player in the Football Manager Database has a set of attributes (most hidden) that determine their personalities. These personalities determine how a player behaves on and off the pitch. In this article I will be naming all the different personalities and will give you an explanation what they mean.

There are 3 types of personalities in Football Manager:




In an ideal situation you will have a squad full of positive or neutral personalities. The negative personalities should be avoided at all times. These guys could make your life as a manager very difficult and they could even result in you being sacked. Lucky for you, there a no negative personalities in the standard database of FM. But as the years progress, regens or newgens will be getting those, so be careful!


If you look at a player profile, you will find the players personality on the right side. As you can see in the screenshot we have added below the player has a light-hearted personality, which is considered to be a positive personality.

For players on your team you will obviously see the personalities. If you want to sign a player, you will have to scout him properly to find out his true personality. A single scout reportcard will only give you an indication.


The personality of a player is defined by nine different Attributes. These are:

  1. Ambition
    How successful a player wants to be.
  2. Controversy
    How outspoken a player can be. Either in the media or in the dressing room.
  3. Loyalty
    If a player is willing to stay at his current club or the club he loves.
  4. Pressure
    How a player handles pressured situations. For example big matches.
  5. Professionalism
    How hard a player is willing to work to maximize his career.
  6. Sportsmanship
    If a player is ethical during games.
  7. Temperament
    If a player can handle certain situations when they go against him.
  8. Determination
    The willpower to keep on fighting.
  9. Leadership
    How inspirational and motivational a player can be to his teammates.


  • Model citizen
  • Perfectionist
  • Resolute
  • Model professional
  • Professional
  • Fairly professional
  • Spirited
  • Very ambitious
  • Ambitious
  • Driven
  • Determined
  • Fairly determined
  • Charismatic leader
  • Born leader
  • Leader
  • Iron willed
  • Resilient


  • Jovial
  • Light hearted
  • Devoted / Very loyal
  • Loyal
  • Fairly loyal
  • Honest
  • Sporting
  • Fairly sporting
  • Unsporting
  • Realist
  • Balanced


If you start a new save in Football Manager, you will have some difficulty to find players with a negative personality.

Is it because the research team didn’t want to offend anybody or did they want to prevent some lawsuits?

Fact is; 9 out of 10 times a negative personality will be given to a newgen and not a ‘real’ player.

  • Slack
  • Casual
  • Temperamental
  • Unambitious
  • Easily discouraged
  • Low determination
  • Spineless
  • Low self belief


Is it possible to change the personality of a player in Football Manager? Yes, it is possible. You can achieve this by tutoring the player. Because of this it is impossible to change the personality of a player that is more experienced, as you can’t tutor them.

But if a player is 21 or younger, it is definitely possible. Of course it will be better if a player is even younger (16) as you have more time for him to develop his personality.


If you want to tutor a wonderkid, make sure his tutor has a positive or neutral personality. The younger player will develop his mentality, ability and even player traits that the tutor has. It is even possible to have a young player tutored by multiple player over the years. That way you can develop multiple mental skills and player traits too, creating an even stronger young player.