Nik33’s FM20 Agents Pack

The original Agents pack returns for FM2020! Debuting on Steam as a separate download from the rest of the packs which are now also available.

Download the Agent Pack


Adds more than 900 real life agents and their connections to 11.000+ players/clients, including every relevant relationship status as well.

It has been included in my Data Packs since FM2010 and it’s been updated constantly every year, many times through each season.

How to install the Agents Pack by Nik33

  1. Subscribe to the file on Steam (behind the link)
  2. Restart FM20 and start a new career. In the top right of the screen, under “Database”, make sure the Agent’s pack is ticked and selected.
  3. Start your save and enjoy!
Owner and administrator at FMInside. Mostly FM-addict & journeyman preacher


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