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Napoli history

SSC Napoli was founded in 1906 by an English sailor man named William Pots. From 1912 the club started playing in the Italian football championship. The clubs most successful period was in the late 80’s, when the club won two national league titles and a UEFA Cup. In recent history the club has seen many ups, but also many downs. It all started with some major downs as Napoli after winning the title in 1989.

The club relegated several times from the Serie A and right after the millennium the club nearly escaped bankruptcy. A dark period would start voor Napoli, relegating towards the Serie C in 2004. After a change of ownership, Napoli began to rise up again and in a matter of 3 seasons, the club returned to the Serie A. Since their return the club has been moving  up the table, qualifying for the Europa League and even the Champions League. Napoli is now seen as one of the main contenders for the top 4 in the Serie A.

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Napoli is a healthy club, but you will need to keep watching the finances closely in order not to go into debt. One of the things that will help is the qualification for the Champions League. You can expect at least 20M in revenue for that. The only thing you will need to keep on doing is qualifying for the CL and you will be golden.

With a 15M transfer budget you should be able to add some fresh faces to your squad, but since your wage budget is almost maxed out, we would advice you to sell first, and then invest in new players.

In the scouting department you have a big budget available and this should be enough to keep on roaming the world for new players, But be careful not to spend it too quick.

napoli expectations

Expectations & Budgets

The board at Napoli will be expecting Champions League qualification through the Serie A from you as a manager. For the first season you have already qualified for the Champions League and it is expected that you reach the 1st knock-out stage of the tournament. The TIM Cup is not important according to the board.

You can alter the board expectations and by doing so, you can easily upgrade your budgets for the season. The max transferbudget you will be getting is 18.8M, while the wage budget will be increaing from 1.6M to 1.86m a week. But, you will only get that if you tell the board you will win the league. Although this could happen, we would advice you not to do this. Make life easy for yourself and pick an expectation that you can easily reach…


At Napoli  you will have an experienced squad at Napoli. Your defenders are all 23-years and older. On the midfield there is some room for younger guns. Amadou Diawara is one of the most talented DM’s in Football Manager 2018 and also Marko Rog (21) is a great player to have in any team. Up front Dries Mertens is your main man. But be wary though, he has a limited fee in his contract. So, make sure to renew his deal and take out that limited fee if you don’t want to lose the Belgian goalscorer.

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napoli tacticsWe would advice a 4-3-3 tactic at Napoli. You have some great wingers and a fast striker with Dries Mertens and it would be a shame not to use these guys.

From the back experienced goalkeeper Pepe Reina is your first pick in goal. On the long run we would buy a new goalkeeper, but for the first season, he would be good enough. The back four would be Goulam (DL) and Hysaj (DR) on the flanks. Raul Albiol and Kalidou Koulibaly form the heart of your defense.

The midfield trio would be Amadou Diawara as a DM, he is very talented and should be kept at the club at all costs. Your other two midfielders are Marek Hamsik (ideal box-to-box midfielder) and Jorginho (playmaker). You have a balanced midfield with a defensive, support and attacking minded players.

Up front Lorenzo Insigne is your left winger. You can play him as a winger, but as an Inside forward he will prove to be even more dangerous. On the right side Spaniard Allejandro Callejon is your main man. But he could be swapped with Adam Ounas on the long term, a very talented player. Your first pick striker is Dries Mertens, shortly followed by Polish international Arek Milik.

The team has 3 team leaders: Marek Hamsik (Captain), Camilo Zuniga and Lorenzo Isigne. While Hamsik and Insigne will feature on your teamsheet every week, Zuniga will have some troubles breaking into the first team. He could be sold after the first season, but is also a decent back-up to have. You just have to hope we won’t turn against you if you post him on the bench.

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