Luca Andrada

Personal Information

Name: Luca Andrada
Nationality: Argentina
Age: 17 (22/04/2001)
Height: 176 cm
Weight: 68 kg
Foot: Left
Position: Midfielder

Player Information

Club: Racing Club
Contract: 30/06/2022
Value: £70k / €79k
Est. Cost: £850k / €1M
Wages p/w: £27 / €30
Release clause: None
Squad Status: Hot Prospect

Ability to make the right decision is one of the main reasons behind the player’s intelligence on the pitch, Could improve a lot in the future, Balanced and normal personality, Good off-the-ball movement and decisions make for a fairly intelligent player, Can play in a couple of positions, Could be re-trained as a defensive midfielder, Considered a smart player.
Currently operating at Tercera Division (tier 3) level, Must do a better job at marking, Has work to do in the heading department.
Profile 2018

Luca Andrada 2018

Profile 2028

Luca Andrada 2028



If you are looking for a young and talented playmaker, Luca Andrada certainly is one of the players to have a look at. The 17-year-old is a cheap buy (1M) and has the potential to become an international player for Argentina. Plus, at his age you are able to train and create the type of playmaker you need in your squad!

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