Lassina Traore

Personal Information

Name: Lassina Traore
Nationality: Burkina Faso
Age: 17 (12/01/2001)
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 74 kg
Foot: Right Only
Position: Striker

Player Information

Club: Ajax
Contract: 30/06/2023
Value: £161M / €180k
Est. Cost: £2.2M / €2.5M
Wages p/w: £2k / €2.2k
Release clause: None
Squad Status: First Team

Ability to strike a ball sweetly makes him a good finisher, Could improve a lot in the future, Balanced and normal personality, Possesses a fair amount of pace, Player could successfully be re-trained as a right winger, Considered a technical player.
Lack of balance can make the player look unsure when in control of the ball, Currently operating at Eerste Divisie (tier 2) level, Is very one-footed, Can only play in one position, Lack of strength and fitness means he should be in the gym working on his overall athleticism.
Profile 2018

Profile 2028

Lassina Traore 2028



Lassina Traore is a new player at Ajax, though the Dutch giants are willing to negotiate terms. At the start of the game he is not good enough to feature in a tier 1 league, but he has the potential to become a Premier League player. If you pick him up early enough, you are able to mold him into a very good striker.


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