KRC Genk

Name: KRC Genk
Founded: 1923
Nation: Belgium
Status: Professional
Reputation: National
Nickname: None
League: Jupiler Pro League
Prediction: 4th
Stadium: Luminus Arena
Capacity: 24.604 (20.272 seated)
Year (re)built: 2002
Training Facilities: Excellent
Youth Facilities: Superb
Youth Recruitment: Extensive
Junior Coaching: Good
Data Facilities: Below average


Balance: £6.1M / €7M
Transfer: £1.75M / €2M
Wage: £331k / €378k
Scouting budget: £372k / €432k

Board Expectations

Jupiler Pro League: Around top of league
Croky Cup: Reach Final
Europa League: Reach group stage

KRC Genk squad 2018/2019

NamePositionAgeNatValueWageExpiresSquad Status
Danny VukovicGK33AUS€2M€10.000 p/w30/6/2020First Team
Nordin JackersGK20BEL€750K€4.000 p/w30/6/2021Hot Prospect
Jakub BrabecD (C)25CZE€2.1M€12.500 p/w30/6/2021-
Joseph AidooD (C)22GHA€6.25M€14.000 p/w30/6/2020First Team
Sébastien DewaestD (C)27BEL€3.7M€12.500 p/w30/6/2020First Team
Dries WoutersD (C)21BEL€725K€6.000 p/w30/6/2022Hot Prospect
Jhon LucumíD (C)20COL€3.2M€12.500 p/w30/6/2022First Team
Jere UronenD (L)23FIN€3.5M€10.000 p/w30/6/2022First Team
Bojan NasticD (L)23SRB€1.4M€7.500 p/w30/6/2020-
Casper De NorreD/WB (RL), M (RC)21BEL€1.5M€7.500 p/w30/6/2023Rotation
BorgesD/WB (L)21BRA€1.5M€8.000 p/w30/6/2021Hot Prospect
Joakim MæhleD/M (R)21DEN€4.9M€9.000 p/w30/6/2020First Team
Vladimir ScreciuDM18ROU€700K€16.000 p/w30/6/2022Hot Prospect
Sander BergeDM, M (C)20NOR€11M€12.500 p/w30/6/2021First Team
Alejandro PozueloDM, M/AM (C)26ESP€9.5M€25.000 p/w30/6/2021Key Player
Ibrahima SeckDM, M (C)28SEN€2.1M€14.000 p/w30/6/2021-
Bryan HeynenM (C)21BEL€2.4M€10.000 p/w30/6/2023Rotation
Ruslan MalinovskyiM (C)25UKR€7.5M€22.500 p/w30/6/2022Key Player
Jakub PiotrowskiM (C)20POL€950K€7.000 p/w30/6/2021Hot Prospect
Manuel Benson HedilazioM (L), AM (RL), ST (C)21BEL€750K€8.500 p/w30/6/2021-
Edon ZhegrovaM/AM (RL)19KVX€1.3M€9.500 p/w30/6/2020-
Dieumerci NdongalaAM (R)26COD€4.7M€12.500 p/w30/6/2021First Team
Ivan FiolicAM (RC)22CRO€1.6M€10.000 p/w30/6/2022Backup
Joseph PaintsilAM (RLC)20GHA€2M€10.000 p/w30/6/2022Rotation
Leandro TrossardAM (L)23BEL€8M€22.500 p/w30/6/2021First Team
Dante VanzeirAM (R), ST (C)20BEL€750K€4.500 p/w30/6/2021-
Mbwana SamattaST (C)25TAN€8M€16.500 p/w30/6/2021First Team
Zinho GanoST (C)24BEL€2.3M€10.000 p/w30/6/2022First Team
Marcus IngvartsenST (C)22DEN€2.2M€20.000 p/w30/6/2021Rotation
Nikos KarelisST (C)26GRE€1.7M€15.000 p/w30/6/2020-

KRC Genk Backroom Staff 2018/2019

Senior SquadChairmanPeter CroonenBEL--
Senior SquadManaging DirectorErik GeritsBEL--
Senior SquadDirectorHerbert HoubenBEL--
Senior SquadDirectorAndré RemansBEL--
Senior SquadDirectorJean BiesmansBEL--
Senior SquadDirectorHerman NijsBEL--
Senior SquadDirector of FootballDimitri de CondéBEL€10.000 p/w30/6/2019
Senior SquadManagerPhilippe ClementBEL€17.500 p/w30/6/2020
Senior SquadAssistant ManagerJos DaerdenBEL€6.500 p/w30/6/2020
Senior SquadHead of Youth DevelopmentRoland BreugelmansBEL€5.000 p/w30/6/2020
Senior SquadGoalkeeping CoachGuy MartensBEL€4.000 p/w30/6/2020
Senior SquadFitness CoachRuben PeetersBEL€2.500 p/w30/6/2022
Senior SquadCoachDomenico OlivieriITA€5.000 p/w30/6/2020
Senior SquadCoachPierre DenierBEL€3.500 p/w30/6/2019
Senior SquadCoachKoen DaerdenBEL€5.000 p/w30/6/2020
Senior SquadCoachJohan Van RumstBEL€2.000 p/w30/6/2022
Senior SquadCoachBram SwinnenBEL€4.000 p/w30/6/2019
Senior SquadChief DoctorLeonie GeukensBEL--
Senior SquadHead PhysioJan TheunisBEL€2.000 p/w30/6/2021
Senior SquadDoctorPhilip ThysBEL--
Senior SquadPhysioErwin KelchtermansBEL€1.000 p/w30/6/2020
Senior SquadPhysioMatthias DiddenBEL€1.000 p/w30/6/2019
Senior SquadPhysioJan BerxBEL€500 p/w30/6/2019
Senior SquadChief ScoutDirk SchoofsBEL€3.000 p/w30/6/2020
Senior SquadScoutErik VanlessenBEL€350 p/w30/6/2021
Senior SquadScoutJohan MaesBELN/A-
Senior SquadScoutDonato LalloBEL€1.000 p/w30/6/2020
Senior SquadScoutThieu MeyersBEL€350 p/w30/6/2021
Senior SquadScoutChretien LenaertsBEL€350 p/w30/6/2021
Senior SquadScoutEddy PutBEL€350 p/w30/6/2021
Senior SquadScoutKevin VanhamelBEL€350 p/w30/6/2021
Senior SquadScoutRemi VanheusdenBEL€350 p/w30/6/2021
Senior SquadScoutAlex SaelenBEL€350 p/w30/6/2021
Senior SquadData AnalystPeter PersoonsBEL€1.000 p/w30/6/2019
U21 SquadManagerKevin Van DesselBEL€1.500 p/w30/6/2022
U21 SquadGoalkeeping CoachGilbert RoexBEL€1.300 p/w30/6/2020
U21 SquadFitness CoachSander Van hoogtenBEL€1.000 p/w30/6/2020
U21 SquadCoachAlfonso MerolaBEL€1.000 p/w30/6/2020
U21 SquadDoctorJohan JespersBEL--
U21 SquadPhysioFilip GrossardBEL€350 p/w30/6/2020
U21 SquadSports ScientistManuel Agten SánchezBEL€1.000 p/w30/6/2020
U18 SquadManagerHans SomersBEL€500 p/w30/6/2020
U18 SquadAssistant ManagerTom CustersBEL€750 p/w30/6/2020
U18 SquadCoachFrank KerkhofsBEL€1.500 p/w30/6/2020
U18 SquadCoachDirk GilisBEL€1.500 p/w30/6/2020
U18 SquadCoachJan WuytensBEL€900 p/w30/6/2020
U18 SquadCoachWesley SonckBEL€350 p/w30/6/2020


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