Part 3 - First Contract

    Signed, sealed, delivered! I bagged my first contract on Football Manager 2017 and for this edition of the JourneyMan, I will be making my first stop in the Czech Republic. I signed an amateur contract at FC Chomutov, in the Czech fourth division. In part II of my blog I will give you an inside look at the club and will discuss my plans with this amateur club from Eastern Europe.


A great day for me as a manager. I have signed my first deal as a Football Manager. FC Chomutov will now go down in history as my first club. I have signed an amateur deal. For me that is ideal because possible interested clubs will not have to pay any compensation for me. On these low levels, that could prove to be a gamebreaker for some clubs. Therefore; this is an ideal situation for me!




Club History

To tell you guys a little more about this club: FC Chomutov was founded in 1920 and currently plays in the Czech fourth division. The club was relegated last season and will have to adjust to their new life in the Divize B. The club plays their home games at Letni Stadium (Capacity 10.000) and the club possesses basic training and youth facilities. 

During the early 2000’s the club had a brief spell in the Czech 2.Liga, in which they stayed for three seasons in a row. In 2003 they relegated and never got back up again. The only actual success the club has seen is the Championship in the Bohemian Football League (Third Tier) in 2000. Unfortunately that has not been updated into FM17, which makes the trophy cabinet empty.





On the screen you see below you see the squad I will be having to work with for the coming season. First thing that I saw was the lack quality players, but something that is even more problematic is the absence of a Central Midfielder. I have a Defensive Midfielder, but a MC is not in the squad. Since my formation needs at least two of these, we will have some work for the scouting department during the coming months.


In the squad there are potentially four star players, according to the stars my new assistant manager has given them.


These are:

  • Radek Zatko – Goalkeeper
  • Marek Vait – Central Defender
  • David Kopta – Right full Back
  • Ladislav Doksansky – Striker


These guys are the players I will try and build my team around for the first few months on the job. I don’t know how good they will end up being, so it could be possible I’ll offload them some time later. But I will also have to keep in mind that as an amateur club, star players could be signed by other clubs at any time during the season. Two good games and a good player could be tempted by a big money move.





Strengths & Weaknesses

I also asked my new assistant to create a Team report for Chumotov and that gave me some good insights of the strengths and weaknesses the team has. For instance we have a number of impressive Decision-makers, which means I can trust my team making the correct decision when playing a ball. That could prove to be very handy when it comes to my style of play.


Unfortunately my assistant has found more Weaknesses than Strengths, which makes me kind of worried. We have a lot of weaknesses and that means I will have some work to do in order to make this team competitive.


My assistant Tomas Duda pointed out the following weaknesses:

  • There is not a great deal of quality depth outside of the first team
  • The squad doesn’t work hard enough individually or collectively
  • There is some work to do in order to improve the levels of team work in the squad
  • There is currently a leadership void in the squad.
  • This isn’t the best squad in terms of jumping


To sum this up; we lack in Hard Workers, the squad lacks a true captain/leader and if we encounter an opponent who loves to play the long ball, we are generally f*cked. Again; I will have some work to do!

Expectations & Goals

To close this blog update, I want to take a look at the clubs expectations. In terms of budgets it is very easy; there aren’t any. No transfer budget, no wage budget. For our income an ideal situation as any money we earn will not be blown away on high wages. So, if we could fill up our stadium, we could earn some serious cash. But to stay realistic, that will never happen.. Downside of having no wage budget is the fact players can easily move. So, I expect a lot of movement. Because of the relegation last year, the media expects us to hit back and with an expected top three position, they expect us to be challenging for the title. I'm curious to see where we stand.


The board expects us to challenge for a spot in the top half in the division and they expect us to reach the second round in the cup. For me it is quite unclear at the moment if we are able to reach these goals. I don’t have any clue where we stand in terms of quality. This will be something we will have to learn on the fly, whilst we progress.




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