Part 19 - End of the Season

My first season as manager of FBK Kaunas has come to an end, so it is time for us to look back at the last few matches and see where we have finished on the table. In the last update I expressed the wish to catch up with the teams that were above us and I wanted to get a bigger gap with the teams that were below us.



In the last update our results were starting to get very positive. We managed a couple of wins and we were performing remarkably well. With these results we managed to pick up four straight wins, a unique set of results for Kaunas this season. Unfortunately we weren't able to keep our form alive and seeing the opponents we had that hasn't surprised me at all. Palenga has finished in second place and has way more quality than us. But we also managed to pick up some points against teams like Krazante and Vytis, so in the end I am very satisfied with the results we got. The only result that bothered me was the 1-0 away loss at Nevezis. We deserved a point from that game, so a small loss was a bitter result to take. 





We have finished in the position that we have started in; tenth place. But to stay positive; we managed to close an eight point gap with Nevezis, even battling them for ninth place. And we managed to stay ahead of the relegation zone, increasing the gap from 9 points to a whopping 28 points at the end.


And to stay even more positive: we picked up 22 points in the games I managed since taking over. The same amount of points as Palanga and Banga, two clubs which were fighting for promotion! The only club that has picked up more points than us is Silas, the League champions. They picked up 25 points.




I managed to meet the expectations of the board by finishing in tenth place. I am a happy manager here and I am motivated to take Kaunas to the next level and into the top 10 next season. Only thing is, my contract is set to expire in a couple of weeks and up until now the board has not made any moves to extend that deal. But I am an experienced FM-player and know these offers could follow in the last moments. To make clear; it is my intention to stay on for another season. But that will be something for the next Blog Update, which I hope to make somewhere during the weekend.


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