Part 1: The Journeyman

    Ever had that feeling you want to be the best you can be? That is what I have been feeling for quite some time now when I play Football Manager. Yeah I used to start the game, pick a nice club and managed for a season or 5 whilst picking up the best Wonderkids and winning the Champions League or National League as a high. I have sent clubs like Wimbledon, Blackburn Rovers, Juventus, Ajax, Valencia and many others to great heights. This story is not about a club, it is about the manager. A manager that wants to be the best in the world. This is my Journey, I am the Journeyman.

The Set Up

I am a lucky man, lucky enough to own an awesome system to play Football Manager on. That makes it possible for me to load as many Leagues as I like, or as many Leagues Football Manager allows me to. In older versions SI locked the amount of Custom Leagues on 75, but with this years introduction of the 64-bit version, that lock has been put aside. For me that is great news, as I love to load up as many Leagues as possible.


For the last few weeks I have been searching the net, trying to find the best Custom Leagues available. I managed to download a lot of extra new countries, but have also found Lower Leagues for big countries like England, Germany, Spain, Italy and France. This time I can go even deeper than I am used to go and that makes this challenge even more fun to play with. As the seasons progress I am certain the game will become slower and slower. On times like that I will cut-off some Leagues, hoping my game will stay play-able.


The Manager

Now over to the interesting part; the manager. Normally I would play as myself, creating a young Dutch manager whose dream it is to rule the world. But where is the fun in that? That is why I have created a Virtual Alter Ego.




Let me introduce you to Roger Speed, a 27-year-old Gloucester-born Englishman / Welshman. The young lad has no reputation and does not have a Coaching Licence. Both reputation and licences should evolve through my entire career. 


There are 2 tactics I prefer and which are a Dutch-minded 4-3-3 Control Tactic and a Jurgen Klopp based 3-5-2 Counter/Pressure Tactic. I don't have a preference for either tactic, so I will determine my tactics at the team I manage.


My Goals

These are actually pretty basic. First Goal is getting a contract at a club obviously. After that everything will be open. I will set goals per club, as my goals will differ per club. At the end it will be winning prizes, but short-term goals will vary at every club. These could vary from saving a club from relegation or getting the club into the play-offs.


The only goal that I will try to beat every single season is the minimum expectation the board has set me. By reaching those goals I will gain reputation and with a higher reputation I will be able to sign for bigger clubs.


The Ultimate Goal for this game will be reaching top spot in the Hall of Fame World Wide. So, I will need to win more prizes than Sir Alex Ferguson has won during his career, but I reckon a different manager will be in first place by the time I will be challenging for the Top Spot in the Hall of Fame. It is my ultimate goal to beat them and claim top spot.


Club Hopping

I am hoping to reach the top spot by hopping my way around the globe. I will leave all my options open and I am even open to stay at a club for a longer period. But the main goal will always be club hopping. If I get the opportunity to improve my chances to manage on a higher level, I will move. It is as simpel as that.


The next post in this Blog will be as soon as I started the save and got my first offers. I am hoping I will post Part 2 later this week.


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