The Journeyman Part III: Finding a new job

the journeyman part 3

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Hi guys, and welcome to yet another part of the Journeyman story. Last time we finished up the season in Benin with Pantheres, surprisingly avoiding relegation on the final day of the season. After the season had finished, I decided to end my time in Benin to try and find a new job. The prospects in Benin weren’t that great, so I decided to look for a new employer elsewhere in the world. I thought that saving Pantheres would do my reputation some good…

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So, my journey then continued from that moment. Whilst Paris Saint-Germain are planning a sick transfer move to lure Eden Hazard away from Chelsea, I would be happy to receive an offer for an amateur contract. I resigned from my job at Panteres on September 1st and on the screen you can see it’s October 5th. It took me a while to get a new job. I mean, there was some interest – or so it seemed – but the job interviews never went into a real offer. I was beginning to question my abilities and if this job of football manager was for me.


But then my luck turned. I applied for a club in Czech Republic: Motorled. They gave me the chance in an interview and apparently I had said the correct things. Only some days after the interview, I received an offer for a contract:

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Despite it being an amateur contract, this is a chance I have been waiting for. A decent club on a lower level. Motorled plays in the Ceska Divize A and is considered to be a team that fights for a position in the top 5 of the league. So, a stable club that has the potential to maybe even fight for something in the future. Their manager Martin Prutkov left the club after 9 games in charge after signing a multi-year contract as the Brumov U21 manager.


Motorlet is a club that is based the Czech capital city Prague and was founded back in 1912. Although the club hasn’t won any trophies, the club has been a steady club in Czech football. Highlight during their 100-year history was the 1964 season. That season Motorlet played their one and only season in the highest league.

The club has a pretty decent stadium with a total capacity of 750 (in real life the stadium is rated for a total of 5.000). The condition is good and we play on real grass (important aspect for me). If we take a look at the facilities we have to conclude that there is something to work on. The training facilities and youth facilities are considered poor. If I stay here long enough, this is an area I would like to change.


Next to look at; the squad. This is where the fun and real Lower League feeling kicks in. A total of 11 players in the first team squad to work with. That’s not much, but hey I am used to stuff like this. I have looked in the U21 and the U19 squads and there aren’t any decent players in there. It seems we will have to work with the 11 players have, only adding the crappy youngsters if we have to.

To make it even worse; the transfer market has just closed its doors. Meaning we can’t add any players until the market re-opens again in January. But, maybe we are lucky and are able to find some unattached players whilst the first half of the season continues.

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Motorlet is predicted to finish as 4th this season and after 9 games the club is sitting in a decent 6th place, 8 points behind league leaders Cizova and Karlovy and only a couple of points behind the expected 4th place.

Motorled has lost 2 games thus far this season and those losses were against the two league leaders. The second loss of the season was then followed by two wins in a row and those results have given the team new confidence and we will be very excited for the coming weeks.

It will be an important couple of games / weeks for us, as we will be facing teams that are sitting at the bottom of the table. During those weeks we will be facing Rokycany, Dobris, Marianske, Sedlcany and Jankov.  These teams have a combined total of 2 wins this season. Altough I am not expecting 5 wins from these games, but we should be able to get some decent results.

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Well, I have met my new squad and I have taken a good look at the club and its current situation. The next few months I will be exploring the Czech league and when the winterbreak has arrived, I will be reporting back for a new episode of my Journeyman Story. Hopefully I will be bringing some good news! So, thank you for taking the time to read my story and I hope to see you again next time! If you like my story or have any questions; please leave a comment below.

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