Hi guys and welcome to part IV of my Journeyman save (which I will be continuing after the release of FM18). Sorry for the radio silence in the last few weeks, but I have been very busy renovating my new house. So playing time is limited to a couple of games a week. Anyhoo, I have finished the first half of the season at my club in the Czech Republic; Motorlet. In this blog I will update you on the scores and events that occurred during the last few months.


My first game in charge at Motrolet was just one day after I signed a contract. I had little time to get to know the players and little time to set up my own personal tactical plan. I decided to let my assistant in charge of that first game and under his belt he grabbed a 0-0 away at Jankov. Not a good result, as Jankov is one of the bottom teams in the league. We should have won it. Should I have managed the game myself? Probably.

After the first game, we had a series of games against the smaller teams in the league. For us a good opportunity to catch up with the teams above and maybe even a possibility to grab some places on the table. We started off with a great 3-0 win over Sedlcany. Our striker Radek Kloucek became the hero of the game by scoring a hat-trick. Plaudits were high after the first game and my expectations became higher.

Unfortunately the results then collapsed. We weren’t able to play our own game and we were forced to keep altering the team. Injuries & suspensions made it impossible to work on a team that knows what it has to do. And since the team lacks any wingers, we weren’t able to either play my beloved 4-3-3 o 3-5-2.

We were forced to play a 4-1-3-2 which focuses its play through the middle.Β It was very difficult to create chances from the centre and the results we got in this period reflect that. From the five games we played up to the winterbreak we lost two and drew three times. only scoring a single goal.

Needles to say we need some fresh faces and preferably some players that can play on the wing. I don’t mind if we sign Attacking Wingers or Wing Backs, but we definitely need some wide players. Luckily we are an amateur club, which makes it quite easy to sign some new players. The transfer window will open again in late January, giving us some time to scout. The second half of the season will then start in February.


That were my first few months in charge at Motorlet and I would be lying if I said I was happy. This team lacks quality and the results show that. Lucky for me the winter break has begun and we will continue the league in February, giving me enough time to find new players to strengthen the team. We are an amateur side, so I won’t be having any difficulties with budgets or anything. I have given the scouting team the assignment to find new players ASAP, with the explicit demand that we need players for the flanks, either defenders or midfielders/wingers.