Hi guys and welcome to my Journeyman story. I have been planning to do a long term story for quite some time now and every time I tried to get one started, I caught myself not having enough time. Now that we have launched our new website and we are looking ahead towards Football Manager 2018, I finally have found the time to play my favorite type of Football Manager: the journeyman.

For those who don’t know what a Journeyman save in Football Manager is:

You start the game unemployed without the use of any coaching badges and the lowest possible reputation. It is your goal to reach 1st place in the Hall of Fame (World Wide), seen on the screenshot below. How you get there is completely up to yourself. But as the name ‘journeyman’ implies, it’s kind of expected that you move around the world hopping clubs.

By playing games and winning them you will increase your reputation. Winning matches will obviously get you some trophies on the way, which will also help your world wide reputation. If you have the determination to keep on playing, you will end up in one of the top leagues, managing one of the major clubs.

Sir Alex Ferguson still is the one to beat.


To achieve my goals, I have created a massive game in Football Manager 2017. With the amazing download created by Claassen, I was able to load every possible nation that is on the official FIFA Nations list. With 206 nations loaded and over 400 leagues added, I am ready to get going and get an offer at my first club. Where on the world this will be?


I am using my alter ego Roger Speed to play this game. Roger is a 27-year-old English bloke from Gloucester. He loves his local club, but he has also been a long time fan of Ajax, Newcastle United and Juventus. His favorite formations are 3-5-2 and 4-3-3. His playing style is a mix of attacking and counter based football. Speed’s tactical preferences can be compared with Jurgen Klopp; physical and a lot of pressing, whilst hitting teams on fast breaks.

Roger Speed profile


After several weeks of applying to various clubs from all over the world, I received three offers:

  • Sint-Gilles Waas (Belgium)
  • Pantheres FC (Benin)
  • Bombada (Gambia)

Picking my club from a Journeyman’s perspective, the Belgian third division team caught my eye as this was the only non-league club. But, it was also the first club to fall off the list. To become a real journeyman, you have to experience the true feeling of a journeyman. Why managing in a safe place in Europe, when you can travel the world and manage in Africa, Asia or Oceania. I would be picking between Pantheres and Bombada.


As the screen above obviously reveals, I have picked Pantheres FC as my first club in professional football. I signed for them on the 1st of July 2016. The league was well under way by that time and the former coach was sacked due to poor performances. you could imagine the club’s fortune wasn’t that great.

When I joined, the club had played 17 games in the 2016 season. Pantheres was in 13th place on the table, with 9 points. They won 2 games, drew 3 and lost a total of 12 games. I had 9 games to turn the season around and save the club from relegation. That wasn’t what the club hoped for during the start of the season, as the board expected the club to fight for a top position. But after some weird decisions during the preseason (leaving 2 of their best players out of the squad) the club was really struggling.


This was my first update in this Journeyman Story. In some days I will be posting the next update with the results from the remainder of the season. I would like to thank you for reading and hope to catch you again next time! If you have any feedback or any questions, feel free to leave a comment.