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Journeyman Episode 6: Signing my first contract




Hi guys and welcome to episode 6 of my journeyman save with Football Manager 2018. After an introduction series it is time to officially start my save and venture into the world of football management! In this episode I will be unveiling my first club! Did you miss the previous episode? Check it out here before you start reading.

May 1st 2017
When I start a massive save like this, I always tend to start the game on a Brazilian start date. That way you can start in december and simulate about 6 months before the first real season starts. Why? Because that way the standard clubs will all have appointed their managers and new clubs appear on the list with clubs looking for a manager. So, I started the game on December 26th and simulated the game to May 1st 2017. This is the date my game will start.

May 6th 2017 – first interview
I have received my first job interview and it is with Lebanese side Al-Ahli Saida. A club from the Lebanese first division and they are considered to be a top 5 team. Interesting and I decided to agree to the interview.

May 7th 2017 – another interview
A second job interview and this time it is Niger Tornadoes, a club from Nigeria that play in the Premier League. It is not a lower league club that I have been looking for and Nigeria is a pretty big country in Africa in terms of football. I decide to decline the interview and move on.

May 10th 2017 – first job offer!
I have been offered a real job in football! Lebanese Al-Ahli Saide were impressed with my answers during the interview and decided to make me an offer to sign for their club. They have offered me a one-year-contract at £140 p/w. There is no room for a transfer budget and there is a 4k per week wage budget.

The offer isn’t record breaking, but hey; I am a starting manager and I just need a club to start my career with. This club seems to be a decent club with decent possibilities. I would be mad to turn their offer down. Therefore: I accept and now I am officially a Football Manager!

Below you will find some screenshots with information about the club, our strengths and weaknesses and off course a screenshot of our full first team squad.

Club information

Saida strengths & weaknesses

Saida First Team Squad


The 2017 – 2018 season

The first official game that we will be playing will be on September 2nd and we will start with an away game against Sagesse, who are tipped for promotion this season. A difficult start, but nothing we can’t handle. It will be one of my first duties tocreate a preseason schedule at the club in order to start as fit as possible when the new season arrives.


Saida is a mid-table club and the expectations reflect this. The board expects us to finish in the top half of the league, meaning we will have to finish in the top 6 of the league. For now it is unclear for me if these expectations reflect our qualities.

We also play in the Lebanese Cup and will enter in the first round. The board wants me to lead the team into the Eighth final, meaning we will have to survive at least two rounds. That will all depend on the draw and I am not sure how that will work.


As I would have expected, the finances aren’t that great. The club has a negative balance and in the months that I have been simulating, the club has been losing money. I’m curious to see what will happen when the season starts and we will get some extra income out of ticket sales and other revenues.



We play our games in the Saida International stadium. A very big stadium that can hold 22.600 spectators. I can’t imagine that we will be filling the complete stadium in the Second Division, but who knows!

Fun fact about the stadium: It is the closest stadium to the sea in the world. If you want see it, you can check it out at stadiumdb.com.

Besides our immense stadium, I’m pretty impressed with the facilities that I see at Saida. Normally I sign for clubs with poor facilities, but these look decent enough to start with!

To Close

Well this was my first real Football Manager 2018 journeyman post and I am buzzing to get this game underway! I hope you guys had a good read today and hope to see you again for the next episode! Feel free to leave a comment or ask questions below and I will answer these in my next episode. For now: thanks for reading and until the next time!

If you want to read earlier episodes, check out the FM Story section here on FMInside!

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