Jhonny Lucas

Personal Information

Name: Jhonny Lucas
Nationality: Brazil
Age: 18 (21/02/2000)
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Foot: Right
Position: Midfielder

Player Information

Club: Paraná
Contract: 31/12/2020
Value: £2.1M / €2.4M
Est. Cost: £11M / €12.5M
Wages p/w: £55 / €60
Release clause: None
Squad Status: First Team

Very technical, Currently operating at Brasileirao (tier 1) level, Could improve a lot in the future, Balanced and normal personality, Bravery and work rate make him a fairly good team player, Can play in a couple of positions, Considered a leader.
Inability to leap off the ground makes the player a vulnerable target in the air.
Profile 2018

Jhonny Lucas 2018

Profile 2028

Jhonny Lucas 2028



Jhonny Lucas is a talented player and fairly easy to pick up. He has very good mental attributes, which make him a hard working midfielder and a player who will always step up when its needed. As a box to box midfielder he will need to develop his attacking abilities. Nevertheless; good player to have.

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