Hearts of Midlothian

Name: Hearts of Midlothian
Founded: 1874
Nation: Scotland
Status: Professional
Reputation: National
Nickname: The Jambos
League: Ladbrokes Premiership
Prediction: 5th
Stadium: Tynecastle Park
Capacity: 20.099 (all-seated)
Year (re)built: 1997
Training Facilities: Excellent
Youth Facilities: Excellent
Youth Recruitment: Well established
Junior Coaching: Good
Data Facilities: None


Balance: £1.92M / €2.24M
Transfer: £146k / €170k
Wage: £69.3k / €80.5k
Scouting budget: £74.3k / €86.3k

Board Expectations

Premiership: Top Half
Scottish Cup: Reach Semi Final
Betfred Cup: Reach Semi Final

Hearts squad 2018/2019

NamePositionAgeNatValueWageExpiresSquad Status
Colin DoyleGK33IRL€215K€1.300 p/w31/05/2020Backup
Zdenek ZlamalGK32CZE€300K€1.700 p/w31/05/2021First Team
Aaron HughesD (C)38NIR€11.25K€1.700 p/w31/05/2019Backup
Christophe BerraD (C)33SCO€1.9M€3.900 p/w31/05/2021Key Player
Clévid DikamonaD (C)28COD€74K€1.700 p/w31/05/2019Rotation
Michael SmithD (RC)29NIR€400K€1.700 p/w31/05/2021First Team
John SouttarD (C)21SCO€3.1M€3.300 p/w30/06/2022First Team
Ben GaruccioD/WB (L)23AUS€240K€1.300 p/w31/05/2021Backup
Demetri MitchellD/WB (L)21ENG€2.5M€2.700 p/w31/05/2019First Team
Peter HaringD/M (C)25AUT€2M€1.700 p/w31/05/2020Key Player
Arnaud DjoumM (C)29CMR€1.2M€2.500 p/w31/05/2019First Team
Oliver BozanicM (C)29AUS€300K€1.700 p/w31/05/2020Backup
Olly LeeM (C)26ENG€300K€2.200 p/w31/05/2021Rotation
Conor ShaughnessyM (C)22IRL€475K€1.700 p/w31/05/2019First Team
Malaury MartinM/AM (C)29FRA€135K€2.200 p/w31/05/2020Backup
Jake MulraneyM (L), AM (R)22IRL€170K€1.200 p/w31/05/2020First Team
Sean ClareAM (LC)21ENG€475K€3.300 p/w31/05/2021Rotation
Steven NaismithAM (C), ST (C)31SCO€1.2M€7.750 p/w31/05/2019First Team
Dario ZanattaAM (L), ST (C)21CAN€66K€675 p/w31/05/2019-
Steven MacLeanST (C)35SCO€52K€2.000 p/w31/05/2020First Team
David VanecekST (C)27CZE€1.4M€2.200 p/w31/05/2020First Team
Uche IkpeazuST (C)23ENG€1.2M€1.600 p/w30/06/2020First Team
Conor SammonST (C)31IRL€115K€2.200 p/w30/06/2019-
Craig WightonST (C)20SCO€100K€1.300 p/w31/05/2021Hot Prospect

Hearts Backroom Staff 2018/2019

Senior SquadChairmanAnn BudgeSCO--
Senior SquadManagerCraig LeveinSCO€3.300 p/w31/05/2020
Senior SquadAssistant ManagerAustin MacPheeSCO€1.700 p/w31/05/2020
Senior SquadHead of Youth DevelopmentRoger ArnottSCO€1.300 p/w31/05/2021
Senior SquadGoalkeeping CoachPaul GallacherSCO€725 p/w31/05/2019
Senior SquadFitness CoachTom TaylorENG€825 p/w30/06/2019
Senior SquadCoachJon DalyIRL€1.100 p/w31/05/2019
Senior SquadCoachLiam FoxSCO€1.100 p/w31/05/2019
Senior SquadChief DoctorIvan BrenkelRSA--
Senior SquadHead PhysioKaren GibsonSCO€675 p/w31/05/2019
Senior SquadSports ScientistAndrew LeishmanSCO€550 p/w31/05/2020
Senior SquadChief ScoutJohn MurrayNIR€900 p/w31/05/2019
Reserve SquadManagerAndy KirkNIR€825 p/w31/05/2019
Reserve SquadSports ScientistAndrew LombardSCO€325 p/w31/05/2019
U18 SquadPhysioCraig MaitlandSCO€325 p/w31/05/2019


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