Applying Team Training

The Training section of Football Manager has seen quite some changes in recent years. From the possibility to adjust Team Training from day to day in older versions of the game, to a global Training section with a few and simple options in Football Manager 2016. In this guide we show you the basics of applying a basic form of Team Training. 


In the screenshot you see below you will see the Team Training Overview Page in FM16. On the Overview Page you have every option available to apply Team Training at your club. We have highlighted 5 different aspects of Team Training you can adjust and will discuss each separate option.





In this section you will see the days of the week with your Match and Training Schedule. The colors of the Calendar can vary each week. These colors indicate the type of Team Training that is currently set.



You can alter your type of General Training in this section. The type of Focus you select will be seen as your 'Main Team Training' and will be set automatically for each individual week during the season. You can alter the Main Focus for each individual week (see number 5)



This section offers a slider which indicate how much time is spent by your team on Team Training of Match Training. By sliding the slider from left to right you can select 'More Match Training' or 'Less Match Training'.


It also offers the option to allow Rest before or after Matches.



Here you have the option to adjust the type of Match Training you would like. The setting you chose in this section will be seen as the 'standard' Match Training, which means this will be set automatically before every match, unless you change it manually before each match.



The Calendar in FM (see number 1) shows a maximum of three weeks at a time. The week on top is the current week you are in, the two weeks below are the next two weeks. You can use this to plan ahead and adjust the Team and Match Training for the upcoming weeks. That way you can decide do adjust your Team Training or Match Training for every single opponent.


For example: You can switch Team Training to Defensive and Match Training to Defensive Positioning when you play an away game at the League Leaders or switch both to an attacking Focus when you play at home against a team that is lower on the table.


*If you scout your next opponent you will receive a Next Opponent Scout Report in your inbox. You can adjust the Match Training in this message.

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