Football Manager Guides The Roaming Playmaker role

The Roaming Playmaker role

A new article series on FMInside as we try to give more information about the different player roles Football Manager has to offer. In this edition we will have a look at a role that was introduced back in FM2016 and has been modernized in later versions. We will explain what the Roaming Playmaker will do for you on the pitch and which attributes he needs.

What is a roaming playmaker?

Football Manager states: The Roaming Playmaker is the heartbeat of his team, driving forward with the ball to spearhead attacks as well as tracking back to cover defensively. Always offering a passing option to teammates. The Roaming Playmaker must have the physical attributes to maintain a high intensity as well as the technical attributes to stamp his authority on the game.

He will look to pick the ball up in deep positions and work the ball forwards with urgency, all the while keeping up with play. The Roaming Playmaker will often camp on the edge of the penalty area looking for room to shoot to try that killer ball which creates a goal scoring opportunity.

What makes him different?

Well, that is actually very easy to answer as it is already in the role title; roaming. The Roaming Playmaker will pop up everywhere on the pitch when your team has the ball. He will move around the field, joining the attack to play through balls onto your strikers, but he will also move around the defense, giving your central defenders a short passing option.

A deep-lying playmaker concentrates on setting up attacking moves from deep while advanced playmakers are given license to affect matters in the final third while liberating them defensively.

Ultimate playmaker

So basically the Roaming Playmaker is a combination of the two and he should be the center of your team. He is the player you should build your team around. But remember that the Roaming Playmaker is such a crucial position, only the elite will be able to perform in this role.

paul pogba roaming playmaker

The Roaming Playmaker is one of the roles that needs way more different kind of attributes than most other roles. He will not only be able to play the ball and dictate the tempo, but he also needs to have the stamina and mental strength to keep on going. Whilst he will also participates in attacks, so he needs to be able to finish and score goals as well. Throw in some extra technical skills like dribbling and you will find out fast enough this role is for elite players only and not for the lower leagues.

Key attributes

  • Dribbling
  • First Touch
  • Passing
  • Technique
  • Anticipation
  • Composure
  • Decisions
  • Determination
  • Off the Ball
  • Vision
  • Work rate
  • Acceleration
  • Stamina

Desirable attributes

  • Finishing
  • Long Shots
  • Concentration
  • Positioning
  • Agility
  • Balance
  • Natural Fitness
  • Pace
  • Strength

The Roaming Playmaker is expected to bring the ball forward on the pitch, that is why he needs dribbling. First Touch and Technique are needed for him to outsmart his opponent with a good First Touch, creating free space for himself. And of course; passing is vital for a playmaker.

Anticipation, Off the Ball and Vision are key for the Roaming Playmaker. These attributes will make him anticipate where space will be, where he needs to be and where he needs to pass the ball. Composure and Decisions are important because he will see a lot of the ball. It would be disastrous if he panics or is indecisive. Finally, Determination and Work Rate are crucial as he has to be prepared to cover quite some distance during a game.

Acceleration and Pace are needed to outrun his opponent, with Acceleration being vital and Pace desirable.He will need a high Stamina and good Natural Fitness too as he needs to cover a lot of distance during the game. He will ineffective if his condition drops too quick.

Balance and Strength are desirable when facing a team that plays a physical game. Having a high agility helps the roaming playmaker whilst dribbling.

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