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Gedson Fernandes is Portugal’s latest wonderkid midfielder. The young technical central midfielder is considered as one of the biggest talents in the Benfica squad and has a bright future ahead of him. We take a look at his profile and development in Football Manager 2019.

Player Information

Name: Gedson Fernandes
Nationality: Portugal
Age: 19 (09/01/1999)
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 69 kg
Foot: Right Only
Club: Benfica
Contract: 30/06/2023
Position: Midfielder
Value: £4M / €4.6M
Est. Cost in 2018: £68M / €72M
Wages p/w: £6.25k / €7.5k

Transfer Information

We managed to reach an agreement with Benfica during the first transfer window. The Portuguese giants agreed to a 68M transfer fee and a 30% Profit from next sale. You could lower the price if you negotiate some more, mostly by adding clauses like arranging a friendly or an appearance clause.

Positional information

Naturally he is a central midfielder, but he is able to play in many other positions if needed. Play him as a Defensive midfielder, a right-back, a left winger or even as a centre-back. Gedson Fernandes can do it all! He just ain’t that good on the other positions… Play him as a M (C), he won’t disappoint.

Role: Box to Box Midfielder
Gedson Fernandes is a pretty all-round midfielder,  but we would suggest you play him as a Box to Box midfielder. His player trait ‘Gets into Opposition Area’ is very useful for that role. Also, he loves to shoot from distance and has a pretty decent shot. Add a good physique to that and you have a pretty awesome attacking-minded player!

Key attributes
+ Dribbling
+ Passing
+ Determination
+ Work Rate
+ Natural Fitness
+ Stamina
Attributes to improve
– Finishing
– Long Shots
– Decisions
– Positioning
– Strength

Gedson Fernandes – 2018

The young midfielder starts at his parent club Benfica. He then changed clubs in January, completing a 68M move to Arsenal.


Gedson Fernandes – 2023

After five seasons Fernandes is still at Arsenal. He is considered a first team player, but simply a rotation player. He plays an average of 20 games a season, most of them as a substitution. His averages aren’t that impressive and he never seems to receive a long run in the first team. Despite the lack of game time, he has developed into a very good player.


Gedson Fernandes – 2028

In the 2025/2026 season he was surprisingly sent away on loan to Spanish side Villarreal. He played 47 games for them, all of them from the start. After his return to London the next summer his playing time did go up, but he is still not that key-player. In the final 2027/2028 season in our 10-year-scout-save he again failed to hold down a spot, playing only 19 games (7 as a sub) over the full season.


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