Francisco Trincao

Personal Information

Name: Francisco Trincao
Nationality: Portugal
Age: 18 (29/12/1999)
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 73 kg
Foot: Left
Position: Left Winger / Right Winger

Player Information

Club: Sporting Braga
Contract: 30/06/2023
Value: £700k / €825k
Est. Cost: £2M / €2.5M
Wages p/w: £3.7k / €4.5k
Rel. Clause: None
Squad Status: Hot Prospect

Very Technical, Is a natural in couple of positions, Potential to be a Liga NOS (tier 1) winger in the future, Handles himself in a fairly professional manner, Balance and ability on the ball make him a fairly skilful player, The player could successfully be re-trained as a left midfielder, Considered a technical player.
Has work to do in the heading department, Currently operating at LigaPro (tier 2) level.
Profile 2018

Francisco Trincao 2018

Profile 2028

Francisco Trincao 2028



Francisco Trincao is a technical winger that relies on his bal skills instead of speed. He is not that quick, but has the ability to do the unexpected. With a 2.5M price tag around his neck, Trincao is an interesting target. Sign him on early and either train him or send him out on loan for the first few seasons. By the time he is 22, he will be a winger that you can use in leagues like the Premier League or LaLiga.

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