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Book of Torino F.C. – Chapter 4

Hello and welcome back to Book of Torino F.C. and now we are on the October 2016. We have 5 matches ahead of us, but before that, let’s see what board said about my management.

Image 085Image 087

Board still moaning about Vives’ departure, meanwhile we got a positive view with the win against Fiorentina. Regarding to finances, rather than going down as my prediction, it went up. The player wages were paid by our TV deals, apparently, which means that we are having more profit from other sector of finance.

Now let’s go to the fixtures!

Image 096

We are unbeaten this month, but it’s not that great. I’m still thinking that we should get lots of goals, but most of the time we only scored maximum 2 goals. The only match that we managed to score more than 2 goals is against Spal in Italian Cup. Let’s move on to each fixtures to see how it went.

Image 086

We managed to hold Napoli in their turf, with 10 men from 84th minute. We were struggle to get shots on target and Napoli forced us to do lots of fouls. Second yellow card given to Acquah proved that we were very bad at tackling, but without it we cannot cope with opponent’s force. I should admit that we are very lucky in this game and 1 point is more that enough. In specific week after Napoli match, we’ve got ourselves news mentioning our player.

Image 088

Baselli’s form in Napoli’s match won him a spot in Serie A’s Team of the Week, surrounded by our rival’s players all over the place. He was brilliant in that game and this award proved it.

In between the fixtures, we had international break. Some of our first team players called up by national teams. Unfortunately, one of those players got himself ‘FIFA Virus’. Yes, he got himself injured, and I don’t like it one little bit.

Image 089

Martinez won’t be play in this season anymore, because he got damaged cruciate ligaments for 7-8 months in international match. If you read last few chapters, he’s a goalscoring machine, and this might decrease our quality. Added with the fact that we can’t score more than 2 goals, this injury put salt into the wound for us. I might looking for a backup striker, probably loan listed player, to replace him in the latter half of the season. We can also use Ljajic to cover him for a while, although I already promised him that he will be leaving at nearest transfer window. We’ll see if Ljajic will get himself a playing time or not.

Now, let’s move on to our next match after international break.

Image 090

We won against Cagliari with 10 men since 58th minute. Benassi got his second yellow card but before that we already leading by two, so I decided to put Valdifiori on defensive midfielder position. Other than that, we are doing fine, doing usual job, and it’s a happy day for our fans. Take notice that there is one player on loan who played against us, which I would like to keep on when he comes back to the team next season. Panagiotis Tachtsidis. As long as he doesn’t get any long term injury, he will be in my first team for the next season, either for backup or main player for defensive midfielder position.

Image 092

After a good victory we were playing against Bologna away from home, and we got ourselves a boring draw….Well not really. We managed to keep our defence shut tight but we don’t hit the target accurately. A sad day for our strikers as Boye got himself 6.4 rating and Belotti got 6.3. Meanwhile all of Bologna’s backfour got theirselves minimum 7.1 rating. At that time I already thought about tinkering the formation, but I decided to keep as it is to check if it’s only a hiccup or it will be continuous.

Image 093

In the midweek game against Sassuolo, I decided to change few things. Starting for the players, just for refreshment, although I rested the last starting eleven. Second, I exchanged Boye’s and Belotti’s position, and it’s kinda worked, with Boye scored a goal couple minutes after second half started. I also decided to use Ljajic at striker position (his natural position is winger), and he scored, albeit from penalty and before he did that, he already missed one. Overall, It’s a fair match, and I’m happy to take 3 points at home.

Image 094

Last game in October, where we (again) struggled to score more than one goal. Against Empoli away, we managed to draw, with addition of 5 yellow cards. I think we might be the club with bad discipline at the end of the season. Nothing to be said with this game, Belotti scored but not enough to secure more points for us. We need to ensure that we have more shots on target than this game. Once again, I might tinker the formation we already have right now, but the base will be the same.

After the fixtures completed, we’ve got ourselves a news.

Image 095

Personally, I would like to keep this unbeaten run till the end of the season, especially if we can win lots of games ahead. We are more comfortable in the league right now as we don’t have as much as competition to others and we have lots of depth for the players we currently have right now.

Let’s see our current position in the table.

Image 097

We managed to keep ourselves on the top part of the table. But we lost our leader position to, who else, Juventus. Both Milano clubs also climbed above us and now we are in 4th, thanks to two draws we had in this month. In other news, Lazio still struggles on the bottom half of the table, meanwhile their rival, AS Roma, moved up to 6th position from bottom half of the table.

Now, to end the chapter, let’s take a look at who will we face in November.

Image 098

We will have ChievoVerona at home as opener of the month, followed by struggling Lazio away, and we move back to home against Genoa. We also have cup game against Serie B side Latina. We have chances to grab perfect points against those three clubs in the league. I don’t afraid of Lazio, after seeing their position in the league, but we have to be careful as they already sacked Simone Inzaghi and we have to check if they already have their own manager or still with their caretaker manager.

That’s all from me. Don’t forget to put suggestion in the comment below, and see you soon in November review.


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Based on the results you had a solid month. Only downside is the injury for Martinez..


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Book of Torino F.C. – Chapter 5 – Start of the Downfall

Hello and welcome back to Book of Torino F.C., where I’m trying to bring back “Il Grande Torino” glory to Torino Football Club. We already moved on from November, so let’s see what happened throughout November.

We start with Board Confidence and Monthly Financial Updates from our beloved Chairman.

Image 099Image 100

Still moaning about Vives’ transfer, but positively happy about squad harmony level. Overall, board are happy with me, and I’m very secure in the club, right now. Financely, we are making a little profit, and the balance slowly rising, which is nice, because we are without European games, so it’s helping a lot.

Now let’s move to the matches we have played.

Image 111

We’ve got ourselves both two reds and two greens. Sadly, the reds are against teams we should be winning. Lazio still with their caretaker manager as they fired Simone Inzaghi, and Latina is Serie B side. Positive thing, we managed to score more than two goals, which is nice. Belotti also starting to consistently scoring matches. I have high hopes with him, especially with Martinez will be out until April 2017.

Let’s check and analyze each fixtures.

Image 101

We managed to batter ChievoVerona 3 to 1. One of my mistake, which I realized in beginning of second half, was to start Ljajic in striker position. I wanted to try him, alongside Boye and Maxi Lopez, in the striker position to substitute the missing Martinez. Apparently it’s not enough and he got himself 5.9 rating so I decided to change him to Boye and he did brilliantly after coming from the bench. I also decided to change some of the team instruction, specifically adding exploit both flanks as the instruction. After this, I vow to myself not to put Ljajic in the starting lineup, unless strikers need to be rotated. That time of the week, we got ourselves a player inserted in the Team of the Week. Benassi with 8.4 rating made himself into the award and this is like a sign for me to put him into starting lineup.

Image 102

Moving on to our next match against Lazio.

Image 103

Against Lazio, we’ve got ourselves beaten hard. Lost against team in the lower part of the table mean something has to change. Anyway, we were basically beaten by Lazio in and out, and to add salt to the wound, Zappacosta got himself a red card. Belotti also not performing well, and this match was a turning point, where I decided to tweak the tactic that I got from somewhere else. Also, it seems that Falque had similar problem with Ljajic. I might terminate Falque loan, if possible, and sell Ljajic in the January transfer window.

In between fixtures, I’ve got myself a new contract. As per usual, we’ve only given one year contract when we start a new game.

Image 104Image 107

Got myself an addition of €1.5K on wages and also one year more contract addition. I’m happy with the confidence given me from the board. Now, it’s time to do more action for the better Torino.

Let’s continue on with the fixtures.

Image 108

We managed to win against Genoa, with Belotti scored two. I tweaked the tactical instruction a little bit, and it’s helpful. I put “Exploit to Flanks” and “Stay on Feet” because we have good wingbacks to help the width and alos we have too many fouls and yellow cards. Anyway, win is a win and it helped us boost the morale after Lazio defeat.

Image 109

This match broke my heart. We lost against Latina at extra time in Italian Cup match. First, we are against weaker side, but I decided to rotate heavily as, again, I forget to get some of the last starting eleven to rest. Falque and Ljajic is kinda out of position so their rating is very low and I don’t mind to offload both of them. I prefer new guys rather than holding those two. Second, it might hurt the board confidence towards me, as this is 4th Qualification Round and we are expected to be on First Round of the tournament.

Now, let’s see our position in the table after finishing these fixtures.

Image 112

We are now in the 3rd position, 1 point behind 2nd placed A.C. Milan and 6 points behind 1st placed Juventus. As now we are out from the cup, I think we can focus heavily on the league, and probably try to reach Champions League spot (3rd max in Serie A). The league still has long way to go so it’s still tight between us and teams either above us or below us. Meanwhile, Lazio still struggling in the bottom of the table.

Let’s now take a look on the fixtures for the December

Image 113

Top of the clash! We have to play against A.C. Milan and Juventus and I hope we can grab at least a point for each matches. Against Palermo and Atalanta, we should grab maximum points but let’s see if Vives in Atalanta wants to prove himself against me.

That’s all for me, thanks for reading, and see you soon


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To bad of the loss in the cup . but you can now focus on the competition . Hope you can stunt against Milan and in the derby against juventus

Edited by fcfanzuid

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Your results are very good! Againgst Internazionale you can lose of course ;) Great first place so far, keep up the good work!


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Book of Torino F.C. – Chapter 6 – Injury Again, Back on Form

Hello and welcome back to Book of Torino F.C. We are now in the December and it has been a great results with mixed news coming in. We are also playing against our rival Juventus this month in a big match in our turf. So let’s see what is happening in December.

We start with Board Confidence and Financial Update for November review.

Image 114Image 115

Our position in the league made board happy. We are predicted and asked to be put in the top half, but now we are in the Champions League spot with small difference between us and the top of the league. Meanwhile, our lost against Latina made board angry and that factor might be considered as the factor if things going bad. Financially speaking, we lose small amount of money but our balance still in the black. The TV revenue helped us a lot and I hope that will continue on till the end of the season.

Let’s move to our fixtures for this month.

Image 123

We’re back on form. We got ourselves 4 wins out of 4 matches. We won big especially against A.C. Milan, Juventus and Atalanta. With us already eliminated from Coppa Italia, we need to focus more on the league and I think we might have chance to secure the title.

Now let’s check how each matches went.

Image 116

We won 1-0 against A.C. Milan, with Zappacosta scoring from a counter attack. We had less fouls since I use “Stay on Feet” team instruction, and I decided to put down Molinaro in the left hand side and put in Danilo Avelar, as he was complaining about playing time. Other than that, the game was very balanced and we were very lucky to have a win in San Siro.

Image 117Image 118

At Olimpico, we surprisingly won “Derby della Mole” against our big rival, Juventus. Again, Goddess of Fate decided to put Torino in the winning position. The game was, again, balanced, but we managed to score in the 39th minute and in the second half we were in the top as Dani Alves was sent off. Dybala’s penalty was very worrying but in the end, captain Hart did his job saving the day. I add Social Media feeds and I think I might have to agree with Alessandro Giri over there.

Image 126

Next is Palermo, which we won 2-1 away. After tinkering with the team instruction, we managed to get more points than the media expected. Belotti managed to score more goals and I also put Benassi instead of Baselli. Even though Baselli did managed to get Team of the Month award last month, Benassi has better contribution in the match, especially with goals and assists. I also might have to think about Valdifiori’s position because sometimes Baselli did has some contribution. I’m also keeping my eyes to my right-center defender, as they had bad ratings in some game. I put Leandro Castan for few games and his rating is not doing good, but when i put him at the left side, he did okay. Meanwhile, Bovo, who I put in the right, has so-so game so far. I hope I can get the source of the problem ASAP as I already love the tactic and the formation.

Image 120

Against Atalanta, I was doing something else in the Internet, so you can see the lack of substitution, again. But we continue to win the games with Boye’s goal and an own goal. The sad news…Belloti injured. I will explain the injury in the next section. In other news, our former captain, Vives, got himself second yellow card. Overall, we dominated Atalanta and I’m happy with the defense, even though I’m rotated some of the players because we played against Palermo couple days ago.

Image 119Image 121

We have two injuries. Belotti with torn hamstring after the Atalanta match, and he will be out for 2-3 months. Meanwhile Arjeti was injured his arm while in training and he will be out for a month. It’s sad to hear these injuries, especially our goalscoring machine Belotti. I’m still considering to bring a new striker, either buy or loan, but I need to wait for Ljajic sales to make that happen.

Image 122

Good news for us, Hart and Belotti are in the Serie A Team of the Month. Hart did so well in December, especially saving us from having a draw against Juventus, by catching Dybala’s penalty. Meanwhile, Belotti scored lots of goal for us in December, before he got himself injured.

Now, let’s see our position in the table after those four matches.

Image 124

We are now on top of the league with Juventus one game and two points behind us, thanks to our win against them in the league. We will be having a one point gap with Juventus in case they win the match they are saving.. The fight for European spot also getting hotter with Internazionale, Napoli, A.C. Milan, Roma and Fiorentina fighting for the spot. Meanwhile, Lazio started to climb up to the lower half of the table after positioned bottom of the table. Udinese, Bologna and Crotone now in the danger zone and they have to be careful with that.

Let’s check our schedule after the winter break we have.

Image 125

We have three teams who are in the danger zone and a big match against AS Roma. I’m hoping that we will get maximum points from Udinese, Crotone and Pescara, meanwhile getting at least one point against Roma. Who knows we might win against them.

January also means transfer window opening. I try to offload Ljajic as he doesn’t have any place in the current formation we are playing right now. Also I’m trying to check transfer and loan list, and probably I might find someone who can be a backup for our long-term injured strikers.

That’s all from me. Don’t hesitate to give suggestion or advice in the comment section below. Thanks and see you soon!


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Wow that are some very nice results . the morale will be very good after the win against juve. this can be become ä very nice season 


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48 minutes ago, fcfanzuid said:

Wow that are some very nice results . the morale will be very good after the win against juve. this can be become ä very nice season 


indeed, but Belotti's injury hit hard, we have less goals after him injured


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