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[FM19] JACHT Challenge

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Jacht Challenge Part 1


I wanted to be the first person to create a FM Story on our new community, so here it is! 

What will I be doing?

Normally I play Journeyman saves and this is a type of save I still love. However, the type of play became a bit repetitive. Though I almost never worked at the same club on different saves, at the end of the day it's all pretty much the same. Also, FM appeared to have become easier as the years progressed. In FM10 it took me an average 10-15 seasons to work at a top flight club. In more recent versions I would have won the Champions League and World Cup by then. That is why I wanted to try something else for a change... more or less.

To amuse myself during the final months of FM19 (and probably the first months into FM20) I have decided to start a difficult challenge. I will be trying to complete several challenges in one save. This has made the challenge almost impossible to complete, but at least we will be having fun..

JACHT Challenge

This stands for: Journeyman Alphabet Continental Hexagon, Trophy Challenge

I will be playing according to the Journeyman rules. That means I will start without a badges and reputation and will follow all the other rules for this challenge. I can only move clubs by applying and that has to happen in the same save with the same manager. Applying at another club is linked to the next challenge: Alphabet Challenge. I will be moving my way around the world based on the Alphabet. I could do that by putting all the nations in the world on a list and work them from top to bottom, but I am doing this according to Challenge #3: Continental Challenge. To complete this I have ranked all six continents based on their level and I will begin my Journey on the worst continent. I will then hope to finish the challenge on the strongest continent on the list.

The list that I have made from low to high:

  1.  Oceania
  2. North & Central America
  3. Asia
  4. Africa
  5. South America
  6. Europe

I will be starting this career in Oceania and I will start in the first country based on the alphabet: American Samoa (To see a full list of my journey in Oceania, look at the second post). After I have been in American Samoa, I will be moving to countries like New Zealand, Vanuatu and Tuvalu. After I have finished moving around in Oceania, I will move towards the second continent on the list: North & Central America.

Challenge number four will be the challenge that will help me decide if I am ready to move into a new country: Trophy Challenge. Here it is my aim to win the highest league and national cup (if they have one). After I have won both trophies, I am allowed to move to the country next on the list inside the continent.

Last but not least: I would also like to accomplish the Hexagon Challenge for each continent I am working in at that time. For the first part I will have to win the OFC Champions League in Oceania.

The Game

Usually when I play a Journeyman, I will add as many nations and divisions as possible. However, that will make my game move very slowly and that is not what we want for this type of save. Therefore I have only loaded the nation I need, while loading in all other nations on View only. That way the leagues will develop more realistically while the game keeps its speed. This also makes it possible to view results and tables from other countries. The only thing the game does not save are the statistics.

Next Up

In the second post of this story I will be keeping track of my progress. Later on I will be revealing my first club and will I be reviewing results in each post I make. 

Thank you for reading this post and hope to see you again next time!

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asa.png Amerikaans-Samoa

cok.png Cook Islands

fij.png Fiji

kir.png Kiribati

mic.png Micronesia

ncl.png New-Caledonia

nzl.png New-Zealand

png.png Papoea New-Guinea

sam.png Samoa

sol.png Solomon Islands

tah.png Tahiti

tga.png Tonga

tuv.png Tuvalu

van.png Vanuatu

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Update number two in the JACHT Challenge. In this update I will be revealing my club!

After I started the game I received multiple job offers. I decided to be practical and simply accept the first offer that came in. That was from Konica FC.


Is there anything I can tell about this club? Well no. There is no information on the internet and the information in Football Manager 2019 is next to none. However, looking at the logo and name I can't help to think this has something to do with the electronics company Konica.

What do I know? That they play in the lowest division in American Samoa: the Lower Division. This is the third tier. Konica is also an amateur club, as is every other club in Samoa. My new board has asked me to steer this club to a safe mid table position in the first season.


When I joined the team. Konica has a pretty balanced squad. To use my tactics we will be preparing some moves and sign some new players.




There is no backroom staff expect an assistent manager. I will be using the job market to make sure we have enough physios, scouts and coaches.


There are still a few weeks until the season kicks off and we will be playing several friendlies. Four in total and that should be enough to get the team ready for the season.



The league structure here in American Samoa has three levels. We play on the lowest level: the Lower Division. There are 7 teams in this league and we play each other 4 times; 24 in total. The champion and number two will be going up towards the FFAS Senior Second Division. Our main job will be to finish in the top two.


A short introduction of my first club in this save. Next time I will be showing you the results of the first half of the 2018/2019 season. If you would like a mention in the next update, please leave a comment on this page.

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