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  1. The XBgp community has yet to arrive as it requires different files and file extensions than Football Manager through steam.
  2. LenFMI

    FM - uploads

    Go to preferences > Social networks There you can use your google login credentials.
  3. Depends on which add-ons you are referring to. Logos, Kits and Faces: Yes Skins: No Updates or new leagues: No
  4. Great! @agrorule and welcome to the FMI forums.
  5. Real life results won't be taken into FM20 by itself. You will need to import the real results. Not sure if sortitoutsi already have such a file available at the moment. There are some sites that create real result files to use in the game. Not sure if these are already available. Have not seen them to be honest.
  6. For the next in line: please copy the list and add a point to your own name. 🙂 Table Kevjack77 - 1 Hunebed on Tour - 1 LenFMI - 1
  7. Stadium of Union Sint-Gilles
  8. Stadium of Freiburg?
  9. As the title states: guess the stadium. Post a picture of a random stadium and let the other members guess the name and/or club. The one that gives the correct answer will need to post a new picture, while adding a point to his name on the ranking. I'll kick-off:
  10. Title says it all. Post a picture of a player and guess who he is. If you guess the player, post a new player while copying the ranking and add a point to your own name. I’ll kick-off:
  11. Title says it all: guess the logo. If you answered correctly, copy the ranking and add a point behind your own name. I’ll post the first one:
  12. LenFMI

    FA Cup

    How did Arsenal not concede a goal against Leeds 😕
  13. Recently saw Joker. 10/10. 👌🏻
  14. Use this topic to talk about the Forward Madison Challenge and show us your progression through the seasons. Once you have completed the challenge; send screenshots of your accomplishments to [email protected] More on the challenge: https://fminside.net/forward-madison-fc-challenge/ Download the megapack https://fminside.net/foward-madison-fc-data-graphics-megapack/
  15. Got a new favourite for fm20: Teal Twenty. Loving that skin ☺️
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