Football Manager Patch 20.1.0 released

Football Manager 2020 Football Manager Patch 20.1.0 released

Sports Interactive have released the fourth patch for Football Manager 2020. This small hotfix will adres several stability issues with FM20 and also has the new Match Engine.

Patch 20.0.1 Changelist

This update will fix some of the crashes people are experiencing since the beta release. If you haven’t activated your pre-purchase, consider buying from FMInside.


  • Stability Fixes
  • Performance and optimisation improvements
  • Lots of Gameplay/Match changes

If you experience any bugs, please raise your issues on the official SI forums.

Save game compatible

Just like always the patches released by Sports Interactive are save game compatible. However, if there are changes to a certain competition or its rules you will need to start a new save for the changes to work.

How do I update FM20?

Simply close down Football Manager 2020. Steam will then automatically start a new download. Once the game has finished downloading you will either receive a notification from Steam or you can simply start the game and continue playing.

Buy Football Manager 2020 at FMInside

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