Football Manager 2020 Downloads Skins Heffem Skin V1.4 (former NEUB Skin)

Heffem Skin V1.4 (former NEUB Skin)

This is a dark skin for Football Manager 2020. The Heffem skin has an instant result button and a low res version for smaller screens.

Download the Heffem Skin


Hey, I’m happy to present to you the FM20 version of my Neub Skin for FM19. That’s similar, but better.

If you see any bugs, report in comments, in PM or on Discord.

IMPORTANT : Don’t ask for personal demands, I don’t have time to respond to all questions, I don’t want to take all my free time to do that, sorry.

Features in Heffem Skin

  • Instant Result button
  • New manager home panel
  • New player overview
  • New club overview
  • New fixture overview
  • New match overview
  • New tactic overview
  • New staff profile
  • New human profile
  • and much more to discover…

Supported resolutions

[Recommanded] 1920*1080 : Heffem Skin V1.1 – 95% dezoom
1600*900 : Heffem Skin V1.1 – 85% dezoom
1366*768 : Heffem Skin V1.1 LowRes – 95% dezoom

Contact & Donation

– PayPal Donation :
– Twitter :
– Contact on Discord : Krysler#0067

Examples of the Heffem Skin

How to install the Heffem Skin

  1. Download the file and use a tool such as Winrar for Windows or The Unarchiver for MacOSX to extract its contents.
  2. Move the contents of the download to the following folder:
    \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\skins\
  3. Run Football Manager 2020 and navigate to Preferences > Interface. If you followed the previous steps correctly you will see the Heffem skin popping up in the drop down when selecting your skin.
  4. Hit confirm and enjoy!

Use our special How to install a custom skin guide for more information.

Owner at FMInside. Mostly FM-addict & journeyman preacher


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