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An alternative structure for the Argentinian football pyramid with with 3.660 playable clubs.

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An alternative structure for the Argentinian football pyramid, featuring an 20 team First Division, a nation-wide second tier and an alternate structure for deep country leagues with 3.660 playable clubs. In addition, the Argentinean Cup has been reworked and now all 3.660 clubs in the country participate (only 87 in the real system). A really difficult challenge will be to rise to the glory of this tournament by entering from the lowest levels.

Patch includes:

  • 3.660 clubs (all clubs of the country… for real)
  • 8 levels with regionalised promotion/relegation
  • 2.769 stadiums with real name and estimated capacity
  • Around 1.600 cities (with real population, exact coordinates and corrected climates).

Levels info:

  • Level 1: Primera división argentina (20 clubs)
  • Level 2: Segunda división argentina (36 clubs, 2 groups)
  • Level 3: Torneo Zonal Argentino (4 leagues) – [Litoral / Buenos Aires / Patagonia / Centro, Cuyo & Norte]
  • Level 4: Torneo Regional Argentino (8 leagues) – [Litoral Sur / Litoral Norte / Pampeana / Metropolitana / Patagónica / Cuyo / Centro / Norte]
  • Level 5: Torneo Provincial Argentino (25 leagues) – [one for each “state”]
  • Level 6: Ligas regionales de Argentina (24 leagues, each one with specific groups) – [one for each “state”, except Neuquén]
  • Level 7: Ligas de ascenso (12 leagues, each one with specific groups) – [a few “states”, 4-8 groups the most]
  • Level 8: Ligas amateur (4 leagues) – [Only Buenos Aires, Córdoba & Santa Fe]

Note: On some computers, creating a save can be very time-consuming (up to 30 minutes) due to the large amount of new information in the patch. If you do not wish to experience this problem, you do NOT have to use level 6, 7 or 8. Up to the fifth level, the game works normally.

Note 2: It’s necessary to add Ireland and to choose 6 January 2020 as the starting date. You can download this ‘game_setup’ with the ideal starting configuration

How to install the Argentina Database

  1. Download the .fmf file
  2. Move the file to documents/sports interactive/football manager 2020/editor data
  3. Start FM20 and start a new career. In the top right of the screen, under “Database”, make sure the Argentina Database is ticked.
  4. Pick Argentina as a nation and make sure that you select the leagues you want to add to your save.
  5. Start your save and enjoy!
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