3D Match Kits

The 3D kitpacks you can download on this page are special kits designed to make the match engine of Football Manager look even better, with the players wearing customised and improved kits on the pitch.

The 3D kitpacks are the perfect add-on if you want to enhance your gameplay experience during matches in Football Manager. Important: The kits in these packs are only to use with the 3D match engine and will not show up in your game outside of matches.

3D Kits for Football Manager 2020

On this page we show you various links to one of our partners: sortitoutsi. The credits for these packs go to all the different makers.

3D Kits for Football Manager 2020

AZEPremier LeagueDownload
BRASerie ADownload
BRASerie BDownload
BULEfbet LigaDownload
CHNSuper LeagueDownload
CROHT Prva LigaDownload
ENGAll leaguesDownload
ENGLevels 7 & 8Download
ESPLa LigaDownload
FRALigue 1, 2Download
GERBundesliga 1, 2 & 3Download
ITASerie ADownload
JAPJ LeagueDownload
KORK1 LeagueDownload
KORK2 LeagueDownload
KORK National LeagueDownload
PORLiga NOSDownload
RUSPremier LeagueDownload
RUSNational LeagueDownload
SCOPL 1,2,3 & 4Download
TURSuper LigDownload
TURTFF 1.LigDownload
USAUSL League OneDownload
USAUSL League TwoDownload

How to add the 3D kits into Football Manager

Step 1

Download the files and use a tool such as Winrar or 7Zip to extract its contents.

Step 2

Move the content of the England levels 1-6 SS’19-20 to:
\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 20xx\graphics\kits\

If your graphics or kits folders do not exist you can create them manually.

Step 3

Run Football Manager 20xx and go to: Preferences > Interface

  1. Tick the box called ‘Reload skin when confirming changes in Preferences’
  2. Un-tick then box saying ‘Use caching to decrease page loading times’.
  3. Hit Confirm.

If you have followed the steps correctly, there will a pop-up that says ‘loading image data for the new skin’. After loading is completed your new kits should be working in your game.

Not working? Try the steps in our special guide:


  1. Have you ever thought about making templates for some kits. Like making Adidas, Nike etc. templates for people to edit on their own

  2. if these only effect the kits in match engine & don’t show up anywhere else how can i use the other kit files for other screens which show the kits because all the kit files 3d & other ones go in the same folder. Is there anyway to use both?

    thanks for the kits excellent work from all you guys

  3. Are the links the right ones? When I download them, it says:
    England levels 1-6 FM193D19-20

    I’m looking for the FM20 version.. thanks

  4. hello i created kits for my club (a lower swiss team) with the templates for fm 18. I did it with photoshop and saved as png file but when i try to import it in the game, my kit is transparent. I copied a config.xml file in graphics/kits and changed the file name of the kit and id in the config file with Notepad. Could you help me?

  5. Why can’t you just add them all as one download as a torrent? It’s a pain in the ass downloading all of these one by one.

    • My thoughts exactly. However, this way of sharing has always been the case as it has multiple creators. A nice megapack would be nice though, I agree!


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