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DF11 2019 – Update 12 out now!




The DF11 2019 Facepack returns for another season of Football Manager! Enhance the realism of your copy of Football Manager 2019 and download the awesome custom facepack created by our partnersite DF11Faces.com.

Download the DF11 2019 Megapack

The DF11 2019 Facepack includes 109.500 large faces, covering at least 77 playable leagues in Football Manager 2019. This pack is also compatible with previous versions of the game. The DF11 2019 Facepack is one of the biggest available custom facepacks for Football Manager and is considered to be the leading pack to use when playing the game.

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DF11 2019 Facepack:

DF11 Update Packs

The DF11 Update packs are created to update and expand the standard DF11 2019 Facepack. The DF11 team will release a new update every month. And on this page you will find a list of all the update packs that have been released.

Update Includes Link
1 – September 2018 2653 new faces Download
2 – October 2018 4370 new faces Download
3 – November 2018 4400 new faces Download
4 – December 2018 3300 new faces Download
5 – January 2019 4480 new faces Download
6 – February 2019 5830 new faces Download
7 – March 2019 3485 new faces Download
8 – April 2019 1630 new faces Download
9 – May 2019 2860 new faces Download
10 – June 2019 4950 new faces Download
11 – July 2019 5000 new faces Download
12 – August 2019 NEW! 5125 new faces Download

DF11 Base Skins

The DF11 Base Skins are 3 custom skins with DF11 panels to display faces in large size. Easy on the eyes boxes to use with the DF11 Facepack and that is not it! An instant result button included in the skins as well!

Download DF11 Base Skins

DF11 Base Skins Football Manager 2019

How to use the DF11 2019 Facepack in your copy of Football Manager

  1. Download the file and use a tool like 7zip or Winrar to extract the items from the folder.
  2. Extract contents of the folder in the zipped file to:
    \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 20**\graphics\faces\
    If the graphics and/or faces folders don’t exist, you can create them.
  3. Run Football Manager and navigate to Preferences > Interface
    Tick the check box called ‘Reload skin when confirming changes in Preferences’
    Untick the box called ‘Use caching to decrease page loading times’
  4. Hit confirm.
    If you did it correctly, a box will pop-up that says: Loading image data for the new skin.

For more installation instructions for facepacks, logopacks and other graphics please have a look at our special custom graphics guide.

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  1. Hi any idea why Barcelona face Picture are not in the download I’ve downloaded all 12 and all Barcelona and fc Portos are just gery backgrounds

  2. Hey bro! After downloading the DF11 2019 Megapack, do I have to download all the updates or only the new one (August 2019)? Also, do I have to download the DF11 Base Skins? After downloading everything that I have downloaded should I extract the files and copy paste them to the game’s folder? Thanks in advance for your answer. Please answer my questions, I really want to play that game so much man…

    • Hi.
      1. You need to download the megapack and then ALL the updates.
      2. You don’t need to download the DF11 Base Skins. However, these have special DF11 Panels to show the Df11 faces better.
      3. Paste them in the FM folder in My Documents (see install instructions where).

      Good luck.

      • Ok cool bro thanks for the answer, I really appreciate it! I would like to ask you one more question and please answer it if you can of course… Do you know any way to have the true teams’ logos, cause the game I downloaded doesn’t have them. Is there a pack that I can download like I did with the facepacks? Thanks in advance for your answer!

  3. I’ve downloaded all of the update packs and installed as mentioned. Do I need the megapack also?
    Most are not showing. There is a separate config file for each pack…. which one do I use?

  4. Hey. After extracting the megapack, do I need to update the packs one by one or just extract the latest one (June 2019)

    • One by one I’m afraid. But luckily they download quite fast 🙂 My tip: download the updates and put them into one folder and then place the content of that folder together with the megapack. Loads of improved ones 🙂


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