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The FMInside FM18 Data Update will take your game to the next level! In the first season we published the update, over 35.000 Football Manager fanatics downloaded our update! This has made this Football Manager 2018 transfer update one of the biggest and most downloaded updates available in the community.

We have returned now for the Football Manager 2018 season and are ready to break our own records! Our FM18 version has already been downloaded more than 300.000 times, which is a new record for us.

And to think we the FM18 season is not over yet and our biggest versions of the database is yet to come at the end of the summer transfer window and just before the release of Football Manager 2019!

LAST UPDATE: October 15th 2018 – Final version

This is it! The final version of our FM18 transfer update! For months did we post new versions of the Football Manager 2018 Transfer Update and now publish one last update for FM18.

What is in the final version of our Football Manager 2018 transfer update?

  • Promotion and relegation for every playable league in FM18
  • Updated the Champions League & Europa League starting lists
  • All transfers up until 15/10 2018 (including Bakary Sako to West Brom)
  • Thierry Henry > AS Monaco and other managerial changes
  • Captain changes / updates
  • Kit colors updated
  • Added, merged & deleted old clubs
  • And many more!

We will be releasing a weekly update from this point, to make sure you will always have the latest transfers available in your game!

How to install The Football Manager 2018 Transfer Update

These are instructions for when you download it directly. If you choose to download it from Steam, the game will automatically add the update to your editor data folder.

  1. Download the update by clicking the download button.
  2. Move the .fmf file to the following location:Documents/Sports Interactive/Football ææManager 2018/editor data/
  3. If the editor data folder doesn’t exist you can create it yourself.
  4. Open FM2018 and start a new career.
  6. When selecting your database make sure the FMInside Data Update is selected.
  7. After you have selected your database, pick the nations & leagues and start your game!
  8. Have fun!!

*IMPORTANT! Make sure to delete older versions of the Football Manager 2018 transfer update from the editor data folder. The update will be corrupted if you do not delete the old files.

Be aware that using multiple Data Updates simultaneously could result in unexpected errors, corrupted data and crashes. Would you like to have a go in the Football Manager pre-game editor? Check out our guide where to find it and how to install it.

Awesome downloads to use with the FMInside Transfer Update:

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  1. I noticed the Spanish Super Cup is still two legs instead of one like this year, and it’s between Real Madrid and FCBarcelona instead of FCB vs Sevilla

    • Can’t change the amount of games of the Super Cup. And I can’t add Sevilla, because then FM makes them play in the CL Group Stage, which would be incorrect.

  2. Подскажите Пожалуйста, а как поменять даты??? Что бы реально был сезон 18/19.

    • Hi. We will do some research to see if this is possible. But although we are aware you can input a custom start date (f.e. 1 june 2018), it will probably mess up our update because we think FM will simulate results and transfers.

  3. i have a small problem when i start new career.
    if you get team that play in Europa League (i got Olympiakos from Greece)..the registration is dead and you can play the first match only with under 20 players.maybe you can take a look into it.
    but …great work guys.. keep it up

    • Yeah, we know. But I’ve tried many things to fix it and nothing seems to work. So I don’t know what’s wrong with it.

  4. Hey guys!

    Amazing work! Much appretiated!

    Came here to say thank you and tell that Champions League and Europa League teams are not fully updated.

    Sevilla still seems in Champions League for example.

    Would you release a quick update with those teams corrected? Or can you explain how to do it so i can help maybe?

    • Thanks for the compliment! In the update I have Sevilla in the Europa League, but in the game they apparently play in the Champions League. Have changed something, which I think (and hope) fixes that problem.

  5. Hello!

    In the transfer window update did you make the loans of Batchuiy (Chelsea) to Valencia) and Kurt Zuma (chelsea) to everton?

        • The crashing isn’t caused by the update itself. Other people, who don’t use our update, also have crashing games. It is caused by the latest update/patch of SI. The official SI forum is full of people complaining that their game is crashing. We must wait and hope they’ll find a solution for the problem.

  6. Haha I was pulling my hair yesterday about why I can’t see those new transfers… it was wrong file :D!

    Thanks again for your efforts

  7. Strange none of the transfers for today have been completed on the update I have just downloaded…..deleted all previous versions of the update?
    Thanks for all you do though 😉

    • 1 Download the update by clicking the download button.
      2 Move the .fmf file to the following location: Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2018/editor data/ (If the editor data folder doesn’t exist you can create it yourself.)
      3 Open FM2018 and start a new career.
      5 When selecting your database make sure the FMInside Data Update is selected.
      6 After you have selected your database, pick the nations & leagues and start your game!
      7 Have fun!!


  8. Hey guys,

    Coutinho is down as a FGN player at Barca, whereas in reality he has nationality due to his wife. Just means you can’t pick him, Arthur, Vidal and Malcom together in La Liga. Any chance of getting this updated?

    • No, unfortunately you can’t. The update is build as if the 17/18 season in the game is the 18/19 in real life. 🙂

  9. Maxi Rolon (arg) of Coquimbo Unido (CHI) is not the right one, there should be the one that appears in Arsenal de Sarandi. And Gianluca Simeone (arg) now plays in Union La Calera (Chi)
    sorry if you do not understand, use the google translator

    • Rolon is mistake made by SI, but I fixed it. Put the right Rolon at Coquimbo Unido. Simeone is now playing for La Calera, on loan from River Plate. Thanks for you input!

  10. At Werder Bremen, Thomas Schaaf is only technical director and Frank Baumann is still there as director of sports… 😉

    Would like to see if u could correct also employees for second team etc. is this commin or planed so far? I would like to help on information if needed!

  11. Hey Richard, I know the latest update is only just posted but have you a timescale for the next one? Looking forward to getting stuck into a save with updated leagues and some of the recent transfers.

    Thanks for all you do on this, keeps the game going strong during these dry summer months!

    • Hey Adam, we will release the next update on the 29th of June. I know it’s a long time away, but we want to make sure we get everything correctly. Thanks for playing with our update!

    • Dat is nog niet bekend. We gaan kijken wanneer alles is overgezet naar het nieuwe seizoen. Daar ben ik vanaf de laatste update al druk mee bezig.

    • Lukas Podolski zal ik moeten aanmaken, omdat hij in Japan speelt. En SI heeft niet de rechten van Japan, waardoor daar alle spelers ontbreken (en teamnamen niet kloptten, maar dat uiteraard eerder gefixt in de update).

  12. @richard there’s an error in Fiorentina. Nikola Milenkovic (summer transfer) is now marked in the data as NeU player while Dusan Vlahovic (january signing in real football) is a regular player and I can manage him straight from the beginning -instead of waiting a year. Considering the 4th of march, it’s silly not to have Milenkovic at disposal for the first year. Thank you!

  13. @Richard can you update the Steam Workshop? Link on this page still takes you to the previous update. And not seeing the April update on your Steam Workshop profile.

    Thanks for all the hard work!

    • Hey Gabe, we will release another update next week, I’ll put that new update on Steam again. We forgot to do it for this one.

  14. Hello,

    got a question.

    im new at FM18. When i download this file, can i play the season like in real.
    I mean are the winter transfers then at the club from the beginning at the season or are they transfered automatically in Winter?

    • Put the downloaded file in the correct map (Sports Interactive -> Football Manager 2018 -> Editor Data), start a new game and make sure the update is selected in the top right corner of the pop-up screen you get when you click New Game. That’s it. 🙂

  15. I`ve started a game with Montreal Impact in MLS, and with your update, the real president of the team (Joey Saputo) is now replaced by a generic president. Also, Jeisson Vargas is missing, he’s been with Montreal since early January (in your update, he is still with Universidad Catolica in Chile).

    • The Montreal president is a bit tricky, because Joey Saputo is also owner of Italian club Bologna. I can only put him at one club. Jeisson Vargas should be at Montreal Impact. I have the update open in the editor and his club is Montreal Impact.

  16. Just mentioning a small typo in the database: it’s Chievo Verona and not ChievoVerona, you missed a space 😉

    Also for the site it’s much easier if the latest comments are on top 😉

    JANOL! :cab:

  17. Hey guys,
    I have 2 questions about the update:

    1.) why are the injuries removed?
    2.) why are the transfers not set as future transfers?

    Wouldn’t it be more realistic that when you start at the beginning of the 17/18 season to have the teams like they are at that time (players, injuries), and not like they are half a year later?

    • 1) Most players who are injured in game are already playing in real life. So that’s why. For example, Kenneth Vermeer (keeper for Dutch team Feyenoord) was injured for 6 to 8 months when the game came out in November. He was back in training in November.
      2) We have always done it like this. And loans wouldn’t be correct. Ryan Kent from Liverpool was loaned to Freiburg for the first half and now to Bristol City for the second half of the season. I can’t put in a future loan when the players already has a current loan. So bassically 90% of every loantransfer in Engeland alone would be incorrect. Also, at the end of the season we adjust the promoted and relegated teams. This wouldn’t be possible either, because I can’t decide beforehand which clubs will be relegated and promoted.

  18. So, at Liverpool, the transfer budget was 84M before this update.
    Now they have sold Coutinho for 160M to Barca.
    The board says 90% of transfer fees can be reinvested.

    Transferbudget is still 84M….

    • We don’t alter transferbudgets, simply because this is too time consuming too change. This would mean we would have taken Liverpools budget to 0 after the Van Dijk transfer (84M), and then pull it a week later back up to 100M (a club never receives 100% of a fee, as parts are paid to investors, banks, agents, lawyers etc etc).. and maybe even lower it again a couple of days later if they manage to sign another player.

      To sum up; its too time consuming.

  19. Where is TONY PULIS?
    the job at Middlesbrough is available on the latest update but Tony pulis isn’t on the game to make him manager of the boro

    • You don’t have the latest update then, because I just started a game with the latest update and Pulis is at Middlesbrough. He’s been there for a few updates already. Be sure to select the correct update when starting a new game.

  20. Can you update the format Malaysia Super League, cause they just change the format for the upcoming season. The import quota is now 5 imports. Thanks


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