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The Champions League Skin is back for Football Manager 2018! This is the 1.1 version for the Champions League 2018 skin. If you have version 1.0 installed, please completely delete this version prior to unpacking this updated version.

(If you unpack this version on top of the earlier version left over files from version 1.0 can interfere with the new skin)



– tilebar/header with “fm”/”calendar”/continue” buttons similar as in the Champions League 2016 skin (OPZ created this for the OPZ 2016/2017 skins)
– graphic enhancements (customized panels added, bigger player faces/logo’s in inbox messages).
– bigger pitch on tactics overview screen during match.
– custom made match titlebar, template from the 2016 Champions League skin (Gunzo created the graphs from the scoreboard) now available in “large”and “small” match timeslider/match captions).
– compatibility with version 18.2.2
– auto-hide sidebar is included, optional sidebar coding included if you like the sidebar to have a solid color (not changing with league/team selected)
– bigger player faces in screens
– choice between big(ger) and smaller tactic screen in tactic overview panel
– extended (widescreen) panels in team screens, to get more specific info in one overview (lite, general, widescreen and high resolution options)
– (small) sidebar with colours change depending on team/competition selected
– customized “match preview” and “post match” panels
– opacity/background selector
– instant result button
– many other additional graphical updates to enhance the FM experience
– minor bugs fixed

This skin is optimized for HD resolutions (resolution of 1920×1080 windowed and full screen).

This skin wouldn’t have been possible without the work of:

El Comandante Qwas (Nocturno skin)
Pikawa (CFM Skin)
FLUT skin makers (great inbox panels!)
Emil Debski (Vitrex skin (2016/2017 version), sidebar icons and minor graphic enhancements)
TheBantams/Rick Thorne (Andromeda skin)
Jovovich (Milla skin)

and many others!

Install instructions

  1.  Download the file from the link.
  2. Unrar (with ‘Winrar’) to the following location:
    documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2018\skins
  3. Start FM18. Open ‘Preferences – Interface’:
    Switch ‘OFF’ ->> ‘Use skin cache to decrease page loading times’
    Switch ‘ON’ ->> ‘Reload skin when confirming changes in Preferences’
  4. Confirm – Have fun!

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