Football Manager 2020 Top 5 skins for Football Manager 2020

Top 5 skins for Football Manager 2020

While the original skin of Football Manager 2020 has become more and more colorful over te past few years, it still lacks several options the community really wants. Lucky for us we have some very talented skin-makers who create the most awesome stuff. In this article I will share my five favourite skins for FM2020.

Rensie FM20 Skin

The popular Keysi Rensie has been creating skins since FM17 and he has been creating some awesome skins. Personally this is my absolute favourite skin as this has all the elements that I need for my games, while having a simple en easy look.

It comes in two versions: dark and purple.


Material Skin

Another skin that I love is the Material Skin created by Budwaiser4. This skin is unique because it uses a standard set of colors, which is very easy on the eyes. The Material skin has all the functions you would expect, including the instant result and many different player panels to give you all the information you need.


Teal Twenty Skin

Created by Wozzie this is one of my personal favourites and this is a skin that I have used for many months (before I started the Rensie skin). Just like Budwaisers Material skin, the Teal Twenty skin uses several base colors throughout the skin, making it very easy on the eyes while it has an unique style when it comes to the fixtures on you calendar. It comes with loads of extra’s in the skin, including instant result and unique panels for both player, club and league profiles.



A second skin by Wozzie. This time its the Tad’20. This skin also uses easy colors on the eyes, but also a lot of more extra’s and different designs. One of the main features for this skin is the player card, which you can see below. An awesome addition and an unique new feature which has already been used by other skin creators across the community.



Last but not least is the YACS Skin by bossland. This is also a dark based skin, but comparing to all the skins in this article, this skin has way more colors. The most unique option in this skin is the player card in the player profiles. This looks absolutely stunning!



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