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The Potential Features That Would Make Football Manager 2021 a Great Step Up




With the release of the latest version of Football Manager getting closer and closer, fans are understandably excited to see what Sport Interactive has in store for the new release. There are plenty of wish lists circulating online as fans all discuss what they’d like to have included in the new game.

While many are practical and realistic requests, others can be a little more improbable and fanciful. Most revolve around making the game even closer to real-life and the role that a manager plays within a team than before.

Football is incredibly complex, from the scouting of players to the tactics used within a game. It’s a common claim from fans that believe they could do a better job than their club’s manager, and many that place bets on games do so because they feel they can predict the outcome. It’s no surprise then that Football Manager fans desire more and more realism from the game with every release.

Here are features that would make Football Manager 2021 an even more realistic game.


Of course, newer games always have better graphics than their predecessors, so it’s pretty likely Football Manager 2021 will be a step up. Aside from the usual updates to kits, improvements to the graphics and UI will be welcome enhancements to the experience for fans.

Dedicated Staff Roles

Liverpool won the Premier League this year, in part thanks to their focus on a dedicated set-piece coach for throw-ins. This is a tactic we’re likely to see being used more widely across football, so having the feature in Football Manager 21 will be a step in the right direction.

New Player Instructions

Player instructions are a key part of Football Manager and give you control over what your players do and where they go on the pitch. More options in this area would help to add new dynamics to the way you switch up your tactics mid-match, just like managers do in real life.

New Tactics

A common request from fans is to allow the wingers to aid in defence; many expect Sport Interactive to include that this year, although there have been no confirmations of it yet. Having the ability to include additional formations at one time will help in using them tactically.

International Elements

Having more options to scout and train players internationally would be a great addition to the game. This is becoming more and more important in football as the player market is as globalised as the rest of the economy, and so recognising this in Football Manager would be a welcome addition.

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