Football Manager 2020 Teams to manage with the fmi 2020-21 update

Teams to manage with the fmi 2020-21 update

Now that all the promotions and relegations are done, it’s time to look at what interesting teams there are to start a new save with, with the newest FMInside Data Update. We made a list of ten interesting teams to manage.

Warta Poznan

The first team on our list is the Polish team Warta Poznan. Last season they finished third in the I Liga and won the play-offs, which means they got promoted to the Ekstraklasa, Poland’s highest tier of football. This is not the first time Warta played at the highest level, but they have been absent for 25 years. They won the Ekstraklasa twice; in 1929 and in 1947. So it has been a while since the club has seen success, can you help them back to their winning days? First task at hand is to keep them from getting straight relegated back to the second tier.


Travelling south we arrive in Hungary for the second team; Debrecen. A very successful Hungarian team, whom were crowned champion seven times in a span of 11 years. Though, the last few seasons saw them slowly finishing lower and lower in the league and last season they finished eleventh, which meant relegation to the second tier. We think they don’t belong here and definitely recommend them to get the team back to where they belong; at the top of the highest tier.


We are staying in Hungary for the third team. Everybody, meet Budafok. A small team with little success. So why exactly are they on the list? Well, firstly because they would definitely be an original choice. Not many FM players will choose Budafok. Secondly, because they surprisingly got promoted to the highest tier in Hungary, replacing the beforementioned Debrecen. The last time Budafok played on that level was 74 years ago. Can you help them stay on the highest level and even help them win prizes? Your squad will feature one interesting player; Attila Filkor. A former Internazionale and A.C. Milan midfielder.


Moving over to a more known team; Barcelona! No, we’re joking. Though, we are travelling to the city of Barcelona, because the fourth team we’re recommending is Espanyol. A Chinese-owned Spanish team that has been playing LaLiga all but 4 seasons since 1928. So you can definitely say they belong there. Unfortunately Espanyol struggled massively last season, which saw them finish last with only 25 points in 38 games. Relegation was unavoidable. For you FM’ers the task to get them back in LaLiga as fast as possible. You’ll have Chinese striker Wu Lei in your squad, since he recently extended his contract until 2024. Get him scoring like he did in China, 151 goals in 296 games, and you will be back playing Real Madrid and Barcelona in no time.


Toulouse is next on the list, mainly because they’re a very similar story to Espanyol. They had a terrible season last year and got relegated to Ligue 2. And we think they don’t belong there, seeing as they played in Ligue 1 for all but 5 seasons since 1983. One of the few bigger European teams who play in purple kits. And with Les Violets they have a gorgeous nickname. So go for that fourth Ligue 2 win in their history and get them back to where they belong; Ligue 1.


Our next team isn’t a joke, even though they are founded on the first of April in 1910. It’s the Lions of Faro; Farense. A team from the south of Portugal, located in a city on the coast. The club itself is, which all due respect, not special. No amazing history or successful period, though current Benfica manager Jorge Jesus played a season for them in 1983. Then why is Farense on the list? Well, for the simple reason that their new 2020/2021 home kit might be the most beautiful football kit I have ever seen.

Rotor Volgograd

From the warmth of Portugal over to the cold of Russia for team number 7. It’s Rotor Volgograd! A team that was regarded as one of the strongest team in Russia in the nineties, even playing in Europe. However, they only finished second in the league (twice behind Spartak Moscow) and never managed to win Premier League. Now they’re promoted and back in top tier after a 16-year break and it’s up to you to bring them to their first league title win that they came close to in the nineties.


Up next is a team owned by Silvio Berlusconi, which is always interesting. The Italian team managed to get promoted to the second tier of Italian football and have already shown their ambition by doing some great business on the transfer market. Spending over 13 million already. They’ve got two great strikers in Mirko Maric and Chrisitan Gytkjaer which should help in getting promoted to the Serie A. Can you help Berlusconi in getting his team to the top tier?

Stade Rennais

Stade Rennais is probably the biggest team on the list. They’ve have been playing in the Ligue 1 for a while, steadily finishing mid table every year. Last season, due to a shortened league, they managed to get a third place and qualify directly for a Champions League group stage spot. Which is something they’ve done for the first time in history. A good challenge as a manager to show the world what you can do with Stade Rennais. And with Camavinga in your squad you should be able to get some good results in.


The last team on the list. Turkish team Sivasspor is the lucky one. Just like Stade Rennais, Sivasspor managed to qualify for a group stage in Europa for the first time. Not Champions League, but the Europa League group stage. An interesting challenge. Up to you make the most of this group stage debut and let the world see that Turkey is more than just Fenerbahce, Galatasaray and Besiktas.

Honorable mentions; Leeds, Hull, Deportivo la Coruna, Palermo, Spezia

Richard - Data Editor
The FMInside Data Updater - Performs magic using the pregame editor!


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